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We have been having some speed issues with our server lately, so we have be experimenting with the temp_db in memory feature of SQL Server 6.5. On question I have not been able to get a definite answer on is if the temp_db that resides in memory has its own memory space, or if it uses part of the SQL server's allocated memory. Also, if the temp_db in memory fills up, does it start to use the temp_db on the hard drive, or does it stay full until it is cleared?

Please let me know if you can help.

Thanks, -Scott Liniado sliniado@mindspring.com

-- Anonymous, July 19, 1999



These questions are answered in the SQL Server Books Online article titled, "When to Use Tempdb in RAM." (Note that the correct spelling is tempdb rather than temp_db.)

I will not reproduce the article here, but briefly the answers are 1) The tempdb memory is separate from the other SQL Server memory. That is, the SQL Server memory setting must be reduced to free up memory for tempdb in RAM. and 2) The allocated space for tempdb must be small enough to fit in the RAM that you can provide. Growth beyond the limit will fill your tempdb.

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, July 20, 1999

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