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I need major tutoring to use my blue G3 properly, books and manuels are too wordy and confusing to me. I work best from concise directions done in a step-by-step manner and would like to start from THE BEGINNING, learning the proper sequence of steps for all applications, downloads, extensions, there anyone out there who can help an old lady learn how to use her first computer?? Are there any books of charts that show step-by-step directions for various situations, without going into details and using terminology that sails right over my head!!! I can't even get through the "Dummies do" book! Help!

-- nancy chandler (, July 07, 1999


I'd like to help out, but I don't have a G3 myself. I do have a powermac and lots of experience with the operation. If you'd like to ask a specific question, maybe I could help. What software are you planning to use?

-- Andrew Vics, Jr. (, September 02, 1999.

Maybe this little old lady can help :) I've been using Macs since '85 & am a free-lance graphic designer. My suggestion would be that you e-mail me directly rather than going thru this forum. I'll need some idea of "where you're at" ... since you're on-line and found your way to this Forum, you must have made some successful moves! Let me know if you want to "talk". Either way ... Good

-- Rita Midland (, May 11, 2000.

CliffsNotes" has a book out called "Using Your First iMac". Excellent book. You may want to try it.

-- matthew (, July 04, 2001.

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