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my s-mart doesn't display any images. on my local server everything is o.k. but online ... i think the path is correct and all permissions are set. right-clicking on a not displayed image and choosing properties i can see that it is the correct path.

any hints ?

thanx in advance


-- andreas (, July 12, 1999



Check that your permission for "demo.db" is set to 777. In the "demo.db" you only list the file name "picture.gif" not the whole URL. Check that your "demo.db" file is in the right order.

These items should be pipe delimtited. i.e.


If you do not use a listing you will have two pipes together "|$image||$itemurl|".

Check in your "s-mart.cfg" to see if you have you images location set right.

# Where are the product images? $imageurl = "";


Change this to your image location.

-- James L. Farmer (, July 13, 1999.

hi jim, thanks for your answer. I got things working. it's just that i can not use mixed filetypes within my cgi-directory.

thanks again


-- andreas (, July 20, 1999.

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