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"We do not intend to pursue applicable pipeline safety compliance actions for regulatory violations or for environmental or safety problems caused by tests that are specifically designed to identify and eliminate Year 2000-related malfunctions. For example, we would not pursue any compliance actions should an over-pressurization, hazardous liquid or natural gas release, fire, or explosion occur as a result of component failure during Year 2000 testing, as long as substantial environmental damage or serious harm results and the failure is promptly corrected. The proposed stays of compliance actions are limited to testing-related problems disclosed to RSPA by February 1, 2000, if certain criteria have been met, such as ensuring that the tests are designed to protect human health and the environment, ensuring that the tests are conducted well in advance of the Year 2000 critical dates, and ensuring that all testing-related problems are immediately corrected. If a testing-related problem does occur, testing plans should be available to document that these criteria have been met.

We will pursue enforcement action or other applicable compliance action against companies that do not prepare for potential Year 2000 problems and thereby endanger the public and the environment. Such actions will include assessing maximum civil penalties for any pipeline safety regulatory violation. Failure to identify and correct Year 2000 problems before 2000 could result in serious safety problems, such as unexpected shutdowns or other safety and operational malfunctions. The federal pipeline safety regulations require companies to prepare for and address any adverse or abnormal operations on its pipeline system, including those associated with Year 2000 issues. Every company must ensure Year 2000 readiness of its system through testing, repair, and contingency planning

. The millennium date change is near and substantial progress in assessing and remediating Year 2000 non-compliant computer code and hardware should already have occurred. Therefore, we are encouraging companies to focus on preparing business continuity and contingency plans. These plans need to ensure that the impact of any Year 2000 failure is minimized and that appropriate and adequate preparations are in place to ensure continuous, safe service to customers. "

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-- Dog Gone (, July 14, 1999

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