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Recently I saw the play "Titanic" at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Since I hadn't see the show on Broadway, I had no basis of comparison (other than the movies), and I enjoyed it. I believe some of you, including Kathleen Marcaccio, saw the Broadway version. If you've seen it, where, and how did you like it? There was a review in the Washington Post of the Kennedy Center version, saying it didn't hold a candle to the Broadway version because it was all on one level whereas the Broadway version had three levels. I'll discuss this show more if there's interest. Kathleen, if you're there, please restate your opinion!

-- BobG (rgregorio@ibm.net), July 18, 1999


Hi Bob,

Nice to talk to you again....it's been a long time.....

Yes, I saw "Titanic: A New Musical" on Broadway twice in 1998, with about 6 weeks between the two performances. Having seen several of the "Titanic" movies and knowing the basic story and the background of the real persons portrayed across these film versions, I certainly knew that I would be seeing the same story, with attention paid to both real persons and fictional characters. But I can honestly say that the first time I saw it, I walked away feeling like I saw a pretty decent production in general, but without any standout scenes or song. That disappointed me!!! I really enjoy walking away from a Broadway show humming a song or reliving a scene.

In spite of that, because of my intense interest in all things Titanic and "Titanic," I bought the cast recording and listened to it and read the words and learned the songs. And that really brought the production to life for me. When I saw the production a second time, I was prepared and enjoyed it immensely.

(I took my husband and sons ages 10 and 12 to see it; they were not impressed, even though they all knew the story. Fortunately, I made it up to them through a backstage tour courtesy of a coworker's brother who was a stagehand on the show. That was a real treat!!!)

The touring production of "Titanic" is headed to Detroit in September. I think I want to see it again, but haven't decided one way or another.

Bob, I would be interested in your thoughts on this touring production. It might help me make up my mind.

FYI... I still listen to the cast recording frequently. I love the songs and the pictures they conjure up in my mind.

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (dkosh@msn.com), July 26, 1999.

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