Diesel paint schemes

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I recently came across a photograph that poses several questions, as it seems to be one-of-a-kind. The picture was shot in March, 1949, and shows F3 #4142 with a matching B-unit in what first appears to be the early passenger scheme (green with the double stripe - like the original E6 scheme), but upon closer examination, I realized that the roof was GREEN on both units, instead of the usual imitation aluminum. The B-unit is primarily green with a double-aluminum stripe on the bottom - the top half of the aluminum band curves down at the rear of the unit. Beneath the air intake vents, there appears to be a narrow stripe on the rivet band, but the color is unknown - either yellow, silver, or white. This scheme is obviously a transitional variation from the earlier version which included much more imitation aluminum, to the later simplified 1950s scheme which eliminated the double stripes entirely. Were other units painted in this half 'n half scheme? Anybody know the color of the upper stripe on the B-unit? This scheme would be a modeler's delight to custom paint, since all the extra roof striping is gone. I've got a small B&W thumbnail image of the two units that I can upload to anyone who wants a look in case my description in confusing.

Thanks, -Tom Alderman

-- Tom Alderman (Topa12283@aol.com), July 07, 1999


In a recent issue of Ties magazine (Spring 2000) Marvin Black said it was a transitional paint scheme probably because the imitation aluminum roofs got so dirty. He had no specific information and apparently these were the only 2 units so painted.

-- Larry Puckett (ljpuckett@msn.com), June 06, 2000.

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