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I work at a talent agency, so every morning Breakdown Services delivers us the breakdowns of the day (which lists all the roles and the descriptions, currently being sought out so we can submit clients accordingly) This was in today's:

<<"ER" - 1 hour episodic / NBC

Start Date: 7/26

Location: Los Angeles

Dr. Dave Norquist - Male 25-30. A brash but charming, seemingly street-wise, new regular resident. He is full of self-promotion, but apparently has the goods to back it up, even with an extremely lackluster academic history (medical school in Grenada). Despite having the appearance of a wise ass and a daredevil, he is both a very good and a very dedicated doctor who truly enjoys his work and his life....SERIES REGULAR.>>

So I guess whoever they hire for this will be the new male doc.

-- random person (, July 13, 1999


Well, we all know how that ended.

-- Erica (, April 18, 2000.

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