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Hi everybody! I was just wondering what everybody thinks will happen with Mark and Elizabeth next season? To me they look good together and both deserve a good relationship for once. Also, what's in store for them career-wise? Will Elizabeth take the cardio-thorasic fellowship and where is Mark going with his position in the ER?? Just a few questions for people to ponder...

-- (, July 09, 1999


I dunno, but I think I am now rooting for their relationship, as long as it isn't rushed, AND as long as they continue to make Lizzie vibrant like she was during her first year and not just Mark's girl. I think they could make a good pair. As far as career, good question; I think the show has gotten away from everyone's career aspirations. Who is the chief resident these days? Whatever happened to Mark's tenure pursuit? While those ?s don't have to dominate the show, they could add alot. Just some thoughts...

-- Larry r Brown (, July 09, 1999.

I think it could be good - as long as the writers remember that they're individuals. As for careers, they really need to bring that up. Otherwise, it will begin to be thought of another soap - which it's not.

-- (, July 11, 1999.

I agree with all of the above. If Elizabeth can show some the same sparkle with Mark that she showed in her early scenes with Benton, it could be dynamite--and just what good ole Mark needs to spice up his life. My guess and hope is that she will take the cardio-thoracic fellowship, and then we will get to see many wonderful scenes further developing the love-hate relationship between her and Rocket Romano.

-- Mary Lyman (, July 14, 1999.

With Carol and Doug not in the spotlight anymore, and Carter sowing his wild oats all over the countryside, and all the new characters to get to know, Mark and Elizabeth have some pressure to be the resident romancers. That's great as long as (like everyone else says) its not rushed. Mark and Susan (sigh- can we ever get over them?) were such friends and developed well and naturally...I keep having to remind myself that this is years later and Elizabeth is SOOO different from Susan (can you imagine Susan calling Romano an "utter bahstahd" to his face :D ) and Mark has grown and learned from his errors, as illustrated at the end of GTKY. For fun I'll share my theory: Elizabeth is ambitious and talented so she will rise in the ranks, fighting Romano etc and the glass ceiling along the way (wouldn't it be great to see her and Dr Hicks work together?) Mark's career is in an awkward spot because Kerry is so *assertive* and will probably continue to be his boss, he loves his present work and wouldn't want to change and become a hotshot anyway. So, while Elizabeth is setting the surgical world on fire (getting rather too caught up), Mark will be satisfied but not harried and *eventually* he will want a family and Elizabeth will be unsure and even unwilling for awhile- thereby bringing him full circle to the first season when he chose his career over his family of Jen and Rachel. Something dramatic and unpleasant will happen to Elizabeth personally to make her comprehend that love is more important than ambition and it'll all be resolved eventually, don't fret. I have insomnia tonight, so please don't think I obsessed... :D

-- May Archer (, October 05, 1999.

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