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my question dependes on how the receipt mail arrives at the user who ordered something.

Isn't it possible to change the variable from the -# send to receipt- part of the script shown here within the whole line

print MAIL "From: $FORM{'recipient'}\n"; to:

print MAIL "From:\n";

How can I solve this ? I tried it like this, but it doesn't work.

Second try was

print MAIL "From: ''\n";

but also it didn't work.

I don't want the user to see the true mail address the order is sent to.

Thanks before. Greetings from Mich

-- Michael Franke (, July 10, 1999


I fixed it for myself.

Posting here just for other people needing this:

print MAIL "From: kontakt\\n";

-- Michael Franke (, July 10, 1999.

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