possession - is there any way of halting it?

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I have been advised that a suspended possession order has been executed. The order was originally made in 96 and suspended. Arrears built up slightly and the BS went to court to have the case heard again. I was told that because 12 months had elapsed they had to return to court.

Now, with slight arrears, they have gone ack to court WITHOUT TELLING ME, and have had the suspended order granted. Surely theu had an obligation to tell me tat there was going to be a hearing???

I am able to pay half the arrears. Previously consolidated arrears have been UNCONSOLIDATED and added to the arrears amount, inflating it enormously. Also, service charges have been added to the arrears without any chance for me to order the BS not to pay them (they were not correct service charges).

What are my rights now that the sherrif's department has given an eviction date?

Urgent help appreciated.


-- ANONYMOUS (anonymous#@hotmail.com), July 07, 1999


You need to seek advice urgently. I assume that you live in Scotland as you mention Sherriffs department. Contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or independent advice centre (look in the phone book) for advice. Your local housing department may have housing advisers who can give advice.

-- Sue Edwards (sue.edwards@nacab.org.uk), July 15, 1999.

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