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I need help querying a remote server. The syntax is server_name.db_name..table_name. The problem is this particular server is registered locally by it's ip address and the query analyzer won't let me reference the server via it's ip address. HELP!! Thanks, Del

-- Anonymous, July 08, 1999



As far as I can tell, you will need to properly register the server using sp_addserver and configure it for remote data access. Sorry.


-- Anonymous, July 13, 1999


Since you say, "Feel free to post for others to reference. :) ," I will post it. Thank you.


====================== Eric,

Actually, a friend and I figured out what needed to be done. There is a utility that comes with SQL Server called the Client Network Utility. You use this to map an ip to a name. You then reference this name when registering a server. Then the name can be referenced from within a query.

It's pretty cool, but definitely overlooked or taken for granted by many a SQL Server pro, because it's not covered in ANY book I've found and only one person out of 5 that responded to my posts knew about it.

Just for future reference and thanks for the response. Feel free to post for others to reference. :)


-- Anonymous, July 15, 1999

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