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-- Anonymous, July 07, 1999


"He wants to be a great Ajaceid" Hello Menno, earth is calling! I believe Rafael to be one of the few interesting players in Ajax after "THE GREAT ONE". And of course he´d rather play in Barca than Ajax. If you don´t get that then youré even more disturbed than you appear to be. But right now there is no rush. Thanks to Zlatan mainly, Ajax is overachieving in champions league and Rafael gets a good opportunity to show the bigtime footballclubs what services they might expect from him when he has developed a little bit more in the safe haven of Ajax.


-- Anonymous, December 27, 2002

Rafaël has told the board that he will stay for at least another season, probably two or more. They announced this during the General Meeting of Shareholders. Raffy has an Ajax heart and knows that this club built him. He wants to become a 'Great Ajacied'. After that, it's time to spread his wings. He is a loyal person and will not go at this point. Also, he's 19 years old, lived with his parents and is simply not ready for it - and he knows it.

BTW: if he really wants to go, then F**K OFF and never come back. If you're a Dutchie from the Amsterdam area and you've come up through the Ajax youth ranks, it's supposed to be your DREAM to become a star in Ajax-1 and play there for at least a year or four. You also have a moral obligation to go for that, but that doesn't count: Ajax is supposed to be the club you love. The Ajax jersey is what you're supposed to dream about. Moving to another club after a year or four, is supposed to be a career move, because of the higher level league, or the money.

That's a healthy way of thinking. Van Basten, Bergkamp, Rijkaard, the De Boers, etcetera, they all thought that way. They took their body and their bag of football gear, but they left their heart where it always will be. That's acceptable. But if a player is thinking, from the very start (age 17 or whatever): "I have to stay here for a few years because I'm too young for Barca" - then why don't they piss off straight away? We don't need that kind of human garbage.

Raffy is a guy with the right attitude, I'm sure.

-- Anonymous, December 06, 2002

I read some disturbing things on the Arsenal forums about v.d. Vaart.. I hope they are not true because I would go "insane" if they are.. I can't stand the bleeding of Ajax's biggest talents anymore if they start leaving as teenagers already.. This has to be a hoaks!!

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2002

So, we now know that this team is potentially of top quality. It's still very young and inexperienced, but we're already with the best sixteen Europe and capable of 'stealing' the points in big away games (Lyon, Valencia). If the large part of this team stays together for a few more years, I think there may be some nice stuff to win.

The question, as always: will they stay together?

One thing's for sure: we will lose Cristian Chivu at season's end. Not in the winter-break, as several football sites have reported, cos Chivu is not the kind of asshole that lets his team down in the middle of a season. He will finish the year and give everything, but then he's off.

A shame, of course, cos he's one of our best. But: if every great player we have would stay for four seasons, there would be no problem. I mean: Van Basten, Rijkaard, Jonk, Kluivert and Arveladze did not stay for much longer than four seasons. That's enough to develop a player, see him at his best for one or two years, reap the fruits of it - and then accept his departure.

The problem since the Bosman ruling is players leaving even earlier than that: after one or two years, when they still haven't shown anything. That's disrespectful and disloyal towards Ajax. Let's face it: Rafaël van der Vaart would be a total prick if he fucks off after this season (which he won't). In that case he'd be basically saying: "Thanks for investing money in me Ajax, thanks for displaying me - now goodbye!" You don't do that. If you're developed and trained by Ajax, your ambition is to play for Ajax and to win something with the club. After that, you're morally free to go.

I can't blame Cris Chivu for trying something else. For about two decades now, four seasons at Ajax was usually enough to play at least one European final. This didn't happen, because Ajax was extremely poorly managed from 1999 to 2001. But he stayed until the club was recovered, qualified from the Champions League and he even stayed to play in in the CL with Ajax. Fair enough. Once again: if every player had that attitude, there would be no problem whatsoever.

I don't think Van der Vaart will go and I don't think Van der Meyde, Maxwell and Pienaar will go. I think Trabelsi will stay for another year (at least), too. On the other hand, I don't expect too much from the loyalty of Zlatan and Mido. I don't think they intend to stay at Ajax for four years. I mean: the ease with which Mido announced that he will leave Ajax "for sure, 100%" when things didn't go his way... That tells me something. If some big-spending club (not necessarily a better one) from southern Europe shows up, they'll be gone, is my expectation. Luckily, I have come to the conclusion that they're both very good, but not brilliant and that they're not irreplaceable.

I think the future looks good for this team!

-- Anonymous, November 29, 2002

Ah, well.. Little miscalculation in the previous post. The fee Ajax received for Boussafa was not 1.8 million euros, but 6 x 210,000 = 1.26 million euros. Anyway. Good money anyway.

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2002

This is from VI Planet:

Ajax and English Premiership side Chelsea FC have agreed on te transfer of Mbark Boussafa, 18 year-old creative midfielder of Ajax' A2 youth team. Boussafa will move to London with immediate effect, to become the sixth Dutchman at Chelsea, after Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, Ed de Goey, Boudewijn Zenden and former Ajacieden Mario Melchiot and Winston Bogarde.

The deal seemed off when Ajax demanded a 210,000 euro fee for each year of Ajax youth training Boussafa has had. However, to Ajax' pleasant surprise, Chelsea accepted this after all. Boussafa was in the Ajax youth ranks from age 12. Ajax will therefore receive 1.8 million euros for the player. A spectacular sum of money for an 18 year-old who was not even playing for the highest youth team in his age category.

My comment: excellent! He was, apparently, not even good enough for the A1 team. Creative, offensive midfielders are not the problem anyway, with Van der Vaart, Litmanen and Pienaar in Ajax-1 and Wesley Sneijder and Stephano Seedorf coming up. Boussafa would probably not have made it anyway, so 1.8 million is very good cash indeed.

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2002 id=104161&clid=&cpid=9&Title=Zlatan+pondering+Sunderland+switch

-- Anonymous, August 20, 2002

I read today that Zlatan is set to sign for sunderland for a transfer fee of 6.5 million pounds, is there any truth in these reports?

-- Anonymous, August 20, 2002

Ajax have a great defense, because Chivu is the heart of it. Chivu is the captain and true leader on the field. Ajax have a very young and a very talented team. it is vey important that Ajax maintain all their key players and they will soon repeat the success of 1995. And believe me Koeman is not a less of a tactitician than Van Gaal was. This team does not have DeBoers, Davids, Seedorf, Kluivert, Rijkaard and Blind anymore, but now it has Chivu, Bergdolmo, Galasek, Sikora, Mido, and most important of all Rafael V.D. Vaart. With these guys maturing together and getting the feel of the game you get a great team that even Gheorghe Hagi would have liked to play for. Chivu has a decision to make. he may choose between today's egg and tomorrow's potential chicken. If he goes to Real he will win the CL I am sure, but he will break the hearts of thousands of Ajax supporters. You think it is less than money and fame. Furthermore, Christian is making pretty good money at Ajax and is quite famous even in Madrid. Christian if you are reading this, please stay!!! AJAX FOREVER!!!

-- Anonymous, August 19, 2002

hey i dont mean to upset anybody...ajax is one of my favorite clubs 2 ...but i think they have a great defence and it chivu stay or leaves that wont make that big of a difference...

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2002

hey everybody!!!! whats up... i have been reading the news about chivu lately....i think chivu should go to real madrid because there is a higher level of play and i think he is ready for it....even george hagi thinks its a great idea....real madrid need a center defender and chivu is perfect for that... SO PLAESE CHIVU COME TO REAL MADRID!!! chances like this dont come ajax are in the champions league, but with real u can WIN the champions league....u will also become very popular and rich in no time at all...GO TO REAL MADRID !!!!


-- Anonymous, August 05, 2002

I just read an article that almost gave me a heart attack. It said that Chivu has agreed terms with AS Roma and will soon join the club. I honestly do not believe it, but in every lie there is part of truth. Do you guys know anything abouth this? !!! AJAX FOREVER !!!

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2002

Darl Douglas's try-out at Oldham Athletic has already come an end. He participated in a few training sessions and played a friendly game against Norwich Victoria (a 2-1 defeat for Oldham), after which Oldham's technical staff decided that Douglas was not going to be offered a contract. He will return to FC Haarlem. (Ajax Netwerk)

-- Anonymous, July 27, 2002

Zlatan did nothave a good season in Ajax, but Sweden has lots of good footballers and to be in the national squad for the World Cup the player has to be a good fotballplayer. Good enough to play in the Dutch league, I guess. Hopefully he will play better in this years Eredivisie...

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2002

Menno copied me on an email about this, but it's interesting stuff and so I'm posting it here. The email was in response to a question from an Oldham Athletic fan about their new signing, Darl Douglas, formerly of Ajax Youth...
He was born in Paramaribo, Surinam (on May 10, 1979) but has a Dutch nationality (like many coloured Dutch players). He is one of the Ajax youngsters who did not make it to the first team, due to heavy competition (he's up against Andy van der Meyde for the right winger position). He was kind of stuck in Ajax' reserves team ('Young Ajax'), after which the management decided to loan him out to the Dutch First Division club Ajax has a co-operation deal with: FC Haarlem. That was at the beginning of this year. Before that, he had already been loaned out for a while to Dutch side RBC Roosendaal.

At Haarlem, he's playing well. Ajax played a friendly against its "satellite club" last week, and Douglas was their best player. His performances have not gone unnoticed: as a Haarlem player, he got to play two games in Holland's U-21 team last season. He scored a goal in one of those games.

You'll find pictures of Darl Douglas, wearing the navy blue Haarlem jersey, on FC Haarlem's website:

It's in Dutch only, but it's easy to get to his player profile. Upon entering the URL the website will open in a new window. In the menu, on the left, the fourth option from the top is 'Wie is wie?' ("Who is who?") That takes you to the names of the players. Just click Douglas for his profile (simple facts, that need no translation).

Hope he'll be a good player for Oldham Athletic.

Thanks Menno!

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2002

Yeah, the Zlatan Show...

Let me guarantee you once and for all that Zlatan is most definitely, absolutely not going to AS Roma. Believe me: there's no way.

AS Roma was interested at some point, months and months ago. Then they found out about the transfer fee - which was enough to scare 'em away for the next three seasons or so. Ever since, some very bad football news sites have been coughing up the same old story.

The truth is: a few months ago, *all* Serie A clubs (including the big guys) issued lists of players that have to go. Even AC Milan, Inter, Juventus, Lazio and AS Roma want to get rid of some very big names, including Dutchies such as Davids, Seedorf, Stam etcetera. The reason, quite obviously: there is no money. The entire Italian Serie A is in deeeeeeep financial shit. They can't buy. And they definitely will not spend 10 million euros (at the very least!) on a 20 year-old Swedish guy, who has played abroad for one season in which he hardly scored. There's no way. Roma has lost interest.

Meanwhile, Zlatan's manager and Zlatan himself were quoted saying that a move to the Serie A will destroy Zlatan's career. He'll be on the bench before he knows, and he may never get off it again. He's not ready for it (and he knows it). In fact: he has not even shown that he is, or ever will be good enough for it in the first place. He hasn't even structurally shown that he's good enough for the Dutch league.

Right now, at this moment, Zlatan is not a big football player. He's a talent (every club in the world has a few), who - in his first year abroad - went flat on his face. Zlatan has not proven anything whatsoever, so for Christ's sakes let's cut the crap. So far, quite frankly, it seems like Ajax is a step too high for him. No reason to assume enything else than that. This season is his second chance to prove that he might become (I repeat: might become) a good footballer.

That's where he's at right now, and the world knows it, except for some Swedish visitors to the Zlatan thread on this discussion forum.

-- Anonymous, July 21, 2002

There's not only the "Victor Sikora soap opera"...We have "The Zlatan Ibrahimovic show" too.Every fuckin' day i read about this guy moving or not to Roma...Does Koeman want him in the team???Does Roma want to buy him???What the fuck is going on?*Menno can enlighten us on this one a lil' bit*A team must never start a season with players under negotiations...Well,Ajax has players under negotiations for 12 months a year anyway...

-- Anonymous, July 21, 2002

Ajax youth player Jeffrey Hoogervorst, who was in the Ajax A1 selection last season but was not offered a contract, has signed a contract at Sporting Gijón, in the Spanish Segunda División. Hoogervorst visited the club from the area of Asturia in May, on a try-out. Gijón's management was impressed. The Dutch youth international was looking for a Spanish employer because he wanted to emigrate to Spain anyway.

Hoogervorst will not play for Sporting Gijón yet in the upcoming season. The central defender will be loaned out to Marino de Luanco, a small-timer in the Segunda División B. Hoogervorst is to join Gijón in the 2003-2004 season. (Source: VI

-- Anonymous, July 19, 2002

Yes, it's a done deal: Jason Culina will spend the upcoming season on loan at De Graafschap. I'm posting a report in this discussion thread, and not on the Ajax USA homepage, because the Australian forward was a Young Ajax player. He never made his official debut for Ajax-1.

Jason culina joined Ajax in 1999, signing a contract that will expire on 30 June 2004. During the three seasons he spent at Ajax, he played 9 pre-season friendlies for Ajax-1, including one game at the Amsterdam Tournament.

It's not the first time that Culina is loaned out. In January of 2001 he was stalled at Ajax' Belgian satellite club, Germinal Beerschot Antwerp, for a while. In Belgium, Culina played 12 games in the first team, in which he scored one goal.

He also played 18 games for Australia's U-23 national team, scoring two goals. Ajax fans really got to know Culina as he scored one of the most spectacular goals ever scored in the Amsterdam ArenA, levelling the score for Young Ajax in their Amstel Cup game against FC Twente's first team, in the very last second of regulation. (Source:

-- Anonymous, July 15, 2002

Alright, so the post below does not belong in this thread. I posted it in the right one (New Players for Ajax) as well. However, I've also got some news that does belong in this thread. It's from Ajax Netwerk:

Eredivisie side De Graafschap reportedly want Young Ajax' Australian left-footer Jason Culina (21) to come to Doetinchem on a one year loan. Newly suigned De Graafschap coach Peter Bosz thinks his squad needs an extra winger and would like to add Culina to his roster. Jason Culina had a try-out at Austrian top side Sturm Graz last month. He did well, but did not manage to win a contract in Austria.

Well, why not, is what I say.

-- Anonymous, July 14, 2002

NOS Teletekst reports today that Vitesse and Fulham have reached an agreement about Victor Sikora's transfer fee. The player still has to work out the financial details with Fulham, but no problems are expected.

So, that's it then. Whatever.

-- Anonymous, July 14, 2002

Latest news: on some Spanish radio station, Beenhakker denied that he has said any such thing as the AS paper printed. During an interview on Spanish radio, he said: "The chance that Chivu will play for Real Madrid next season, is zero. He is not for sale. He doesn't want to go to Real himself, and Ajax does not want to lose him."

I sent the quote to Jim to put it on the homepage, but it's not there yet. Beenhakker basically claims that the AS reporter made those quotes up. But then again: once an F-Word pig... etcetera. I hate that guy.

-- Anonymous, July 07, 2002

As i read in,Leo is actually BEGGING Real to buy Chivu!!!Is he a retard or something???(well,i know the answer but anyway...) I can't believe it!The player says he wants to stay,but Leo wants to sell him.Do we need those money so desperately???We need more players? I don't think so...Those players just need the right guidance to make it to the top...

-- Anonymous, July 07, 2002 reports also that Leo Beenhakker has said that a transfer of Chivu is still possible! And maybe even for a lower price than 20 million Euro!!!

If Leo is nog making a joke, I don't want to know what happens with Ajax if Leo stays here.

-- Anonymous, July 07, 2002

Yup, it's official. Serginho Greene has signed his two year contract at RKC Waalwijk, according to NOS Teletekst. Good. He's never made it to Ajax-1, so we won't report on this on the Ajax USA homepage. We regard this as Ajax youth/Haarlem news.

-- Anonymous, July 04, 2002

VI and RKC report that defender Serginho Greene, who has a contract with Ajax but played for 'satellite club' FC Haarlem last season, is about to sign a two year contract at the Waalwijk Eredivisie side. Greene (20) played 34 games for FC Haarlem last year in which he scored one goal.

This is a good thing. We still have far too many contract players. This shows that players who don't stand a chance to ever make it to Ajax-1 can actually develop and draw the attention of some decent clubs at Haarlem.

-- Anonymous, July 03, 2002

Sportweek magazine reports that Jason Culina has now signed a one eyar contract at Sturm Graz in Austria. The magazine is generally reliable, but it should be noted that Ajax has not confirmed this yet.

-- Anonymous, June 18, 2002

VI, the website of Holland's main football weekly Voetbal International, reports that Mitchell Piqué will be loaned out to Eredivisie side RBC Roosendaal for one season. Piqué played a few games for Ajax-1 (I remember his goal at RKC Waalwijk last season), but was soon loaned out to Ajax' sister club Haarlem during the 2001-2002 season. Piqué is the third (!) player from the Ajax youth ranks to join RBC Roosendaal. Pascal Heije was already there, Melvin Fleur (who left Ajax for Anderlecht last year) joined him recently. And now Piqué.

VI Planet also reports that Australian Young Ajax midfielder Jason Culina (will we ever forget his goal against FC Twente in the Amstel Cup...?) is currently on try-out at Sturm Graz, one of Austria's most prominent clubs. Culina (21) has been in training at Sturm Graz since 12 June. More about that later...

-- Anonymous, June 14, 2002

It's kind of interesting... The transfer market in the whole of Europe seems to be stone-dead at the moment. Of course, this has got to do with the World Cup (clubs will return to business when that's over), but even if you take that into consideration, it's highly remarkable that no-one has the money to buy, and (logically) that no- one manages to get rid of player they no longer want.

Ajax Netwerk published an update on Ajax' situation the other day.

As we've already reported: the Sikora deal is kind of in a crisis. Diarra and/or Landzaat are not even an issue at this point. So far, the following are leaving: Fred Grim (quit; to join technical staff), Serge van de Ban (was loaned out to Haarlem; sold to Dordrecht '90), Christopher Kanu (contract terminated), Ole Tobiasen (AZ), Sergio Hellings (Anderlecht). Walker Americo Fronio, Anthony Obodai and Kwame Quansah will be loaned out to Germinal Beerschot Antwerp.

On AT5 Television, technical director Leo Beenhakker said that Steven Pienaar and Jelle Van Damma are the only youth players to join the first selection. This is odd, cos it was Beenhakker himself who said earlier that Stefano Seedorf and Nando Rafaël (who just signed for three years) will join Ajax-1 as well. Beenhakker did say that several youth players will get the chance to play with Ajax-1 in pre- season. Maybe a few of them can win a position in the squad that way.

-- Anonymous, June 09, 2002

Ajax Mania are reporting that the following players will be allowed to leave:

Van der Gun, Cruz, Yakubu, Ikedia & Vierklau.

Didnot expect Ikedia & Yakubu to be jettesoned, but thats life as they say.

-- Anonymous, May 31, 2002

If u ask me about Diarra,i would be the first one to say that he is a rare talent.He was playing for OFI Crete(Machlas' first club too),and i have seen him in action since he was 17 years old...He is a world class player for sure...I dunno much about Sikora,but from what i've seen,he is an excellent player too...But i am thinking about the current team of Ajax,and i see that not many changes are needed for this team to make it in the CL...Let me explain:IF Chivu stays,then i'm sure there is no problem.The guys prove it in every game.Now about attacking midfielders,in my opinion there's no problem either,if Rafael is back.VD Meyde,Ikedia,Wamberto(as a winger),Pienaar (of course) can do the job.Of course more good players are welcome too.Now about offence.You already know my opinion.In a 4-4-2 system,we can see that there's no problem.Nikos is a first team regular lately,and he is doing very good from what i've seen.The only problem is that something happened again(fuck!),and he isn't scoring.I think it is just bad luck.He tries so hard,but the bitch (ball) doesn't want to get in the net.Of course Ajax needs some money right now,and maybe Nikos will be sold.I think this would be a big mistake.What Ajax needs is a 4-4-2 system with Mido,and another more experienced striker.I think Nikos can do the job.Especially if they train together in this system in summer training and friendlies,and play more games together,then you'll see what i mean...What can we say about Mido???Talk is cheap.He is excellent...The big question is Zlatan...We'll see what happens with him...He gets some time to play right now.Maybe he proves something more in the future...So what Ajax certainly needs is a younger keeper(already have some),and a great DEFENSIVE midfielder...And i think that Diarra could do this job,too...That's all...I hope u got my point... ;-) PS:Sorry for the long post(again) PS2:AJAX 2001-2002 Eredivisie Champions(AND Amstel Cup winners!!!!!)

-- Anonymous, April 21, 2002

Signing Stefanovic of Vitesse Arnhem would be great. Diarra and Sikora are both great shortlisted players for next season. I visited Vitesse for a couple of years (Amsterdam is to far away to travel if you don`t have a drivers permit) and I`m very impressed by these players. They could develop in key players for Ajax.

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2002

Hello !!!!

We are the AJAX fans from Poland. We have to say that Richard Knopper must stay in Ajax because He is a new Jari Litmanen on this position. We hope that his form back soon and He shows that He really can play a good football.

The best wishes for Ajax and Ajax fans on the whole of the world.

-- Anonymous, April 13, 2002

Yupp.. money talks. But Chivu seems a smart guy. If he left, he must choose for an English or Spanish club, they play on a high level and they pay good. In Italy there's only money.

But I don't understand why he leaves. He said in a lot of magazines/newspapers that he wanted to win prizes with Ajax first. And now all of a sudden he leaves. Sad for Ajax. He is very popular in de Arena.

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2002

Ajax should try and keep the Ajax core group for at least another year. I think this move by Chivu is a tactical ploy to get a better contract. Chivu, please, DON'T LEAVE!!!!!! NO!!!!! NO!!!!! NO!!!! You can't leave. If Ajax will be champions this year, I think there is a strong possiblity that he will stay because of the Champion's League. He is still young, my advice for him is to leave when he is around 23 or 24 years old. Hmmm... maybe he thinks he is too good to play at Ajax. Chivu, please stay 1 more year!

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2002

Not too sure that the Chivu's reason for leaving is for the quality of play. Believe that unfortunately money talks and not only for the player but for his agent. Will be very sad to see him go as I have always enjoyed his style of play. A very creative defender which will be sorely missed in Ajax attacking play. With regard to F De Boer, I personally would not welcome him back after all the fuss he and his brother created to leave the club not that long ago.

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2002

The news about Chivu is already in 2 newspapers this morning. And they are very reliable. Other players to leave: Machlas, Galasek an Knopper.

I hope that Ajax makes the right move to get F. de Boer back. He is the one with lots of experience. We don't have to buy a young player, because in the 2nd team there are also players ready for the "big" work.

And according to the rumours, a bunch of Italian clubs are ready to buy Chivu. Well, that isn't a level higher of quality!?!?! Maybe the Italian competition is just as good as the Dutch eredivisie!! But we will see wat happens.

In any case, van der Vaart will stay at Ajax for at leat one year, thank god.

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2002

A black day in Ajax historie i guess :-(......Chivu has told Koeman he is ready for a new challenge abroad. It is said Chivu has a clausule in his contract which allows him to leave for about 26 mln. US Dollar.... Not a surprise, but i just hope he stay's for one more season. Candidates to follow him up: Stefanovic (Vitesse) and yes, here he is again: good old de Boer........



P.S. Who doesn't want to come back on THIS discussion, because that would probably mean that Van der Vaart would be leaving..........

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2002

Youssouf Hersi will be loaned out for one more year before Ajax takes a decision about his future in Amsterdam. Hersi will play for NEC (Nijmegen) next season, after having played for NAC (Breda) this year. The Breda team want to buy Hersi, but Ajax did not want to sell yet. NAC, however, was not interested in having him on loan for another season, with the risk of losing him next season.

-- Anonymous, April 01, 2002

Two more names have been announced on After this season, there will be no new contracts for SERGE VAN DEN BAN (goalkeepeer, now loaned out to Haarlem). Ajax has Bogdan Lobont, Joey Didulica and Maarten Stekelenburg to its availability, so it doesn't come as a surprise.

Also - and this one makes you feel a little bit sad - we will say goodbye to OLE TOBIASEN, who's spent five seasons at Ajax and was considered a major talent. But he only played 24 games for Ajax-1, due to one serious knee injury after the other. This guy has had bad luck, bad luck and nothing but bad luck.

He's worked tremendously hard to come back. Day after day after day, expecially with Bobby Haarms. Several times, it was reported that he was almost ready for a return, but then there always seemed to follow a relapse.

You can't possibly blame Ajax for giving up. The club has always supported Ole. But after five years, it's obvious that it's not going to happen anymore. This season marks the end of Ole's tragic career at Ajax. Hopefully, we (the supporters) can set up a special goodbye for him.

-- Anonymous, March 19, 2002

By the way: Hellings is already the third Ajax youth player to be bought by Anderlecht. Sherjil MacDonald and Melvin Fleur are already there. Apparently, a few Anderlecht scouts live at De Toekomst (just like Sjaak Swart).

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2002

I *think* I already posted this as a rumour in the 'Youth' thread earlier on. Anyway, it's now confirmed on


Sergio Helling, central defender of Ajax A1 and (recently) Young Ajax, has signed a five season contract at Belgian giants RSC Anderlecht. 17 year-old Hellings (born 11 October, 1984) will finish the current season at Ajax, before joining the purple and white club from Brussels on 1 July, 2002.

Hellings comes from the Ajax youth ranks. Coming from Amsterdam amateur club, FC Bijlmer, he joined Ajax' youngest youth team: the E2. Last year, on 30 March 2001, Hellings signed his first professional contract with Ajax. He leaves after only one year, which means that Anderlecht will have to pay Ajax an as yet unknown transfer fee.

* * * *

Since Hellings is not a member of the Ajax-1 selection (in fact, he did not play a single minute for Ajax-1), we announce this here, rather than on the Ajax USA home page.

I, personally, think this is a good thing. You can't keep the entire A1 and Young Ajax crop. A few of them will join the first team (for now: Pienaar, Walker and Seedorf, probably); a whole bunch of others will have to go anyway.It'a lways been like that. If Ajax can get decent money for them, than that's fine with me.

Ajax reports that Anderlecht is also after Serginho Greene, currently loaned out to Haarlem.

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2002

So farm, the 'Big Clear-Out' at Ajax was not very spectacular: after John Nieuwenburg and Aron Winter, now reports that Tijjani Babangida (loaned out to Vitesse) is not welcome in next season's Ajax-1 squad. What else is new?

-- Anonymous, March 11, 2002 and NOS Teletekst report that there will be no place in next season's Ajax-1 squad for 'good old' Aron Winter. Ajax will co- operate if Winter wants to join a new club. He is currently loaned out to Sparta, just like John Nieuwenburg.

Good decision, cos Winter is not good enough for Ajax anymore. But nevertheless, this guy deserves a great big GOODBYE at the ArenA, of course...

-- Anonymous, March 02, 2002

Not very surprising: reports that John Nieuwenburg (currently on loan at his former club Sparta) is one of the players allowed to go. Ajax told him that he will not be in next season's Ajax squad and that he can search for a new club. Which he already has, I guess. If Sparta stays in the Eredivisie (if...) I expect him to sign for the club from Rotterdam-West.

-- Anonymous, March 01, 2002

Well,if Koeman follows your choices Ben,i'm pretty sure that he will see the crowd waving white hankies,like they did with Proffesor-God- Of-Football Co Adriaanse(:-P Damn!I can't even say his name without getting sick...)

-- Anonymous, February 25, 2002

Now that I have donned my tin hat AND body armor,here are my choices regarding who stays and who leaves:

Goalkeepers-Staying is Joe Didulica for Ajax-1 and Maarten Stekelenberg for Ajax-2 or on-loan.Leaving will be Fred Grim,Bogdan Lobont, Bram Verbist, and Serge van den Ban.I agree with Bill re: Gabor Babos.Let him and Joe D. wage a battle for the #1 job.

Defenders-Staying are Andre Bergdolmo, Christian Chivu, Hatem Trabelsi,Maxwell,Petri Pasanen and Johnny Heitinga at Ajax-1 level. Gone from Ajax-1 are Ferdi Vierklau and Tim de Cler.Staying at the Jong Ajax level will be Ruud Kras and Walker, with Walker a possibility for Ajax-1 action.Gone are Christopher Kanu, Serginio Greene, Mitchell Pique,Gabriel Mofokeng and , sadly, Ole Tobiasen. Aaron Mokoena and Jose Valencia should be loaned out for seasoning; possibly to Haarlem .

Midfielders- Staying are Tomas Galasek, John O'Brien, and Rafael van der Vaart. Also, if the stories are to be believed,Richard Witschge. Leaving Ajax-1 will be Jan van Halst(again!), Richard Knopper, Abubakari Yakubu , and Daniel Cruz. Also leaving would be the on- loan five of Youssef Hersi, Pascal Heije, Didi Longuet, John Nieuwenburg, and Aron Winter and Jong Ajax player Anthony Obodai. Midfielders currently at Jong Ajax or A1 level who would be retained include Stephen Pienaar, Stephano Seedorf, Jason Cullina, Nigel de Jong,and Jussi Kujala. Pienaar, Seedorf, and Cullina could all three be pushing for time on the first team. Hence, the trimming of some first teamers.

Strikers- Staying are Zlatan, Wamberto, Andy van der Meijde,Cedric van der Gun and Pius Ikedia. Leaving will be Nikos Machlas, Mido,Kiran Bechan and the on-loan Tijani Babangida, Brutil Hose, and Darl Douglas. Assigned to Jong Ajax or on loan will be Kwame Quansah, Michael Krohn-Delhi, and Wesley Sneijder.

The result of my slashing and burning is that Ajax goes from 57 to 37. 4 keepers, 7 defenders, 10 midfielders , and 6 strikers would be moved; replaced to some degree by transfers or players moving thru the Youth System.

-- Anonymous, February 25, 2002

Hahaha.You can take your tin helmet off now.Cause it's not only your thought.I've actually heard the same thing.Not that he's gonna sell both of them(Machlas and Zlatan),but possibly one of them.Having in mind the way Koeman treats each one of them,i can say it will probably be Nikos the one leaving.Cause if Zlatan had scored 5 goals in 3 games,Koeman would probably never sell him.Machlas has to score probably about 25 goals to stay in the team.Because Koeman,seeing both players' age,would prefer to have in the team a very young player,with a possibility to evolve.(even though in the scoring thing,he will never become Machlas.But he has other skills).If u ask my opinion,i agree with most of the players(maybe not Trabelsi,but he has to improve some things in his play),but i would dissagree about Machlas for the known reasons...Knowing also that leaving Ajax,it's very possible that he will go to the F-team(cuz they have been interested many times in the past),i wouldn't like to see that happening.(FUCK NAW!)...But again,the fans want Machlas.Difficult situation.

-- Anonymous, February 20, 2002

Ok Menno here goes: Fred Grim Joey Didulica Bram Verbist Serge van den Ban (Clearout of goalkeepers to allow purchase of Babos) Ferdi Vierklau Hatem Trabelsi (good player but has he upset Koeman) Maxwell Tim De Cler (Probably wishful thinking on my part) Petri Pasanen Serginio Greene Christopher Kanu (thought his contract had already been cancelled) Aaron Mokoena Ole Tobiasen (will he ever fully recover) Richard Knopper (not the same player since returning from injury) Pascal Heije Didi Longuet John Nieuwenburg Aron Winter Richard Witschge Sergio Hellings Youssouf Hersi Tijani Babangida Darl Douglas Brutil Hose And now putting on my tin helmet and , I wouldnt be surprised if Koeman stopped all the debate over who should be the striker by actually offloading either or both Machlas and Zlatan, if he can source a replacement. His chopping and changing between the two seems to indicate to me that he isnt over impressed with either of them. Having said that it could be the players themselves that wish to leave and they force Koemans hand. That would certainly put the cat amoungst the pigeons. I believe that this drastic action will result in allowing more of the exciting talent to come through and also the purchase of new players to strenghten certain positions, but I am getting ready to duck !!!!!!.

-- Anonymous, February 20, 2002

Alright... Bill, my man, here you go: all 57 of 'em. The guys with no specification in brackets behind their names are Ajax-1 players.

1. Fred Grim
2. Bogdant Lobont (loaned out: Dinamo Bucharest, Romania)
3. Maarten Stekelenburg (Young Ajax)
4. Joey Didulica
5. Bram Verbist (A1, Young Ajax)
6. Serge van den Ban (loaned out: FC Haarlem, Netherlands)

7. Ferdi Vierklau
8. Andre Bergdølmo
9. Christian Chivu
10. Hatem Trabelsi
11. Maxwell
12. Tim de Cler
13. Petri Pasanen
14. Johnny Heitinga
15. Serginio Greene (loaned out: FC Haarlem, Netherlands)
16. Christopher Kanu (no member of any selection)
17. Aaron Mokoena (loaned out: Germinal Beerschot Antwerp, Belgium)
18. Mitchell Piqué (loaned out: FC Haarlem, Netherlands)
19. Ruud Kras (Young Ajax)
20. Jose Valencia (Young Ajax)
21. Ole Tobiasen (no member of any selection)
22. Gabriel Mofokeng (Young Ajax)
23. Walker (Young Ajax)

24. Tomás Galásek
25. Jan Van Halst
26. Richard Knopper
27. John O'Brien
28. Rafaël van der Vaart
29. Abubakari Yakubu
30. Daniël Cruz
31. Pascal Heije (loaned out: RBC Roosendaal, Netherlands)
32. Didi Longuet (loaned out: FC Haarlem, Netherlands)
33. John Nieuwenburg (loaned out: Sparta, Netherlands)
34. Aron Winter (loaned out: Sparta, Netherlands)
35. Richard Witschge (loaned out: Deportivo Alavés, Spain)
36. Anthony Obodai (Young Ajax)
37. Steven Pienaar (Young Ajax)
38. Stephano Seedorf (Young Ajax)
39. Jason Culina (Young Ajax)
40. Jussi Kujala (A1, Young Ajax)
41. Nigel de Jong (A1, Young Ajax)
42. Sergio Hellings (A1, Young Ajax)
43. Youssouf Hersi (loaned out: NAC, Netherlands)

44. Cedric van der Gun
45. Michael Krohn-Deli (A1, Young Ajax)
46. Wesley Sneijder (A1, Young Ajax)
47. Andy van der Meyde
48. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
49. Ahmed 'Mido' Hossam
50. Wamberto
51. Nikos Machlas
52. Pius Ikedia
53. Tijani Babangida (loaned out: Vitesse, Netherlands)
54. Darl Douglas (loaned out: FC Haarlem, Netherlands)
55. Kiran Bechan (Young Ajax)
56. Kwame Quansah (Young Ajax)
57. Brutil Hosé (no member of any selection, but playing for Young Ajax)

You first... :-)

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2002

Good question Menno, one that I wish I could start the ball rolling by giving my thoughts - but and it is a big but, I am struggling to come-up with the names of the 57 players that are under contract. I take it this number includes players such as Winter who are out on "loan", but even including these players I fall well short of the magical 57. However, from the first team squad, my guestimate is that Koeman will include on his list of people who he feels cannot take us up to the next level due to either age or their skill level. I would include in this list, players such as Grim (but surely offer him a coaching role), Vierklau, Trabelsi (has he showed-up yet ?), De Cler,Pasanen, Maxwell, Knopper, Hose and possibly Cruz although personally I think that he is a very useful player to have as cover. Is the plan that once the numbers are reduced then replacements will be sought or in their assessments they have identified that the players coming through from Young Ajax will be the ones to plug any gaps and take this great club forward. Interesting to know who the gang of 57 are !!!

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2002

Ajax Netwerk has a report based on an ANP report (ANP = official Dutch press agency), which says that Ajax' technical staff has completed the evaluation of the 57 professional players who currently have a contract. This was announced by technical director Leo Beenhakker on Monday.

Ajax wants to reorganize, significantly decreasing the number of contract players. 57 contract players is far too many. Coach Ronald Koeman has watched every Ajax contract player in action recently, and has now made up his mind.

According to the ANP report, the staff has told each player whether there still is a future for him at Ajax. It is unknown which players were told they can stay and which players were told to go. Getting rid of players will not be that easy, by the way. All players have ongoing contracts for at least one or two more seasons, except for goalkeeper Fred Grim, whose contract expires after this season.

The first rumors, which appeared in national newspaper De Telegraaf last week, involved Fred Grim: Ronald Koeman watched France vs Romania last week, to see goalkeeper Bogdan Lobont in action. According to De Telegraaf, Koeman told Lobont that he wants him back at Ajax at the start of next season and that Grim's contract will not be extended.

This was not confirmed by Ajax or any other reliable source (De Telegraaf is a kind of sensational newspaper), but it was striking that Fred Grim was not in the Ajax-1 squad for last Sunday's game at AZ (0-0). Ronald Koeman stressed that Grim had the flu... but of course his absence strengthened the rumors that Grim was told his days will soon be over.

Right now, the only confirmed news is that Koeman and Beenhakker completed their evaluation, which is - as such - not very interesting yet. Of course, a report will appear on Ajax USA as soon as this thing becomes more concrete.

For now, it's interesting to put your own list together. Who has to go? Share your thoughts with us in this thread...

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2002

Hey, just wanted to say hello from Spain! I´m here in Vitoria-Gasteiz for the 8th Congress of the European Association for Sport Management. Lots o´ fun. I went to an awesome Liga Primera match with a whole bunch of Dutch and Flemish guys. We saw a close one where Deportivo beat Alaves 2-3, thanks to the ref waving off a perfectly legal tie-up goal in the 92nd minute! Needless to say, the home fans of the Basque persuasion were pissed. Jordi Cruyff did not play, but we did see Richard Witschge. Alaves has a very nice intimate stadium that is worth the visit.

-- Anonymous, September 26, 2001

So, no transfer to Sheffield United for Jan van Halst. Today, AT5 Tele Text announces a quite bizarre career move...


Ajacied, Jan van Halst, is to host a new, weekly TV show about FC Twente for regional Dutch radio and TV station, RTV East. Van halst played for the Enschede club for nine seasons. He moved to Ajax tw years ago. Last season, he was loaned out to Fortuna Sittard. This year, once again, he is not in Ajax' first selection. He rejected a few new loans, to clubs such as Sparta, Germinal Beerschot Antwerp and Sheffield United. Van Halst about his new job: "I've always wanted to do something in journalism. This is a chance I definitely want to take!"

Extremely, extremely strange... AT5 is a reliable source, so it's probably true, but I have a few questions that are not answered by this report. The most important one: will he quit professional football for this? Once I've found out, I will write a news report for the Ajax USA homepage.

-- Anonymous, September 11, 2001

Jan van Halst will not sign with Sheffield United (who are, by the way, playing in the English First Division; not in the Premiership, as I wrote before). His comment about his week in Sheffield: "Frankly, I was disappointed, about both the finacials and the sportive level at Sheffield United."

I hope for Jan that sitting at home as a forgotten Ajacied comes closer to the sportive level he's looking for... Forgive me for being so cynical, but I think he will not get a better chance than Sheffield United, a well known club from a perfect football country. I predict that he will *not* find a better club than Sheffield Utd.

-- Anonymous, September 09, 2001

Ajax Mania reports that Jan van Halst (loaned out to Fortuna Sittard last year and not with Co's A-squad this season) is tested by English Premiership side, Sheffield United, this week. Van Halst (32) will join their training for one week and is to play a test match with Sheffield's reserves against Port Vale.

So far, Ajax Mania is the only place where I've read this, but I guess it's true. I hope he'll make a good impression. Would be good for Jan (the Premiership after two such disappointing years... not bad!) as well as for Ajax. Right now, we're paying him for sitting on the couch at home.

-- Anonymous, September 04, 2001

Menno emailed this to me, and I had to share. A Feyenoord fan made this, after Nieuwenburg and Rijkaard and Winter were all signed by Sparta... Pretty good, actually. :-)

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001

well, Witschge still plays for the Ajax 2 - Team

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001

Hey,does anybody know anything about what is happening with Richard Witschge ,last i heard he was still looking for a new club.Any news on who might be interested in him ? Rahul

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001

This is not really surprising... I think it's better for Aron as well as for Ajax. He deserves to play professional football for one or two more years.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2001

Because our webmaster is still on holiday:

Winter loaned out to Rijkaard's Sparta for one year

23 July: Aron Winter will play for coach Frank Rijkaard's new club, Sparta Rotterdam, this season. Ajax and Sparta have already reached an agreement on a one year loan. Winter is working out the formal details with his new club.

Aron Winter (34) played 304 games for Ajax, in which he scored 60 goals. He made his debut in Ajax-1 under Johan Cruijff, in April of 1986. He became a key player on Ajax' midfield and made it into the Dutch national team. he won the European Cup Winners Cup (1987) and the UEFA Cup (1992) with Ajax, before leaving for Lazio Roma in the summer of 1992.

Winter had four exceptionally succesful seasons in Rome, before joining Inter Milan, for which club he played two more seasons. After that, in 1999, he returned home, to Ajax, but the second leg of his career in Amsterdam was unsuccesful. Winter had a dramatically bad 1999-2000 season, both sportively and personally: Winter lost his mother.

Ajax' prodigal sons, Winter and Richard Witschge lost their positions in the starting line-up to Tomás Galásek and Rafaël van der Vaart, respectively. In March of this year, coach Co Adriaanse announced that Winter was free to leave if his position in the team would not improve.

At Sparta, Winter is re-united with Frank Rijkaard, whom Winter knows as a team-mate, but also as a coach. Under Rijkaard's reign, Winter had the highest number of *Oranje* caps in Dutch football history for a while. He never really secured a spot in Holland's starting line- up, but ended his Holland career with 84 caps. He scored six goals for Holland. (MP) (Source:

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2001

There was a report on Tijjani Babangida on AT5 News a few hours ago. He's moving to Vitesse, on a loan from Ajax. He was loaned out to Genclerbirligi in Turkey last season, but they did not want to buy him because he had too many games to play for Nigeria.

Vitesse coach, Ronald Koeman, wants to make good arrangements about that. They don't want him to be in Nigeria half the season. But the deal is "99% sure", according to Baba's personal manager, Ger Lagendijk. You'll find the story on the Ajax USA homepage as soon as it's 100% sure...

-- Anonymous, July 18, 2001

A few headlines from

1) the Winter deal with Malaga is off (pity)

2) Jason Culina (the Australian midfielder who was loaned out to GBA last year), is currently tested by German Bundesliga side, HSV Hamburg (good for him, having a prominent Bundesliga side interested after having achieved nothing at Ajax!)

3) Ajax is prepared to let Jan van Halst go for free, just like they allowed Tom Sier to go for nothing.

This is good. One of Adriaanse's jobs was decreasing the ridiculous number of contract players Ajax had (59!!!). In other words: he had to get rid of some people, which he's doing in a pretty human and correct way, if you ask me.

-- Anonymous, July 14, 2001

It appears that today's juicy rumour is that Aron Winter will leave on a free transfer next week. Destination: Malaga. TeamTalk, often synonymous with juicy rumours, reports that Winter will be allowed to go despite having two years left on his deal at AJAX. The odd thing is, it appears that there is no promise of first team football there. Malaga barely missed out on the UEFA Cup last year. He would go to "strengthen the midfield";according to one report. A free transfer to Malaga? Some guys have all the luck.

-- Anonymous, July 13, 2001

Yes, indeed: Tom Sier is going to Rijkaard @ Sparta. And so is John Nieuwenburg, who had one unlucky year at Ajax, was loaned out to his former club last season, and has now re-joined them.

Here's a nice unconfirmed rumour: Frank Rijkaard is said to have talked on the phone to his old buddy, Aron Winter, about a move to Sparta. Some guy on the Ajax Mania forum even claims that it was an explicit demand for Rijkaard to sign that Sparta would buy Winter...

I don't know. It doesn't sound illogical to me. Neither does it sound logical. :-)

-- Anonymous, July 06, 2001

Sier has signed a 1-year contract at Sparta (Rotterdam).

-- Anonymous, July 06, 2001

The news about Ajax dissolving Tom Sier's contract is now confirmed by Some additional info and quotes:

In four season in Amsterdam, Tom Sier has only played 29 league games for Ajax. Last season, he was not even an official member of the Ajax- 1 selection. Nevertheless, he played four league games and the Amstel Cup game against Vitesse. Before joining Ajax he played for FC Volendam for five years and for SC Heerenveen for four years. In 1998 he won the Dutch championship as well as the Amstel Cup with Ajax.

Technical director Leo Beenhakker says: "Sier's contract was valid for one more year, but he was not in Co Adriaanse's A-squad for the upcoming season. Several clubs were interested in him, but he did not want to move to those clubs. Therefore, we felt we had to make an amicable settlement." (Source:

-- Anonymous, July 01, 2001

According to Sportweek Magazine, Ajax has dissolved the contract of Tom Sier after the player had requested Ajax to do so. Sier (31) had played for SC Heerenveen and Volendam before he came to Amsterdam. His career at Ajax was extremely unlucky. He suffered from several heavy injuries and did not manage to make it into the first team after that. He was not even in last season's official Ajax-1 squad.

According to sources, Co Adriaanse had told him he had to join Ajax-1 for their first training on Thursday, 5 July. Shortly after that, Sier turned out to be one of the nine players who were told they are not welcome at the first team's first training, in a letter signed by technical director, Leo Beenhakker.

Tom Sier and his personal manager, Keje Molenaar, then decided to ask Ajax to eliminate Sier's contract, so the 31 year-old can start searching for a new club. Ajax agreed. The club will not have to pay Sier anymore, whereas Sier's chances to find a new club increase, since he is now transfer free. (Source: Sportweek)

-- Anonymous, June 29, 2001

OneFootball has summarized (in typically melodramatic and possibly unreliable fashion) the plight of Witschge and Winter in this article.

-- Anonymous, March 06, 2001

Don't worry about it, Ben (for now, that is). Sites such as and the Dutch Voetbal Online are very, very unreliable. They publish a whole list of transfer rumors almost every day - and most of it is complete nonsense ('Dennis Bergkamp from Arsenal to Ajax', 'Jari Litmanen from Barcelona to Panathinaikos' - that kind of stuff). Sometimes I really think they make things up, creating the rumors themselves.

I'm sure there's a lot of interest in Cris Chivu though. That's why Ajax will talk to him and his personal manager soon. They'll probably offer him a higher salary. Same to Van der Vaart, by the way. Ajax's financial manager Arie van Os personally said so in last week's "Godenzonen" on AT5.

-- Anonymous, December 14, 2000

Lose Chivu and Knopper,two International caliber players? These players are integral to what Co is trying to build. Why not just throw in Machlas, van der Gun, and van der Vaart? My opinion can be summed up in four words, take a hike Gala!

-- Anonymous, December 12, 2000

Peter Hoekstra has done two test training sessions at FC Groningen. Those sessions were to Groningen's satisfaction, so Ajax has loaned Hoekstra out for the rest of the season. FC Groningen also claimed an option to buy Hoekstra after the season's end, if they're satisfied about him.

Jan van Halst, as you've read on the home page, will play for Fortuna Sittard for the rest of the season. And for your information: Ajax-2 captain Marc Stuut has become the first Ajax player to temporarily play for Haarlem, the Dutch Toto Division side Ajax recently reached a co-operation agreement with. Stuut did not make it into the first selection this summer.

There's no official statement yet about the rumors that Ajax-1 players Tim de Cler, Brutil HosC) and Kevin Bobson will be temporarily 'stalled' at Haarlem as well.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2000

That's right!

-- Anonymous, October 25, 2000

I agree that Gronkjaer's change of heart and attitude is sad. Still, Better to watch the back of him as he jets off to be one of Chelsea's rank and file,trotted out when a crowded fixture list occurs.AJAX don't need the kind of cancer his attitude could become. What was Gronkjaer thinking, that Co would play with 10 men until he returned to fitness? Last time I watched AJAX, I didn't see an engraved starting spot marked Gronkjaer on the Arena pitch. A team simply doesn't need players whose attitude is "play me and I'll be loyal, but its hasta la vista baby when I don't get my way". Last time I check, soccer was an 11 man( or woman) game.

-- Anonymous, October 25, 2000

General manager Arie van Eijden has confirmed that Ajax and Chelsea have reached an agreement on Jesper GrC8nkjC&r's transfer fee. The details between GrC8nkjC&r and his new club are being worked out at this moment. It's a matter of time before it'll be official... Keep an eye on the homepage.

You know, people; players leaving is Ajax is normal. It happens all the time and it's never been different. But I have to say that Mr GrC8nkjC&r's behaviour disappoints me very, very much. He signed at Ajax, said he liked the club so much and added that football, to him, is not about money. Chelsea offered him a contract a few weeks ago and he said he was not interested. But then this one little incident with Co Adriaanse occurred (leaving GrC8nkjC&r out of the team) and all of a sudden he's gone. I had expected him to be loyal to Ajax, which he said he was. He's not loyal at all: the first conflict that arises provides him a direct reason to f*** off...

I'm very sorry to see him go. Jesper GrC8nkjC&r was one of the most talented players in the squad. But my respect for the quiet, intelligent and loyal guy Jesper GrC8nkjC&r seemed to be, is now gone. Which is sad. Very sad, indeed.

-- Anonymous, October 25, 2000

Soccer magazine 'Voetbal International' (check - Dutch only) reports today that English Premiership side Charlton Athletic are interested in buying Tijjani Babangida. Charlton's manager Alan Curbishley wants to have Babangida over for a test period, before making a decision.

Two clubs have contacted Ajax about a Jan van Halst transfer as well: FC Groningen and German Bundesliga team Borussia Mvnchengladbach. The transfer fees due in case any of the clubs comes to an agreement with Ajax, are unknown.

-- Anonymous, September 13, 2000

It's now official. Dani's signed with Benfica. Check:

-- Anonymous, September 09, 2000

A rumour on both and today:

'According to Portugese media' Ajax and Benfica have reached an agreement on the transfer fee for Portugese midfielder Dani. Both Ajax sites claim that Dani will sign a four year contract in Lisbon this week.

I'm sure Dani is looking for a new club (Adriaanse told him he could leave and does not consider him part of the team) and I'm sure there are Portugese clubs interested. But this news was not confirmed. The source ('Portugese media') sounds a bit vague to me. Which Portugese media? And keep in mind that most Southern European countries have daily football newspapers, mainly filled with nonsense.

We'll see...

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2000

If Witschge is to secure a regular place this season his passing is going to have to improve dramatically. For most of the games he did play last season his passes were appalling - most of the time finding their way either straight to a opposing player of off the pitch. Van Halst, as I said, had some good games although does seem to be let down by his temprament on occasions (was any player booked more during 99/00?).

-- Anonymous, June 15, 2000

I prefer Witchge over van Halst. If Witchge wasn't injured the team would have been different. He works hard on the pitch. He can dictate the tempo of the game. van Halst as a defender/defensive midfielder is too slow. He can't pass the ball as well as Witchge, that's for sure. Definitely Verlaat has to go. Dani had his chances and threw it away. As for van Halst, maybe, one more season wouldn't hurt.

-- Anonymous, June 14, 2000

The choice of van Halst as a player who should leave seems strange. I agree Verlaat is a liability and Dani had a thoroughly unremarkable season but van Halst had some good games - getting at least one "Man of the Match" vote from the crowd, despite only playing in around half the games of the season. By contrast some of those staying (Witschge - I'm looking at you) were totally hopeless.

-- Anonymous, June 14, 2000

about Peter Hoekstra, he plays for Compostela (2nd div.) in Spain. sad but true

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2000

On Tuesday, February 22, young right back Kofey Mensah was loaned out to NAC from Breda, playing in the Dutch first division (the division under the KPN Telecompetition.

Mensah was not with the first team this season, but he played quite a lot of games last year (especially under Morten Olsen). He will play for NAC for (at least) the rest of this season.

-- Anonymous, February 22, 2000

As far as I know, Peter Hoekstra is still with Ajax (probably playing in the second team), having a really bad time. He's not offered a chance to make it into the first team anymore, since Jesper Grxnkjfr has obviously conquered the left forward position. If he's injured, coach Wouters would still prefer to put Wamberto or Arveladze over there. Which means: no chance for Hoekstra, which is a pity for such a beautiful player. Another Ajax player who didn't really get a chance, is Argentinian midefielder Mariano Juan, who has left Ajax to a certain team in either Spain or Argentina... forgotten which one it was.

-- Anonymous, February 01, 2000

Does anyone know the whereabouts of peter hoekstra? I cannot find his name on the current ajax roster nor can I find any mention of a transfer. It would not surprise me if ajax sold him in their cleaning house, I was just curious as to where this fantastically entertaining player went. Conor

-- Anonymous, October 29, 1999

Oscar M. Perjus ( asked:
I wonder if Ajax have players ti fill up the rooms that Edwin, Benni and other stars has left.

Ok that Aron is a god midfilder but hiage worries me. Ajax is famous fore the fantastic youth players that they have exploted. Correct me if im wrong.

To which Menno replies:
I agree with you on one point: it's impossible to replace Van der Sar, de De Boers, Litmanen and Blind. I don't want to sound pessimistic, but you're just NOT gonna find players of that category right now. Simple as that. However, I don't agree with your view on Aron Winter. Of course: Ajax needs to build up a team for the future, but there is something like 'the present' too. I think the balance (as far as age is concerned) is pretty good at the moment: there are a lot of relatively unexperienced, young players in the squad (Nieuwenburg, De Cler, Knopper, Gronkjaer, Bobson). Really talented guys. But you can't demand from them to do it on their own. That's why the club bought some experienced guys to compensate that. Winter, Laudrup and Verlaat have seen it all and have only got a few years to go left. By the time they quit playing, the rest of the team will be internationally experienced - so a couple of youngsters can be brought in again. It's a continuous thing - sometimes it works out fine (1995), sometimes it doesn't (last year) and sometimes it's something in between (this year). I think it would be naive to expect eleven kids 18- or 19-year-olds to beat Dutch and European top teams.

-- Anonymous, October 27, 1999

Sibon costed about six million dutch guilders (3million$).

-- Anonymous, July 14, 1999

This weekend Gerald Sibon left Ajax for Sheffield Wednesday. Dunno about the transfer fee.

-- Anonymous, July 11, 1999

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