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A former Seaboard Coast line unit in black paint with the lettering off but still readable has the number 1927 on it. It has reporting marks of BDLX . I was wondering if this unit # is the original SCL # and what type of locomotive is it. U-? Thanks for any information.

-- Matt Provenza (, July 07, 1999


Hi Joe Thanks for your quick response. I found the unit in Pittston PA, (near Wilkes Barre). The unit belongs to RMDI a locomotive rebuilder at the former Lehigh Valley engine house. The BLDX stands for Big Dog Lines, a leasing unit of RMDI. The unit is in Black paint with yellow striping. You can still read Seaboard Coast Line . There is another unit in blue/ grey CSX paint #1928 also on the property. Thanks for your assistance Matt Provenza

-- Matt Provenza (, July 08, 1999.

SCL(CSX)1927 is a U18B.This unit and a sister were on the Everett Railroad in Pa.No one that I contacted knew what BDLX means. Where did you see this unit?

-- Joseph Oates (, July 08, 1999.

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