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I have the script up and running on my virtual domain. Everything works fine, but my SSL server is on a diferent machine, I change all the REMOTE_HOST TO REMOTE_ADDR. I changed the url to But the server respond that "Premature end of script headers: /usr/wwws/htdocs/interven/cgi-bin/smart.cgi" Am I missing something? I read carefully all the messages regarding SSL and didn4t find anything like it. Anybody?

-- Bert Corrado (, July 11, 1999


A lot of the times end of script headers usually means that you have an extra carriage return in the script.

The best thing to do is to telnet to your provider and go to the directory where your script resides. Once there, debug your script by typing:

perl -d smart.cgi

Perl will respond and tell you what's wrong. Once it tells you, your best option is to load a good html editor that won't add extra carriage returns. Unfortunately, Word and Notepad and such have a tendency for doing so, so be careful.

Hope this helps you!

Lance Nakamura Thingamabobs "The great place for cool stuff!"

-- Lance Nakamura (, July 11, 1999.

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