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My partner, Bill Dale, master web master and creator of Millennium Salons, has taken a sabbatical leave from the public forum to finish off his long neglected personal Y2K preparations. Bill has worked sixteen to twenty hour days average, seven days per week for nearly two years now building this site and the network. I've only helped with structural ideas. Bill has done all of what you see here.

On my urging, Bill has even disconnected his email service until he wraps up his most important business. The temptation to respond to every personal note is just too distracting and time consuming.

The most urgent notes from any of you will be forwarded to him by me including orders to join the Year 2000 Communication, Preparation and Recovery Network. These will be handled and added onto the network on a first come, first serve basis but only when he returns in a few weeks. Please be patient. You may also post a note here on this thread if you don't mind having it public for all to read.

Bill resides in Minnesota. When the State Governor, Jesse Ventura, inevitably sits down for his 'fireside chat' to warn the citizens to prepare for Y2K disruptions, the herd will move fast. Jesse has achieved a good deal of crediblility as a straight talker with his constituents so his words will be heeded. Bill doesn't want to be caught short of supplies when that time comes. I agree.

Enjoy your summer but please, do not forget to get as much of your own personal preparations done as you can with this short window of opportunity afforded you while the masses lay around in the parks and on the beaches.

On another subject, our ISP ( ica.net ) has informed us that we are constantly over our bandwidth capacity of 100 Megs due to the number of downloads of pages by visitors at Millennium Salons. Great news! Only thing is, they are going to be charging us every time we're over the limit. Thus we are going to be accepting sponsorship of the site by corporations or government entities interested in our Cause. We shall place a small corporate logo of the sponsor for a fee further down the Main Page which links to their home page in a special sponsors section. For information, please feel free to email me.

This topic thread will be deleted when Bill returns.

Thank you.

Gary Allan Halonen Co-Founder of Millennium Salons

-- Gary Allan Halonen (njarc@ica.net), July 09, 1999

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