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Greetings from the Sunshine State! I just wanted to drop a line to all yall NC peeps. You got a great thing going here I wish you well. If your going to be down this way let us know and we'll do our best to get you set up with all the Hip Info. You can get in touch by sending me an email at or droping a post on our BBS at We also have it set up so you can listen in on some of our parties via real audio.

Kinetic Distortion

2 ears and 1 mouth, it's Kinetic Distortion, You'll do well to use them in that Porportion. The Tunes can't be, User Defined, Cause the Music is based on the Rythem of the Rhyme. The Rhymes are the words that the Artist may speak. You'll blow up as he hits his peak. If the DJ picks a record, that has a black hole, He's an Artist that lacks purpose, heart, and soul. Though music is a means, it's not the goal To keep a groove goin, you have to roll The Pills are a Method, that keep the Artist sane. But you don't need drugs to play this game If you go to far you'll lose your brain Push em in my face, your to blame I'll do as I will, if it's all the same Rap too long and it all turns lame But the music has a twist, that some call Break It releases tension for the Artist sake It keeps him on the edge of space and Time As he dose his best to present the Rhyme Some don't listen, and the music is a lime Gotta Blow up and commit a crime All I need is one more line Whys this world, so damn blind Bob's got a possy and you know he'll find Everything thing wrong with the way we grind So if you can't feel, the Rythem of the Rhyme It's Kinetic Distortion, One more Time. 2 ears and 1 mouth, it's Kinetic Distortion, You'll do well to use them in that Porportion It's like a seed layed, and then an Abortion If Bob don't listen, will start FoRcEn. (All Rights Reserved)

Keep It Alive!

-- Anonymous, July 09, 1999

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