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Basically its like this... the script works fine in IE, but when I run it in netscape, the main screen comes up,but when I try to list any of the items nothing comes up on the screen... YET when I view the source it shows the entire page including the items and everything...

whats the deal???

please help...

-- Yury (, July 15, 1999


Problem is probably in your header or footer file. If the HTML tags in these files are not correct, then the whole page will not show (usually) in Netscape. I have had this problem before, and I can always correct it by double checking the code in my header and footer files.

One more thing. Mr. Gates might be wanting you to reboot once more. Sometimes it is the only fix-it for wierd problems.

-- Todd (, July 15, 1999.

I had a similar problem with my script, it would show some things but not others. I found it to be a problem with the way I wrote the code for the table, seems like I had an extra tr or td or /tr or /td. IE handled the wrong code OK, netscape did not.


-- Rick Clevenger (, July 15, 1999.

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