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All ACL Es and Fs that I have seen photos of wearing 6" ATLANTIC COAST LINE letters seem to have an extended gothic style lettering. Decals are available for these diesels, however, that contain a shorter, more compact 6" gothic ATLANTIC COAST LINE. What E or F units wore this shorter letterboard?

-- Jim Roquemore (, July 19, 1999


The only diesel units that I know of that wore the compact short lettering were #1900 and 1901. The 1900 was an Alco HH-660 and the 1901 was an EMC SW1. Both units were built by their respective builders in 1939 and received a solid purple body with aluminum lettering (no aluminum body stripe as in later switchers). Both of these units are pictured in Warren Callaway's "ACL - The Diesel Years" book, p.17.

-Tom Alderman (Marietta, Ga.)

-- Tom Alderman (, July 25, 1999.

Help! Anyone at home?

-- Jim Roquemore (, July 23, 1999.

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