original Harriet Henning framed oil painting on canvas

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I received an original oil painting on canvas by an artist named Harriet Henning as a wedding gift. I was wondering what it was worth. It is a natural, real-looking lake surrounded by trees and mountains scene. The perspective of the painting looks as though it was painted by someone standing in a forrest looking out through a clearing in the trees out onto a lake with mountains in the background.

-- Michelle Elizabeth Pike (hausershouse@netconx.net), July 18, 1999


I don't know the value. I, too have inherited a Harriet Henning painting that is 18"x24" and of water and trees and plantings, from a friend that lived in Los Angeles. If you find out anything about it or the artist, I would appreciate anything you find out. Thank you, Rickie

-- Rickie Giono (rjfgiono@comcast.net), February 04, 2004.

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