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Hey Raf, still waiting for those pics. Quit my job the other day, I just couldn't handle the bullshit anymore. I'm looking for a new one now so wish me luck.

-- Kris (, July 07, 1999


Join the club. I'm in that job searching position's so hard to find work here. Oh well. I still have hope. Good luck to ya. I'll bet you'll find something much better. Cheers.

-- Tania (, July 12, 1999.

I just got hired. New job starts Aug 3, and guard job is still offering hours around that schedule. Hello money in bank account! hello getting a licence and car. hello social life. Wow.

-- Tania (, July 20, 1999.


Congrats on your job! I'm still looking so wish me luck.

-- Kris (, July 21, 1999.

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