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I'm currently searching for pictures of Southern steam on the internet. I was hoping for photos of steam engines when they were in revenue service, but all I can find are snapshots of the excursion locomotives. (Green 2-8-2s and 2-8-0s, C&O 2-8-4s with SOUTHERN slapped on the tender, Texas and Pacific freight hogs? The worst decisions Southern ever made, in my opinion. I'm glad to see 4501 back in black, though.) Anyway, if anybody knows of sites with vintage photos of Southern steam engines in revenue service (or, horrors!, in a scrap line), please e-mail me or post them here. P.S.- I've heard rumors that Life-Like is going to do a Proto 2000 HO USRA 0-8-0. Does anybody know if this is true. I hope they do- it should be a pretty good match for an AS-11. Thanks.

-- Joe Daniels (, July 17, 1999



I don't know of any web sites that include in-service SR steam, but I can put you in touch with some sources that have good photos of SR active steam power in the late 1940's and early 1950's. Pardon this personal message on this forum, but Joe, I've been trying to E-mail you for a while, but all attempts get returned with "fatal error." Please E-mail me your mailing address and I will forward the information. - Tom Alderman (Marietta, Ga.)

-- Tom Alderman (, July 17, 1999.

Joe--the new Soutehrn Railway in COlor Vol. II by Alton Lanier has a large number of color photos of Southern steam including Pacifics, Mountains, Mikados, Consolidations, and switchers. It is well worth it.

-- Larry Puckett (, July 17, 1999.


I have two pics I downloaded off a steam pictorial site containing in-service shots from various RR's. One is SR#5049 a Ss class 2-10-2. The other is a Ps-4 class #6482. I forget the exact web site, but you can locate it using any web browser using the key words "steam locomotives." I sent you an email with the two pics attached to the email address listed in this forum, but if you do not get them, please email me and me know.

-- Kenneth Selvidge (, July 21, 1999.

Joe, Go to There are 31 steam photos at this site, although they are all B&W. Hope this is of help.

Russell Underwood

-- Russell Underwood (, November 27, 1999.

Big Four Productions, has a list of steam photos for sale if you want to buy some. A 5X7 is $3.75 plus postage.

-- Riley Kinney (, December 01, 1999.

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