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-- Anonymous, July 06, 1999



-- Anonymous, December 20, 2002

feyenoord has yoko ono; maybe we will have our own Japanese player soon!

From Sho Naruoka (18) has joined Young Ajax on Friday, 29 November, for a try-out. He has five days to show what he's capable of. Naruoka is a midfielder and can play on every midfield position, although he prefers a central midfield position himself. He will train with John van 't Schip's Young Ajax squad until Monday, after which he will spend another two days with Danny Blind's A1 squad.

Naruoka currently plays for Fujieda High School and also in the Japanese U19 national team. With the Japan U17 team he played at the U17 World Cup in Trinidad & Tobago this summer. He played in all three of Japan's group games. Japan did not qualify for the second round.

-- Anonymous, November 29, 2002

Ronald Koeman was interviewed by Dutch TV journalists Barend & Van Dorp yesterday. They discussed the future of Ajax. A few remarkable things were said...

Firstly, Koeman said that he's been very disappointed so far by Jari Litmanen's injuries. He's missed more games than he's played. He s even more injury-prone than Koeman expected. When Jari joined Ajax, the club decided to have an "evaluation moment' during the winter break. Koeman said he would love to keep Litmanen, but he is not sure whether the club will keep paying a relatively high salary to a player who's so frequently injured...

Secondly, Koeman repeated once again that he expects Chivu to leave after the season. "It will be impossible to keep him." Personally, I already expected him to leave last season. It's a miracle and a very good thing that he's still here this year. We will definitely lose him after this season (but not during the winter-break). Barend & Van Dorp asked Koeman who Ajax wants to buy to replace him. They suggested Vitesse defender Dejan Stefanovic. Koeman answered that he's one of the names on his wishlist, but not the top name. He did not want to tell who that was, but he didn't deny that it was Frank de Boer. Romanian defender Mirel Radoi is linked with Ajax in the Romanian press.

Ronald Koeman has given Aron Winter his personal advice to end his professional career in he winter-break. Koeman told that it gives him a bad feeling to leave Winter out of the squad every time. "This is not good for Ajax and not good for Winter himself". Winter has already indicated that he wants to become a youth coach.

I, for one, hope that they'll keep Jari...

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2002

There is now a story about Waldo Ponce, the Chilean defender, on He's arrived in Amsterdam for a ten day try-out. He will train with Young Ajax (which is why we will not report about this on the Ajax USA homepage, but on the discussion boards only). We'll see what happens. Pardo, the Chilean feyenerd, is very enthusiastic about Ponce's qualities.

-- Anonymous, November 17, 2002

Seems like the Waldo Ponce story is true. Here's a link to an article from high quality, usually reliable Colombian newspaper El Mercurio, which says that he'll be on his way to Amsterdam today for a week's try-out. The article even says that he's on a Lufthansa flight. Ponce quote: "It all up to me now. If I do well, I stay in Amsterdam."

We'll see what happens.

-- Anonymous, November 12, 2002

WALDO PONCE?Somehow, I just can't imagine an ArenA full of folks screaming "WALDO"; unless it is to chide a player's actions. I must admit that hearing the name Waldo makes me think back to the Van Halen video "Hot for Teacher". Waldo was the nerdy kid with glasses.It's not hard to see how this guy came to be a defender. He has had to defend his name ever since he got stuck with it.Seriously though,Buena suerte to se~or Ponce.

-- Anonymous, November 08, 2002

Rumour about a new Chilean defender for Ajax. Unfortunate name though (English joke, apologies!! ;o))

-- Anonymous, November 08, 2002

Nigel young seems go to replace Sunday Chivu in the maintaining to. The leader is suspended to reason of the rode card which he got in the duel against RKC. Koeman: the young keeps himself well staande, he plays adult and that are very cracks for a boy who must become still eighteen. He is get rapidly on gone a fixed spot in the elftal to. There he gets also sufficient area and chances. Possibly therefore that he plays Sunday central in the defence. "The coach finds that the young verdediger experience much progressie. players from Ajax-jeugd are frequently got used with pressure to go. In the youth must be also always won indeed.

In the Champions League the young went excellent with that pressure, he did not stand starches of the nerves. Natural certain facetten are in its frolicking that can improved, but he is still young. And young players may make from time to time errors. Moreover I the impression that has it well sits in its koppie ", complimented Koeman the young.

Think it is time to add NIGEL DE JONG to your list CURRENT PLAYERS ...

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2002

I'm not sure whether Ajax is about to buy new players..

Surely there are rumours that Mido (Hossam) be leaving Ajax around December and there are some older players who will "expire" around next year but let's not forget thet Ajax 2 made it to the semi-finals of the Dutch cup..therefore I suspect a lot of "rookies" from the second team will move up to Ajax 1...`

Then again, If Ajac or any tram in Holand wants to score big at the Champions league or Uefa cup, they'll need to invest..Look at real Madrid...they have 22 top players and mostly are sure of the quarterfinals in the champions least this pays off, eventhough the club is in debt.


-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002

He is a really great footballer. This was his first year in the Swedish premier division and he did great. Not afraid of 'the big guys', just an excellent player. Just like Kim Källström he is a very promising talent. Wont be long before he plays for the national team too.

Ajax should really try to sign at least one of these guys. I promise you, it wont be a misstake.

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002

Article below from about another Swedish "wunderkind". Perhaps the Zlatanists can tell us more about Mr Farnerud.....

Ajax, Man Utd, Fulham battle for Swedish kid - October 26, 2002

Premiership trio Southampton, Manchester United and Fulham are tracking Landskrona youngster Alexander Farnerud. The 18 year-old is also on the wanted lists of Dutch rivals Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord and is rated one of Sweden's hottest young properties.

Like Djurgarden's Kim Kallstrom, Farnerud is expected to attract big- money offers when the January transfer market opens.

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002 reports that " F-word" Leo Beenhakker was in Luxembourg today .Reportedly, he was there to watch Romanian international left back Rezvan Rat.The last line or two mentions that Romanian Football authorities maybe asking a 7 million euro fee for Rat. Ajax already has O'Brien, van Damme, en Maxwell who can play there. Either coach Koeman is planning wholesale changes there, i.e at least one or two players leave because Rat can really play, or this is one move that will never get done.

-- Anonymous, October 16, 2002

According to today's edition of De Telegraaf Ajax is looking for a left back. Number one option is said to be Revzan Rat, a 21 year-old Romanian, now playing for National Bucharest.

I don't believe this is true. Ajax wants double occupation for each position, and we have two excellent left-backs (O'Brien and Van Damme). Ajax will probably not buy any players for a while. Why not? Just wait for the club's annual report, which is officially presented tomorrow, and you'll know why. This year was a financial disaster once again.

-- Anonymous, October 15, 2002

RE: New (Old) players for Ajax.

Couple of sites (not the most reliable...TeamTalkBollocks and TribalFootball) are stating that Melchoit could be moving back to Ajax in the January transfer window. He's currently warming the bench at Chelsea where he's had a falling out with coach Ranieri. IMHO he always looked like a good player and would be an asset to the squad, my question is if the rumour is true and Ajax are looking to bring him back, is this because they are likely to lose someone in the same transfer window?

-- Anonymous, September 30, 2002

Mendes scored 2 goals for Sparta against Fortuna!!! cant wait to see him wearing the Ajax jersey!!!

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2002

hallo! I am from Denmark so my english is not the best sorry for that!

I have heard that a yong danish player is training with ajax. His name is johan Absalonsen. He is 16 and he played for danish team in the under 17 europearen championship (i think denmark got to the semi- finals) He is playing for B1913 in second best leauge in denmark and he just sign a contract with his clup so AJAX has to pay for him! Ajax has a contract ready but Johan A. is not sure if he will sign! He is normaly playing on the left wing. I would say he is the same kind of player as Jesper Gronkj#r.

-- Anonymous, August 29, 2002

interesting...Fred Grim is back with Ajax! he signs a short contract and probably be the back up of Stekelenburg. this eases the problem of Koeman having Didulica and Lobont out for the moment.

-- Anonymous, August 03, 2002

I heard that Ajax was trying to sign Damarcus Beasley does anyone know any thing about this?

-- Anonymous, August 03, 2002

I would love to see Mendes brought into the Ajax scheme. He is a big talent, and this is the type of move Ajax needs to make. Personally I think he is better then most of our backline players that currently play so I say let's bring him to Ajax.

Sad to see Seedorf go down and guys like Van Halst stay. This is wrong.

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2002

its a shame that we have to lose Chivu if he really wants to move next season...i think a good run or winning the Champions League will change his mind hehehe. Mendes would be a good fit if Chivu leaves next season and if only that ego-driven de Cler would only put his feet on the ground would probably have a great season ahead and he might have a chance enhancing his games playing here with Ajax!!! no offense to West Brom but i think its not a good idea playing there. Ajax needs a "heavy" squad this year with all the games ahead in europe and the Eredivisie and to be frank its good to have de Cler around if something happens to O'brien...i hope his trial at West Brom will end in a bad way hehehe and one more thing, i think Mendes should move with Ajax in the mid-season or after the winter break so he could feel the "air" with the rest of the guys so that next season he will not have trouble adjusting.

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2002

Fellow Ajax-USA members Ray Ngiau and Peter " Floyd" Hassebroek had the pleasure of watching David Mendes da Silva play last 8 March. Playing for Sparta away to FC U(gh)trecht, Mendes da Silva was one of only two or three Sparta players to show anything on the night.As Ray has said, he played right back defender. He also moved up as a kind of attacking right midfielder when he could.As Sparta defended much of the match,his offensive skills weren't on display much. I do recall him making nice outlet passes of 15-20 yards ,right to left, on more than one occasion.

He would be a nice fit for Ajax. With Captain Fantastic reportedly in his last (sorry ladies) season at Ajax, it is quite possible that Johnny Heitinga could be drafted from right back into the center of the back four.Silly season rumours had Hatem Trabelsi possibly looking to move to Le Championnat.As yet Trabelsi has gone nowhere. Either player moving will create a void for, guess who? Mendes da Silva, to slip into the right back slot.

This is one rumour which makes sense.

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2002

In addition to the Mendes da Silva posts... Rotterdams Dagblad also reports that Ajax and Sparta Rotterdam have agreed that Mendes da Silva will be loaned out to Sparta for one more season, before joining Ajax. Also, Ajax reportedly reached an agreement with Sparta, but not with the player himself yet. As long as the situation is like that, neither Ajax nor Sparta will comment on the deal.

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2002

Karim, If I rememer, David Mendes was a right back defender that Co Adrianse wanted to buy. But because his price was high, Ajax ended up with Trabelsi. I don't know much about Mendes; I think he's a regular with Jonge Oranje.

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2002

Sorry... but who exactly is Mendes da Silva?

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2002

If I am reading it correctly, then is reporting that R'% &***dams Dagblad has an article saying that Ajax & Sparta have reached agreement on the transfer of Mendes da Silva. If my memory serves me correctly then were we not close to purchasing him last season ?

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2002

There's an interesting thread on Big Soccer about the aborted transfer of young American DeMarcus Beasley to... Ajax! This would be one of our quotes of the week if it were from a verifiable source:
"I thought the deal was done. This was supposed to be my last game here, but now [the deal] is off. I don't know if it was MLS, a miscommunication or a mis-something else. It was just a big miss."
-- Chicago midfielder DaMarcus Beasley, after Saturday's tie with D.C., on a possible transfer to Ajax Amsterdam that fell through.
Read more on Big Soccer.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2002

The BIG CHAPEAU to Ajax for the signings of Victor Sikora and Nordin Boukhari.A special thank you to Fulham for coming from in front to lose the Sikora sweepstakes.This would be the hands-down winner of choke job of the week but for Tiger Woods' efforts last Saturday.

But back to all matters Ajax. Anytime a club can add two young(both are 24),pacy, international-caliber wing players in three days; they are definitely to be applauded.Since the end of the 2001-2002 campaign, Mr. Koeman said that he wanted to upgrade his wing positions. Now he has done so...emphatically! These two players definitely represent an improvement over the inconsistent Pius Ikedia and the previously injured, and now in limbo ,Cedric van der Gun.

It was not too long ago that the Ajax-USA forums were lamenting the lack of action in the transfer market; me included. Now its two excellent signings in three days. Now,if only a faster, but with the same grittiness, version of Jan van Halst could be found.

One footnote:It was also not long ago, that many posters lamented a lack of current Ajax players in the Oranje. Well, from the outhouse to the penthouse, Sikora's addition to our beloved Rood en Wit brings the number to three.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2002

Another thought is that Sparta are desperate for money at the moment so that they can be awarded their licence. Perhaps we got him for a cut-down fee due to their predicament.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2002

Rumour has it that Machlas is being sought by Spurs. So maybe the funds are coming from this direction.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2002

Yeah... It's all over the internet now: VI, Teletekst, Voetbalkrant,,

Boukhari is an Ajacied, folks.

Amazing. I thought there was no money? Did they manage to sell Zlatan or Machlas, or something? Where does the cash come from?

And he's a rotterdammer alright. But: from the right side of the river, from the right club. So I can accept that...

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2002

Ow...I forgot to mention that the lad is 22 years old and born in ROTTINGDAMN!

BTW: has announced it now too...!

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2002

NOS, VIplanet and the official Sparta Website report today that Ajax has bought Sparta striker Nourdin Boukhari. It is said that he signed a 4-years contract. No news sofar on

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2002

And now its over...what a conclusion to a great story...brings tears to my eyes hmpf!

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2002

SIKORA SIKORA SIKORA GOT HIM! At last, Ajax has won the race over moneybags? Fulham. I have to say i am so pleased, and a little surprised. Pleased that the club has got the one player it so clearly had hunted for so long, and surprised that a rich (funded by the extremely rich Mohammed Al Fayed) Premiership club could not find a way to finalise the deal. I think perhaps the writing is on the wall for current Fulham coach 'Jean Tigana', as Al Fayed seems to me, to no longer trust him with his millions. I think Victor Sikora has every chance of being a big success at Ajax, and that he will add another ingredient to an improving team.

Mark in UK.

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2002

BREAKING NEWS: It's official!

Ajax has contracted Victor Sikora for four years!

All's well that ends well, they say... (don't they?)

For all the details, check back to Ajax USA at the end of the afternoon (CET) or over coffee, in the morning (U.S. time)...

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2002

He better be as good as we make him feel,with all this hype over his transfer...

-- Anonymous, July 21, 2002

the "Sikora Soap Opera" seems to fascinate me once again!

its time to conclude this story and its time for Sikora to come home to AJAX!!!

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2002


And I'm serious!

Here's the deal: a few hours ago, a report appeared on NOS Teletekst. Vitesse chairman Vaassen was quoted saying that the Sikora deal with Fulham is off! Fulham said that they were were willing to pay the desired transfer fee of 6 million euros. But there was a tiny little detail they didn't tell Vitesse: Fulham wants to pay the 6 million euros in terms, spread over four years! Vitesse does not accept this and has cancelled the deal. According to NOS Teletekst, Vaassen has said that the negotiations with Ajax will be re-opened, and that Vitesse is now willing to sell Sikora to Ajax for 4.5 million euros!

Mind you: this is only 500,000 euros more than Ajax' latest bid!

In the mean time, Perica Ognjenovic scored two goals at Emmen and he played a good game (match report to appear on Ajax USA in a few hours' time!). Enough to win a contract, you'd say, but no: immediately after the game, Ajax announced that 'Oggi' will not be offered a contract!!

MY CONCLUSION and PREDICTION: Ajax will offer the 4.5 million euros Vitesse wants tonight and Sikora will be on his way to Ajax! Mark my words!

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2002

Regional newspaper Limburgs Dagblad reports that Ajax is keeping a remarkably close eye on Belgian Roda JC left winger Tom Soetaers. Both Tonnie Bruins Slot and Ronald Koeman attended Roda JC pre-season games last week to watch the 23 year-old play. Roda JC chairman Nol Hendriks confirms that Ajax is following the player. However, the Amsterdammers have not yet contacted Roda JC officially.

Hendriks said: "If Ajax is willing to pay the transfer fee we want to receive, we can definitely talk about this." Soetaers will probably not be cheap: he is tied to Roda JC for three more seasons.

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2002

F##k me... "The Never Ending Story", Chapter 263...

Sikora's Fulham transfer doubtful

Victor Sikora's transfer from Vitesse to English Premiership side Fulham has unexpectedly become extremely doubtful, according to Sikora's personal manager, Rob Janssen, in NOS Radio 1 News: "We're still negotiating, but there's most definitely no agreement yet."

The 24 year-old striker was to be presented in Fulham on Friday. Vitesse and Fulham did reach an agreement on the transfer fee for the player, reportedly some 5.5 million euros. (Source:

On Ajax fansites, the rumour goes that Sikora does not want to go to Fulham. The clubs have made a nice little deal, but the player doesn't want it to be this way... Crazy world... This whole story is a friggin' joke.

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2002

There have been some developments while the discussion boards were down...

First of all, a 19 year-old Congolese guy named Christian Yulu arrived in Amsterdam for a try-out on Monday. Ajax decided to give him a chance and told him that he was welcome to join Young Ajax training for one week. They sent him home after exactly one day. This dude probably had MY football qualities... ;-) Yulu lives in France; and that's where he is right now.

More serious is the try-out for Perica Ognjenovic, a 25 year-old Yugoslavijan winger (he can play on the left as well as on the right flank), who gained some prominence with Red Star Belgrade before moving to Real Madrid. Over there, he didn't make it, after which he joined FC Kaiserslautern in Germany, at which club he currently has a contract (but he's allowed to go).

Funny story: he just showed up at the ArenA, offering his services. The problem was that he had brought no soccer boots with him. So he borrowed coach-assistant Tonny Bruin Slot's and joined Ajax-1 in training on Wednesday. He did well, so Koeman decided to give him a go in the game against FC Haarlem that night. Once again, he played on Bruin Slot's boots. Read our match report for details.

For those who read German: here's an interview with Ognjenovic on the official FC Kaiserslautern website.

Ronald Koeman later admitted that he's been following Ognjenovic for a while. He likes the player. "He will train with us for a while. If he does well, he can stay", the Ajax coach said.

-- Anonymous, July 19, 2002

It ain't over yet...

Ajax Netwerk reports that Sikora's personal manager, Rob Jansen, was interviewed on regional radio station Radio Gelderland. According to Jansen, "everything's still possible", in spite of the fact that Vitesse and Fulham have reached an agreement about the transfer fee. Jansen underscored that Sikora and Fulham have not agreed on the financial details yet. Sikora has not yet been to England to talk.

Jansen said: "If Ajax offers the same transfer fee, Sikora will have the choice. He would go for Ajax." Sikora will fly to London for taks with Fulham soon. But, repeats Jansen, "as long as the contract is actually signed, anything can happen."

-- Anonymous, July 15, 2002

So this means: no new players for Ajax this season. What a cheap summerbreak! Too bad about Sikora, but rumours report that Fullham pays about 5.5 million Euro (more or less the same in Dollars) and that's 1.5 more than Ajax wanted to pay...

Now we have to do it with the same group as last year (I don't consider Winter and Witschge as new players). But keep in mind that all youngsters are one year older and that we didn't play with Mido and Van der Vaart the entire last season. So we can only get better!

(If Koeman will keep the WiWi's and Van Halst benched the whole next season, of course...!!!)

-- Anonymous, July 14, 2002

Hmmm... I accidentally posted this in the Players Leaving Ajax thread... It should be in this one... Here we go again:

NOS Teletekst reports today that Vitesse and Fulham have reached an agreement about Victor Sikora's transfer fee. The player still has to work out the financial details with Fulham, but no problems are expected.

So, that's it then. Whatever.

-- Anonymous, July 14, 2002

Further entry on :

Vitesse have decided to give Ajax and Fulham three more days to make an impoved/acceptable offer for Victor Sikora before finally shutting the door on a transfer. Neither club have met the €6 million Euros demanded by the Arnhemmers for the 24 year-old winger and, if they don't come up with the right amount of money by Monday, Sikora will soon be rejoining the Vitesse squad.

Sounds as though Vitesse are keen to sell.

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2002

It is still possible that Sikora will go to Ajax. De Telegraaf(dutch newspaper) reports that Sikora didn't show up at the trainingground of Vitesse. Because there was some "movement" in the negotiatons. So there's still hope. I think that Ajax will pay the full amount, because we need Sikora.

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2002

You could be correct Menno but then again the last statement in a posting on still gives hope.

Vitesse are targeting Yugoslavian midfielder Alexandar Rankovic and the 23 year-old Rad Belgrado player should be arriving in Arnhem for a trial next week. Vitesse want to reinforce their squad with a defensive midfielder and the Gelredome side's technical manager Jan Streuer has confirmed their interest but also added that the youth international is only one of several candidate. Vitesse will first have to sell Victor Sikora before they can afford to buy any new players.

So maybe the fat lady hasnot sung yet on this one .

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2002

The Sikora deal seems to be off...

Vitesse has rejected Ajax' latest offer: 4 million euros plus Richard Knopper. They don't need an offensive midfielder and they can't pay Knopper the kind of money he wants: he makes some 800,000 euros a year at Ajax. Vitesse wants 6 million euros, but Ajax' general director Arie van Eijden says, in newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, that Ajax is not going to pay that. 4 million and Knopper is their last bid. Vitesse and Ajax have agreed that tomorrowi is the deadline. If no agreement is reached tomorrow, the deal is off.

Fulham would then be the onloy remaining candidate to buy Sikora, but several Dutch media have reported that their bid is also nowhere near 6 million euros. Vitesse and Fulham are not even close to reaching an agreement. Right now, it looks like Sikora will have to join Vitesse on Friday morning, which must be very disappointing to the player.

Meanwhile, Ronald Koeman has admitted, from Ajax' De Lutte training camp, that his hopes to shake hands with Sikora "have become very idle indeed". The Ajax coach says he's now looking out for other left wingers than Sikora. AT5 Television reports that Koeman "absolutely" wants to add a left winger to his squad before the season starts.

-- Anonymous, July 10, 2002

So far Ajax got some old talents into Witschge and i think Winter got some years behind him already.

Ajax must do everything to purchase Sikora in order to compete well in the Champions League cos Witschge and Winter is not really of that help! Ajax have loads of talent in the midfield already!

Go Ajax! GET SIKORA NOW!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, July 10, 2002

hey menno... today at they said that fulham were in the final stage to sign Sikora, is this true? ive been hearing also that he has stated that he wants to go to england, after being persuaded by Van Nistelrooy and Zenden that the Premeir league is far better than the dutch league, is there any truth in this?

-- Anonymous, July 09, 2002

What we now appear to have with Foolham in the market is an auction with Vitesse in the driving seat - they know one of the clubs will buy the guy for the asking price (at least). Unfortunately for Ajax, Foolham have the financial backing to outbid Ajax and I can see Foolham & Vitesse gazumping us. We should have cut out the crap ages ago, met Vitesse's asking price, and just bought Sikora when we were the only player in the market. Why on earth he would want to go to Foolham is beyond me - its not as though they may even make it to the next round of the M Mouse Inter Toto Cup and thus into the UEFA Cup. Still money talks.

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2002

Oh yeah... Apparently, there are some rumors on the internet that Sikora's transfer to Fulham is almost a done deal. This is nonsense. Fulham is as close to purchasing the player as Ajax (not too close). According to Vitesse, the bids from both Ajax and Fulham are too low.

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2002

SIKORA - THE CONINUING STORY..., the website of the official Vitesse Arnhem fanclub, reports that Ajax has once again raised its bid for the left winger. The Amsterdammers now offer 4 million euros, plus... (guess what)... Richard Knopper! credits regional newspaper De Gelderlander as its source.

Vitesse wants to sign a new central midfelder, now Mamadou Diarra has left the yellow and black side. However, according to De Gelderlander Vitesse is not interested in Knopper's services. In the mean time, Fulham is still in the picture for Sikora, who prefers Ajax himself. Sikora will not be there for Vitesse's first training, today in Arnhem.

This is starting to get quite funny, I must say...

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2002

English Newspaper, News of the World, is reporting that Victor Sikora is going to Foolham. Apparently Sikora said "Its great to be going to English Football. I always watch Match of the Day and I love the game there. Its my dream come true"

I wonder how he always watches MOTD when it hasnt been on the schedule for 1 year (apart from spasmodic FA Cup games)

-- Anonymous, July 07, 2002

Victor Sikora is still the 'talk of the town'. Many Dutch sports magazines, newspapers and football websites keep reporting about Ajax' interst in the Vitesse and Oranje winger. Vitesse Arnhem have also rejected Ajax' second bid, of some 4 million euros. In the mean time, a second serious candidate showed up: English premiership side Fulham. Vitesse director Jan Streuer says that a decision is expected this weekend. All Dutch media as well as the Vitesse management seem to expect that Sikora will leave, and all Dutch media seem convinced that he'll choose for Ajax. Ajax coach Ronald Koeman, after Wednesday's first training: "It is no secret that I'm a fan of Sikora's. I like him, but unfortunately he's not here yet. But we're getting a tiny little bit closer every day."

-- Anonymous, July 04, 2002

According to regional newspaper De Gelderlander Ajax has raised its bid for Victor Sikora. In the mean time, Vitesse seems to have lowered its price. At first, Vitesse wanted seven million euros. Ajax offered only two. According to this report, Vitesse wants five. Ajax is now offering four.

In the mean time, the player has (once again) underscored that he wants to go to Ajax. Rumors have it that Ajax is selling its 72.5% stake in Germinal Beerschot Antwerp so new players can be bought (see Ajax USA homepage tonight!).

Sounds like we're almost there...

-- Anonymous, July 01, 2002

For as far as I know, not much. Last thing I heard, Sikora can continue dreaming of a move to Amsterdam, because he won't get anywhere further than a dream. Ajax apparently made an offer which Vitesse had no intention to accept, they thought it was ridiculously low. And since Ajax seems to waiting to sell a player before being able to be a new one, it's either Zlatan who's going out for a nice deal and a load of new guys coming in, or it's just nothing happening at all, besides for Jelle van Damme's transfer, that is.

-- Anonymous, June 24, 2002

Does anyone have any ideas what is happening with Ajax in the transfer market? I would think things should be hotting up with the World Cup nearing its finale, but rumors are dead.

Sikora, Stefanovic, Diarra, Landzaat, Van Der Sar, Litmanen what is the story? Menno anything happening in the Dutch Papers?

-- Anonymous, June 19, 2002

Yes, but Menno, Sikora has agreed to move to Ajax. He had already a conversation with Beenhakker and Koeman. And the problem is now at Vitesse. Because Sikora has personally agreed with Ajax, he will not be motivated to play for Vitesse anymore. The only problem is the price. But when Sikora has to stay at Vitesse he will not play at his best, because he wants to go to Ajax. I think and i hope that Sikora will play at Ajax next season. Instead of Wamberto, thank god.

-- Anonymous, June 08, 2002

If today's report in newspaper De Telegaaf is true, Ajax is not even close to signing Victor Sikora yet. Ajax has reportedly offered Vitesse 2 million euros. The Arnhem side wants at least 5 million. Vitesse chairman Vaessen was quoted saying, quite cynically: "We are waiting for a serious offer from Ajax, as this offer is absolutely ridiculous. As long as there's no respectful offer, it's useless to set up a meeting with Ajax."

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2002

Van der Vaart is in good health now, Chivu stays for another year (why not forever?) and Ajax simply must figure out the striking roles of Machlas, Mido,and Zlatan (I say keep them all)

Ajax seems to got it from the defense to attack with Sikora as a prospect but what about the POST?! Grim is not returning right?

If Ajax doesnt have a young good keeper i suggest its time to let Van der Sar come home

-- Anonymous, May 29, 2002

In Diarra's contract with Vitesse,there is a part which says that if he gets a transfer OFI Crete will get some money too...In this case (if Ajax buys him) OFI will get about 1,5 million Euros...GO AJAX!BUY DIARRA!Offer a great player to our team,and some money to my homeland favorite team...We really need those money... :-)

-- Anonymous, May 26, 2002

Sikora news, from newspaper Het Parool:

Vitesse chairman Jos Vaessen is very annoyed by the remarks of Victor Sikora. The player was quoted saying that he's already reached a personal agreement with Ajax and that the clubs would work out the financial details without too many problems.

Vaessen called these comments "stupid" and "ignorant": "This means we will absolutely go for the highest price. We will talk with Ajax for the very first time today, about a possible transfer. If we don't reach an agreement, the party will be over. In that case Sikora will stay in Arnhem. He still has a three year contract anyway."

-- Anonymous, May 25, 2002

Yup. On behalf of Ajax, Leo Beenhakker gives us the typical manager's comment: "We've officially told Vitesse that we're interested. That's all."

In the mean time, however, Sikora himself said on TV: "I've already reached a personal agreement with Ajax. The clubs are still talking, but this will not be a problem. They'll probably reach an agreement today or tomorrow."

So - expect the first major signing for next season SOON.

Ajax Netwerk reports that Ajax has also officially announced to Vitesse that they're after defender Dejan Stefanovic. Reportedly, Barcelona (Van Gaal) wants him as well.

(Talking about Barcelona, by the way: below Ben's latest post is a post by Rich about Frank de Boer, and PSV and Arsenal being interested in him. I read he has extended his contract with Barcelona today. Which kind of suprises me. I thought the chemistry between him and Louis van Gaal had kind of vanished after the WC 2002 qualification disaster. Apparently not... He had doubts about his future at Barcelona. Van Gaal's return apparently took away his doubts - and he's signed a new contract.)

-- Anonymous, May 24, 2002

The hot rumor is that Ajax will present new signing Victor Sikora this weekend. I have read this on at least three websites now;with all quoting a De Telegraaf news item . Don't know how reliable the story is but , supposedly, coach Koeman has made no secret about wanting to bring Sikora into the side.

-- Anonymous, May 24, 2002

I doubt that De Boer would welcolmed back after all of trouble he and Brother Ronald caused a couple years ago. He has been rumored to go to Arsenal (That is his choice) and Psv were he would replace Hofland.

If Chivu leaves it will be a major loss, but hopefully a good youngster can make the step up or the board buys a decent replacement for once.

Sikora would be a nice addition as long as he is healthy. Diarra is a killer in the midfield and this would be good to. Stefanovic I do not rate to highly, but who knows.

-- Anonymous, April 12, 2002

I thought Sikora was mainly a left winger though he can play right (as he did for the Oranje against England a few weeks back)

-- Anonymous, April 08, 2002

You got my point in your last sentence Menno...I thought Sikora was ONLY a left winger...And i was wondering about the style of the team.There's JOB(back),VD Vaart(half) and VD Meyde(front),and i just couldn't fit Sikora in the team.I was thinking "he's not a defender,but he can't take the place of VD Vaart or VD Meyde either"...So where are we gonna put him?Since you say he is MOSTLY a right winger(damn i really didn't know that),then it's all good.

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2002

In response to Geo's question: I don't think signing Victor Sikora would affect JOB's place in the team at all...

SIkora's a right winger Overmars-style, who can also be used as a left winger. Personally, I don't think Andy van der Meyde will leave Ajax only a few weeks after signing his improved contract until 2005. I just thinkAjax is interested in buying an extra winger, because we can use an extra one: now Wamberto's suspended, Koeman immediately has to improvise (Zlatan as a left winger??)

JOB's usually playing as a left back, or as a left or central midfiedler. It's got nothing to do with him. Or am I overlooking something?

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2002

Sikora...Hmmm..Great player i don't dissagree...But how will this affect JOB's place in the team???

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2002

Just heard that Ajax have started negotiations on Victor Sikora for about 6 mln euro's. He should be the follow up for Andy van der Meyde. Ajax is rumoured to have received bids of 6,7 mln euro from Lazio which was declined because Ajax where already considering a 10 mln euro bid from the Spurs (Tottenham). Leeds is also rumoured to be interested, but only after the sale of Robbie Keane, Dacourt or Harry Kewel to free up the needed funds. Ajax are also tracking the youngster Jon Jonssen from Malmo FF.

Regards, Ben

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2002

FYI from



Ajax looking to Champions League to finance transfer spree


Denny Landzaat looks likely to complete his move from Willem II Tilburg to Ajax Amsterdam, but only after the Dutch league season is over. The 25-year-old Dutch international midfielder will be switched for out of favour Czech midfielder, Tomás Galásek in addition to a transfer fee. Ajax manager, Ronald Koeman has also indicated his interest in Vitesse Arnhem players Victor Sikora and Mahamadou Diarra. The former Vitesse manager has been interested in the pair for some time but their performances on Sunday, during the Arnhem club's defeat of Ajax are bound to have highlighted their potential even further.

However, according to Ajax technical director, Leo Beenhakker there are two important factors that need to be taken into account before any transfers are made, and that involves waiting until the end of the season. Beenhaaker said, "you have to know how far you can stretch things financially. In other words; qualifying for the Champions League, in order to guarantee being able to finance purchases. It looks good now, but you could also end up finishing third in this league. In that case we would still need to play in the qualifying round for the Champions League. We showed against Celtic that something like that can go wrong".

Beenhakker added that the other important factor in Ajax's decision for no end-of-season buys was, "if there are new players coming in, it always means that there are other players leaving. But at the moment we need everybody in our bid to win the league. Commotion in the squad never works in your favour anyway".

Koeman said of Sikora, "he can get by in various places: left, right or behind the strikers. By doing that he's an incredible threat for opponents. I believe that he would have no problem filling a Marc Overmars role at the highest level". The Ajax manager has been impressed by Diarra for years and was similarly positive about the player's Ajax prospects, "he can become a top player in every respect. He's somebody who will also do everything to win".

Ajax face the club that Koeman began his playing career at tonight, in an FC Groningen side who are fighting to avoid a place in the end- of-season relegation play-offs. Groningen were destroyed 4-0 at the Amsterdam Arena in the quarter-finals of the Amstel Cup, but the Ajax players will have learned from their defeat at Vitesse on Sunday that no side should be underestimated. Ajax will be missing Chivu and Wamberto through suspension, while Van der Vaart and Heitinga have respectively undergone an operation and an MRI-scan for their meniscus problems. Groningen have a number of injury worries themsleves with Hoogstrate, Curovic, Krstev, Elschot and Van der Looi all absent for the trip from the far North.

Koeman said, "Groningen will smell their chances. We need to play for the championship and I tell the players that every day. If we win our remaining five games, we will become champions. I'm sure that Feyenoord and PSV will drop points. Above all that, they still need to play against each other".

-- Anonymous, April 03, 2002

A FAIRLY RELIABLE, BUT AS YET UNCONFIRMED RUMOR: regional newspaper Dagblad van het Noorden ('Daily Of The North') reports that Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV are currently following FC Groningen midfielder, Jordi Hoogstrate. Reportedly, FC Groningen knows about the interest of the 'Big Three', but the club has not received an official offer yet. Hoogstrate still has a contact until 2005. I suppose this could be true. Ajax scouts probably watched him once or twice, but they do that all the time. In most cases the regional press immediately reports that Ajax is "interested", but usually it's far too early to use that word. They're continuously keeping an eye on many, many options. About Hoogstrate: I know his name, but I really wouldn't know whether he's any good. I'll keep a special eye on him tomorrow night.

A NOT VERY RELIABLE RUMOR: According to, the website of the official Vitesse fanclub, Ronald Koeman has been asking his previous club questions about the possibilities to buy no less than three players: winger Victor Sikora, midfielder Mahmadou Diarra and central defender Dejan Stefanovic. De Telegraaf confirmed its reputation of being a crap newspaper by publishing a report which, if you read closely, said nothing more than: it would not be surprising if Ronald Koeman was interested in Sikora, Diarra and Stefanovic. Vitesse is in deep financial trouble and will have to sell players after this season, that's for sure. So they're currently sort of a "showroom" for other clubs. The rumors about Ajax being interested in Sikora have been circulating for a long time now, but no reliable source ever mentioned it. Diarra and Stefanovic? Hmmm... dunno. Don't really believe this one.

A VERY PERSISTENT AND FAIRLY RELIABLE RUMOR: Belgium's national TeleText service VRT Text reports that an Ajax delegation was on the stands during the Belgian First Class game between Excelsior Moeskroen and FC Antwerp. Reportedly, Ajax is very seriously interested in Polish Moeskroen defender Michael Zewlakow, whom Ajax has been watching two times before. Also, the Ajax scouts were reportedly interested in Moeskroen striker Mbo Mpenza, who scored one of the goals in Moeskroen's 5-1 victory over Antwerp. My opinion? The Mpenza rumor seems very premature. Imagine the Ajax delegation having a beer in the Moeskroen press room after the game, and one of the scouts says "hey, that Mpenza guy was pretty good!" And there you go: the next day some journalist reports that 'there were Ajax scouts in the stadium, to watch Mpenza'. It really doesn't require more than that. The Zewlakow rumors are a different story: they're not new, and since VRT is a public, national TV station, I kind of take them seriously, altough Zewlakow's was not mentioned by any Dutch, let alone Ajax related news source yet.

For What It's Worth (copyright: Buffalo Springfield).

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2002

This is nice: there's an interview in Dutch regional newspaper Noord-Hollands Dagbad (for the provinde of North-Holland) with two kids from the North-Holland village of Lutjebroek. They're just signed by Ajax, to come play at De Toekomst. Their names are Jaap en Ruud Jong, and they're 15 year-old twins. They're scouted at amateur football club De Zouaven.

Their story is almost an exact copy of the story of the De Boer twins. They were originally from Grootebroek, which happens to be a twin-village of Lutjebroek. The De Boers also played for De Zouaven before they came to Ajax, at 14 in their case.

It turns out that Jaap and Ruud Jong are cousins of Frank and Ronald de Boer! So the headline of the story is: "Ajax just signed the new Frank and Ronald de Boer". AZ and SC Heerenveen scouts were also after them, but they'll join Ajax' C-youth starting next season...

-- Anonymous, March 27, 2002

Mr Ben Bell, could you please state the exact address of this dutch site in English because I no nothing about it ...

Thanks mate ...

-- Anonymous, March 25, 2002

That's right Bill. To be precise: the report on Ajax Netwerk is taken from newspaper De Telegraaf. Not Holland's most reliable newspaper (you can compare it to what's referred to as the tabloids in the U.K.), I should add.

Some additional info: Denny Landzaat is an Amsterdammer and originally from the Ajax youth. He even made his debut in Ajax-1. The funny thing is that Tomás Galásek played for Willem II (and was quite a hero over there) before he joined Co Adriaanse to Ajax. So if this thing is true, both players would move back to their previous clubs.

Note that Willem II demands an additional 1.5 to 2 million euros for this deal. Which I think is nonsense, since Tomás Galásek has quite a reputation and is a regular in the Czech national team. Denny Landzaat is definitely a coming man in Dutch football and has become a regular selectee for Oranje (he's also in the squad for Wednesday's friendly against Spain).

I don't know what to think. I guess I'd be in favour of this swap, cos Landzaat is a true Ajacied, and he's younger (25). But only if no further cash is involved. Nothing on or about this story yet.

-- Anonymous, March 25, 2002

Bill beat me to the punch on the Landzaat for Galasek plus cash rumour. English language site dutch reports that the rumour surfaced in De Telegraaf . They also go on to say that Landzaat was handed a call-up for Wednesday night's friendly v. Spain.He is to replace Jim McGough's LEAST FAVOURITE player,Paul Bosvelt. We are getting close to silly season so I fully expect rumours to fly. Still, Landzaat is 25 and Galasek 29 or 30 so ,at least from this perspective, it would seem to be a good move. Also, I read that Landzaat has 40 goals in 189 first team matches ..not too shabby.

-- Anonymous, March 25, 2002

Ajax Netwerk are reporting on a negotiation of an exchange deal between Ajax and Willem II surrounding Galasek & Landzaart.

Am I reading this correctly and would it be a good swop ?

-- Anonymous, March 25, 2002

Well... forget about the Gavralopoulos guy. On the first or second day of his try-out, he got injured during a training session with Young Ajax. According to he tore a muscle in his upper right leg. He's already on his way back to Greece. This injury will keep him sidelined for a few days. He has no time to stay longer, cos he's due at his club next week: he had time for this try-out because his team was not playing this weekend.

So I guess this is history.

-- Anonymous, March 14, 2002

Not much to say about this one Menno...Gavralopoulos is a totaly unknown player in Greece,but what i know for sure is that he is a member of the Greek "Olympic" team...Well,here in Greece no big club has shown interest for him.But we haven't got any great scouters at all...I believe that Ajax's scouters know better... ;-)

-- Anonymous, March 12, 2002


"21 year-old Greek striker Alexis Gavralopoulos has joined Ajax for a ten day try-out. His first training session with Ajax was on Monday. Gavralopoulos is playing in the Greek Third Division (club not named) and was discovered by Ajax scouts during a game for the Young Greece national team."

That's it. Some more information about this guy would be nice. Geo, can you help us out?

-- Anonymous, March 12, 2002

I think Ajax doesn't need lots of new players. Looking at the current squad, which is very young and talented, I think Ajax lies a great future ahead. Some people question who's going to be Ajax's goalie for next year. Well, I think this is very simple, because we've got great keepers like Bogdan Lobont and Joe Didulica. Further we've got Stekelenburg playing in the youth player. I reckon him as a great talent, a keeper which may become the next Van der Sar. Also, I think Koeman must give the players from the magnificant youth squad (Ajax 2) some time in the first team.

-- Anonymous, March 09, 2002

Ajax Netwerk and the official Ajax Cape Town website report that Ajax Cape Town's U17 striker Nhlanhla Shabalala (no kidding) is in Amsterdam for a three month try-out at Ajax. It is Shabalala's second try-out in Amsterdam: he already spent three months at Ajax last season.

-- Anonymous, February 21, 2002

This, for your information, is from

'Sweden Under-16 duo handed Ajax trial

Tuesday 12th February 2002

Ajax have invited Landskrona youngsters Mans Sorensson and Ajsel Kujovic for a trial with a view to the pair joining on a permanent basis.

The Sweden Under-16s will travel to Holland on Saturday and stay until February 22, during which time they will train with the Ajax youth team and take part in a behind-closed-doors match.

"Mans was invited last autumn, but was unable to go," said Landskrona youth-team coach Goran Persson. "They have contacted us again now and want to test both Mans and Ajsel."

A successful spell at the Arena could see the pair link up with Swedish compatriot Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who joined from Malmo for £5 million in July last year.'

I haven't read this anywhere else, but I suppose it's true. We'll see what happens.

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2002

I think signing Gabor Babos would be an excellent move for Ajax for several reasons. One is age. I checked the Club rosters section of the December 2000 "World Soccer" magazine and it lists Babos as 27 (24.10.74) compared to Fred Grim's 36 (17.8.65) .Or looking at the move from the start of next campaign, Babos turns 28 in October while Grim turns 37 in August.The second reason is that ,in the matches I've seen, Babos doesn't have the benefit of great defence at NAC.Excepting maybe the fiasco at the ArenA earlier in the campaign where Ajax generally sucked. In my opinion, he is a shot stopper in the same way that an Oscar Moen at AZ or Sander Boschker at Twente is. He often has to bail his club out for them to earn results. If Babos weren't a possible signee, Moen or Boschker would be my choices.

Also, his signing , while probably signalling the end of Fred Grim's time, would leave Ajax with two excellent first choice keepers. I, like Menno, still have confidence in Joe D. I think Joe D. would be a fine #1.

I simply think that keeper, being such a critical position, demands teams have a 1a and 1b option, Babos and Didulica, not a 1 and a 3 like a Grim -Lobont situation was.

-- Anonymous, February 04, 2002

There are rumors here in Holland that Ajax has already reached a semi- official agreement with Hungarian NAC goalkeeper Gabór Babós to come to Amsterdam next year.

No clue whether those rumors are true, but why not speculate a bit...?

You guys think he would be a good successor for Grim?

I don't get to see all his games, but I've repeatedly seen him play spectacularly well for NAC Breda. He was brilliant in Amsterdam as well, last season (during our 'Ajax in April' trip) and this season. I really think he's one of the best goalkeepers in the Eredivisie.

But I have to add: I really have faith in Joey Didulica as well.

-- Anonymous, February 03, 2002

Noted on Ajax Netwerk that an English paper The Mail on Sunday is reporting that Ajax are interested in Steffen Iversen of Spurs. Price mentioned appears to be £8 million which appears to be a lot of money for a player which always appears injured. In the games he has played, I have always been impressed. No mention of this rumour on the official Spurs website but they did state he was still out injured. This is what they had to say about the player:

Joined Spurs as a 20-year-old from Rosenborg in Norway in December 1996 and his early promise was curtailed due to lengthy injury problems.

The arrival of George Graham signalled an upturn in Steffen’s fortunes as George immediately set about restoring the striker to his full potential.

Steffen responded and the 1999-2000 season was largely injury-free and he forged a productive partnership with Chris Armstrong. This last campaign he has been affected by injury and he was missing from September through to March with a knee injury which required two operations.

Due to Norway being spoilt for choice in terms of striking options, Steffen often performs in right midfield for his country, a role he has taken on at times for Spurs. Towards the end of the season, he was even operating in a right wing-back role until Stephen Carr was ready to return to action.

As I say - he seems a very useful player when fit.

-- Anonymous, January 07, 2002

I have been reading that Ajax are interested in bringing back Bergkamp and Bogarde. They have been linked before, but what is really the truth here. Does anyone in Holland have any information that they could add about this matter?

I wonder what Koeman's plans are regarding the playing staff and transfer activity? I would think he will wait and see. I have read that he strongly favors the Ajax formation 4-3-3 and this is good as long as the proper players are in place. That will not be easy.

-- Anonymous, December 03, 2001

Sorry folks... mistyped my email add.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

-- Anonymous, December 03, 2001

Well if we need to buy new players... then we should be looking for defenders.... not strikers. Clearly the problem lies at the back.

We're having no problem scoring, Mido, Zlatan, Machlas, VdVaart, Wamberto, V.Meyde have all scored this season, total of 31 goals... 2.2 goals per game, leveling with F'word's attack. We've conceded 18 goals... 1.2 goals per game so far with some dramatic losses, 5-1, 3- 0, 3-1 due to some piss poor defending... very evident in the last game where the attackers saved our buttoms. Also Grim must go.... don't know who should replace him, but we need fresh blood under the posts.

Our attackers need time.... I know we are running short on that but they are still young. Zlatan needs to get his mind straight, Mido needs to play more (recent injuries and that stupid red card) and Machlas... well maybe that's where the new striker should come in.. if he does.

As for defenders, as witnessed recently, need to stop smoking Amsterdam hash and concentrate more on our opponent's strikers as we do seem pretty dazed and confused!

-- Anonymous, December 03, 2001

Again rumours about a new player a spreading around,this time a 22 year young Czech. Again the responsible managers are looking abroad,and forget to see what is available in HOLLAND. There are enough young Dutch players available,both in the Eredivisie and the GoudenGidsdivisie(First div.). Now that Koeman seems to take place as new headcoach,maybe young Dutch talented players are willing to sign a contract at Ajax. I like to see Ajax play DUTCH(till 6 years ago we where mainprovider for the National team),at the moment only van der Vaart is in the first National team,and also important for the under 21squad. Not just 6 years ago both National teams(first and under 21)where loaded with Ajax-players. The players that play for their National team at Ajax are mostly not so happy for now.Zlatan,Trabelsi,O'Brien,are the only internationals with a ticket for the Worldcup 2002. Most of the Ajax internationals STAY at home coming summer,only 3 out of a more than 22 player selection are qualified for the coming Worldcup finals. I stongly advise Ajax to start playing with their Dutch players on vital positions,and some foreign players,Like: Grim. Heitinga,Vierklau,Chivu,de Cler. vd Meyde,Knopper,vdVaart,Mido vd Gun,Machlas. Stop buying mediocre foreign players.


-- Anonymous, December 02, 2001

Found the following on Planet Football today under the byline of one Jeffrey Glorie: CZECH ACE INTERESTED IN AJAX SWITCH. The short article goes on to say " Ajax are believed to be interested in signing Czech Repubic starlet Stipan Vachousek." It goes on to describe Leo (F-WORD) Beenhakker's trips to see the 22 year old striker play for his club, FK Teplice. Vachousek is quoted as saying" I hope it all goes through" and "I think the clubs will agree with each other".The article ends thusly, " If I may leave Teplice for such a famous club that would be unbelievable." Anyone have anything on this?

It struck a responsive chord with me because our strikers are so prolific(SARCASM).

-- Anonymous, December 01, 2001

Whilst it is good news to hear of Ajax's interest in Li Tie for playing and commercial reasons, I think that the club should proceed with caution (thats the accountant coming out of me )as top Chinese players are away from the club representing their country for long stretches of time for world cup and asian cup competitions. Believe Fan was away from Crystal Palace for about a 6 week stint last year and that left an even larger hole than usual in their defence.

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2001

Thanks for posting this, Peng Ge Liu. Indeed, the news you're referrinf to has now popped up on the first Ajax website as well: Here's the story:


According to Chinese media, Ajax is trying to buy 23 year-old Chinese midfielder, Li Tie, from Chinese club, Liaoning Fushun. The player is one of the stars in the Chinese national team, which still has good chances to qualify for the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea.

An official of Li Tie's club is said to have made the news public. The Amsterdammers are said to have offered some 5 million guilders ($ 2 million) for the Chinese, who played in Brazil for five years. According to the reports, Liaoning Fushun does not want to prevent Li Tie's from moving to Holland. However, the club does not want to start the official negotiations until China has played all its World Cup qualifcation matches."

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2001

I saw an article from China's biggest website says that Ajax is interested in the Chinese Midfield Li Tie, and is willing to spend 2 million US dollars to buy him. The news also says Ajax has watched the player for 7 matches. Because of Li's almost perfect performance in the World Cup Qualification matches, Ajax has decided to buy him and is now approaching with the club he's now playing for. I don't think that is possible, I know the player, who is 24 years old, played 28 matches for the Chinese National team and scored 3 goals. I don't think he is good enough to play for Ajax, and 2 million US dollars seems far too much. I am surprised by the news but I hope it is only a rumor.

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2001

Noe that Litmanen doesn't get to play alot in Liverpool either, wouldn't it be great to have him in Ajax!?!

-- Anonymous, September 22, 2001

GOALIE NEWS!!! (or actually: pointing out that there's no news at all...)

I found all this on Ajax Netwerk.

First of all, let's get the Babos (Hungarian NAC goalkeeper) story out of the way. Regional southern newspaper, BN/De Stem, reports that Ajax has *not* shown interest for Gabor Babos: "Several internet sites reported that Ajax was negotiating with NAC. But Sandor Varga, Babos' personal manager says: 'A while ago I heard some informale rumors, but after that nothing happened. I believe Ajax did not officially contact NAC.' Roelant Oltmans, technical director of the Breda club, confirms this. In the mean time, London side Arsenal *did* contact NAC. Varga had a conversation this week with David Vein, vice chairman of the London side." [Rick! Copy that? ;-)]

Ajax Netwerk also published an story from "the Italian rumor-mill" as well as Italian sports paper, TuttoSport: "Ajax is linked with young Uruguayan and Juventus goalkeeper 'Hector' Fabian Carini. Carini is said to leave Juventus at the end of this season. Reportedly, Spanish side Malaga and Ajax Amsterdam are the main candidates to sign the goalkeeper. The current season is Carini's first year at Juventus. Before that, he played for Danubio is in Uruguay."

Ab-so-lute-ly no reason in the world to take this seriously, if you ask me. But then again: who am I?

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2001

In response to Rich's post about Westerveld...

Indeed, there's a lot of talk about Ajax being interested in signing Sander Westerveld (or: Liverpool offering Westerveld to Ajax), etcetera. Here's what I can find about it at this point. has a report about Liverpool wanting to get rid of Westerveld after the club bought Jerzy Dudek (Feyenoord) as well as Chris Kirkland (Coventry City) for huge transfer fees. According to Ajax Netwerk, "Liverpool will offer Westerveld to Ajax", but when it comes to sources they're not too convincing: "Reports in England say..." I can't find anything serious about it in the English media, though.

The only reliable source in Holland that published a report about it, was 'Voetbal International' on its website, Westerveld is quoted saying: "I am not giving up this easily. To me, it's absolutely not a sure thing that Dudek will be the number one goalkeeper (...) I was surprised, of course. I want to talk to the manager, Gerard Houllier, as soon as possible now. I want to know what my situation is."

Westerveld's personal agent, Ton van Dalen, denies that a move to Ajax is possible: "I have not heard anything about that Ajax story."

So far for that one, I suppose.

In the mean time, Feyenoord have bought Vitesse's second goalkeeper, Edwin Zoetebier. Zoetebier will re-join Feyenoord, which club he left because he did not want to spend his post-30s on the bench. He ended up on the Vitesse bench and is now moving back to Rotterdam.

So, Feyenoord is *not* buying NAC's goalkeeper, Babos. There are, however, still rumors that Ajax is interested in him, but there is absolutely no sign (quotes, serious reports) that this is true.

-- Anonymous, September 02, 2001

I have heard that Ajax may be in for Sander Westerveld who has lost his spot to Jerzy Dudek. I cannot understand why Liverpool have decided to discard Westerveld. Anyway I hate Liverpool and that dumb Frog of a Manager Gerard Houllier. They play negative, unattractive football. Anyway Ajax signing Westerveld would be a great move. I hate to bring it up (Again!), but Fred Grim is a major liability.

-- Anonymous, August 30, 2001

First of all: the Bogarde rumors...

I haven't heard it myself, but he's apparently said that he would like to return to Ajax. I never heard any Ajax official talking about this. But apparently, the folks at asked for Leo Beenhakkers's reply. Here's PlanetFootball's report:


WINSTON BOGARDE has had his dreams of a return to Ajax quashed after the Dutch giants said he was 'too old' for them. Bogarde said Ajax 'fits perfectly in his profile' earlier this week and he would like to join a young team in which he can add some invaluable experience.

However, Ajax's general manager Leo Beenhakker said the club are not interested in a player with little sell-on value, despite them making enquiries for the Dutch international last season.

Bogarde has struggled to break into the first team at Chelsea and has largely been overlooked since the appointment of Claudio Ranieri as boss last September. He was brought to West London by Gianluca Vialli in August 2001, but less than two weeks later, Vialli was on his way out of Stamford Bridge."

First there was a rumor; then there was a rumor denying it. So far for that one.

There's something else: in Holland's new football TV show, 'Eredvisie On Monday', Ton van Dalen (personal manager of players such as Jaap Stam and Sander Westerveld) said that Ajax is highly interested in NAC's Hungarian goalkeeper, Gabor Babos. Van Dalen said he had heard that from "the rumor mill".

Babos is also named as Jerzy Dudek's possible replacement at Feyenoord, if Dudek, Feyenoord and Liverpool can reach an agreement about Dudek moving to Liverpool (which is, at this point unlikely to happen, since the club's don't seem to agree on the transfer fee).

Reportedly, NAC has raised the transfer fee for Babos to some 10 million guilders ($ 4 million) after Ajax announced their interest. Feyenoord is said to have lost interest in Babos now the price is so high, and is now after FC Twente's Sander Boschker.

No official reactions from Ajax yet. It still seems as if the staff does not regard Bogdan Lobont as a serious option... I don't understand why. You don't buy a goalkeeper for hardly using him, do you? Lobont seems to be completely out of the picture, for some reason.

-- Anonymous, August 28, 2001

Defiently Bogarde should be returned... the last few games showed weaknesses in the defence (at least that's what I've been told, games doesn't get to Israel until Thursday and I couldn't see it this week!)

How about Ajax bring Guardiola to the team? He's a free transfer and desperate to get a team so he can play in Spain's next game and I guess he wouldn't ask for a big wage

-- Anonymous, August 25, 2001

I just read that Winston Bogarde is interested in a return to Ajax. I think that this would be good news for the club. Bogarde has struggled with injuries the past couple of season's, but he is currently fit and just wasting his talents on the bench of Chelsea. To be honest he should be in their starting team, but that is Chelsea's fault/problem. Anyway, his inclusion would be a major plus I think.

-- Anonymous, August 22, 2001

Players coming...players going...unfortunately I think Ajax lost a heck of a player today with the move of Richard Witschge to Aalves in Spain. His loan was made official today on the Ajax website.

Having had the luxury of working at Ajax during the 1999-2000 season, i was able to see him play many times. He strugled with injury that season but put forth an effort I will never forget against Real Mallorca in the third round of the UEFA Cup. Visibly injured from the kick-off he left it all on the field playing like a true Ajacied. Unfortunately he is of luck to him.

-- Anonymous, August 09, 2001

No, it's not.

-- Anonymous, August 09, 2001

I've heard some rumors about AC.Milan has an option to buy zlatan ibrahimovic for a certain amount of money 12 £ have i been told. Is This True?

-- Anonymous, August 09, 2001

About Trabelsi - anyone knows his number (from the last pre-season game)??


-- Anonymous, August 07, 2001

There was a full understanding between Barcelona, Boca and Riquelme, but after Barcelona signed Christansaval, Bonano, Saviola, Geovanni, Rochembach and I think another player they couldn't sign another foreigner (apparently there's a maximum of players that can play in your squad in Spain that aren't Spanish - I guess there's a minimum of Spanish players in one squad) and that's why Riquelme isn't at Barcelona right now preparing for their game against Wisla! I don't see any reason Riquelme wouldn't want to move to Ajax, Zlatan refused top clubs so he can join us I don't see why Riquelme can't do the same - he wants to play in Europe!

-- Anonymous, August 06, 2001

Regarding Riquelme, there is probably no chance in signing him as Barcelona could pay more then Ajax, and have had difficulties in doing just that so for now he stays at Boca Juniors.

-- Anonymous, August 06, 2001

Ruud Kras will play in AJAX-2 this season.He is indeed new; having been signed from FC Volendam. He is definitely a defender for the future.The rightback slot is so contested ( Cruz, O'Brien,Trabelsi to name 3) that his introduction to first team footie appears to be a longshot.Then again, AJAX used 7 rightbacks last season!

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2001

We've got 6 new players, didn't Ruud Kras sign also?

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2001

Wierd idea, but if Ajax would add another forward (attacking m.) into the tactics they could try and bring Juan Roman Riquelme, now that he won't be going to Barcelona... What do you think about it?

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2001

We got us 5 new players in the A-selection: Maxwell, Trabelsi, Ahmed 'MIDO' Hossam*, Heitinga and ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC*!!! No wonder CO Adriaanse wants a serious title challenge! These players are all good and can all easily compete with players from Feyenoord and PSV.

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2001

As if losing Galasek for six weeks isn't bad enough, it now appears the Shota Arveladze may not be available for the upcoming CL showdown. I refer readers to an item in Hope this is nothing but blather; but the piece seems pretty definitive.

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2001

Very strange move indeed by Van der Sar. I think that Ajax just didn't want to pay enough for him and that Fullham did. Besides, VDS will now play in the premier league and that's great of course. Too bad for Ajax, but we will see him back in 2 two years - read my lips!

-- Anonymous, August 01, 2001

Sad news about Van Der Sar going to Fulham? He deserves a bigger and better club in my opinion. Then again, Mohamed El Fayed has a lot of money and Jean Tigana is a quality up and coming manager. I guess we at Ajax must live with Grim again. Regarding Bryan Roy, I always thought he was a tremendous talent who wasted himself by playing for Foggia, Nottingham Forest, and then Hertha Berlin were he was injured for a couple of seasons. I think he can play, but why would Ajax bring him back as he is now an older player after dumping Winter and Witschge? One last thing about Roy, as a youngster he and Witschge were suppossed to be in the class of a future Van Basten and Gullit. Decent players who made some bad decisons I think would be fair to say. Finally, any news on anyone from AJAX-USA getting copies of the upcoming Celtic matches?

Let me know.


-- Anonymous, July 31, 2001

Team Talk/Rumour says that the Trabelsi signing isn't completely done yet.Hope that AJAX get a move on. I believe the UEFA signing deadline is Thursday 2 August.With Tomas Galasek out, speed on our right flank will be a must. By all accounts, Trabelsi has that. Also, for anyone who gets AJAX LIFE, there is a nice article about Mido in the new one. Time to bust out my Dutch-English dictionary.

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2001

From the BBC website:

Fulham sign Van de Saar -----------------------

Fulham have signed Juventus goalkeeper Edwin van der Saar, according to the Italian club's official website. Van de Saar is said to have agreed a four-year deal with the Premiership new boys.

He is Holland's national goalkeeper and was strongly rumoured to be leaving the Serie A club after they signed Gianluigi Buffon for £23.6m in the summer.

The 30-year-old had been linked with a move to Manchester United and Liverpool.

The statement read: "Juventus FC and Fulham FC have reached an agreement to transfer Dutch international goalkeeper Edwin van der Saar to the London club.

"The goalkeeper has signed a four-year contract with Fulham."


-- Anonymous, July 31, 2001


According to Bryan Roy is training with the Ajax (first) team. He's currently out of contract and according to Co has a month to prove himself.


-- Anonymous, July 31, 2001

can anyone please comment on Mido in the liverpool match ? thankyou

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2001

What is happening with Van Der Sar? Information from Holland would be great. Also good news for Frank De Boer and Holland. I hope Davids will get good news soon too regarding the Nandrolone scandal.



-- Anonymous, July 30, 2001

Mido is a much taller left wing then last years number one choice, Wamberto de Sousa Campos.It is said that he is faster too. Mido is also 8 years younger. If one small piece of todays match, his nutmeg of AC Milan's Thomas Helvig is any indication, he should be a crowd favourite quickly.No doubt he will have the ups and downs of any 18 year-old but, with the young and talented squad assembled at AJAX, ( average age 21!!), he should fit in well.

-- Anonymous, July 26, 2001

Mido has impressed the Ajax management quite a lot...

He is expected to be the number one choice for the left wing position at Ajax this season.

-- Anonymous, July 25, 2001

hi there, i would just like to know about Ahmed "Mido" Hossam and how good he is projected to be at ajax this season. Thanks for helping.

Karim Assir

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001

From Reuters:

"Ajax sign Tunisian international Trabelsi"

AMSTERDAM, July 24 (Reuters) - Ajax Amsterdam have signed Tunisia international Hatem Trabelsi from CS Sfaxien for an undisclosed sum, the club said on Tuesday.

Ajax, third in the Dutch first division last season, said the defender had signed a three-year contract with the club and had already played in two of its training matches last week.

``His most important asset is his speed. That's very important in the Ajax game,'' Ajax technical director Leo Beenhakker said in as statement.

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001

More on Van der Sar.... It appears in more and more sites that I visited that the contract is concluded and ready for signing.

Let's hope everything goes as planned....

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001

just an idea: I would be easier for everybody, if the newest answers are on top of the forum, wouldn't it ???

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001

van der Sar back ? Well, that's just a great idea. I jut hope, that it won't be only a wish.

Arveladze and Dortmund ? No, Dortmund has bought two strikers the last time, and they have a lot of more like Herrlich, Amoroso, Bobic, Reina, Addo etc.

Sorry for my bad English, but I only live in Germany...

Ajax rulez and Borussia Mönchengladbach: "Der Mythos ist zurück"

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001

If I would believe everything these soccer-dot-com sites tell, Ajax would now have Bergkamp, Frank de Boer, Sikora, Babos in the line-up and Frank Rijkaard as a head coach. On the other hand: sometimes they're right. So you just never know.

To me: I just don't think they're right nor wrong. I just ignore them as much as I can. Only if a rumour gets very stubborn I'll read something about it, because you won't be able to ignore it anymore. I never look at those sites myself, but sometimes the rumours are in other media as well.

Only if the news is confirmed by either Ajax or the ANP-News I'll believe it for 100%. And of course ONLY THEN it is published on the HomePage of Ajax-USA.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2001


To be fair, the mailing list I'm on reffers to this site as "" because they often get stuff wrong.

Still I'll keep my fingers would be great news!


-- Anonymous, July 23, 2001

Van der Sar's agent Rob jansen denies everything, but usually that makes a rumour more likely to come true...let's wait and see. And If it's true: Ajax-USA is the first one to tell you! Stay tuned!

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2001

I hope Teamtalk have it right - this (re)signing would be terrific and could swing the tie against Celtic in our favour.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2001

Just read this on

"Van der Sar set for Ajax return Juventus are about to sell keeper Edwin van der Sar back to his former club Ajax, according to reports in Italy. The Bianconeri it seems, are about to conclude negotiations with the Dutch giants that would see the comeback of one of their most famous keepers. Juve's intentions have been very clear since the start of the summer. Van der Sar has been ousted as Juve number one by world-record keeper Gigi Buffon, and the bianconeri are now ready to part company with the Dutch international. Van der Sar's Italian adventure therefore seems destined to end on a sour note after a season that often saw him criticised by the Italian media and large portions of the Juve fans as well."

Given that we had goalkeeping issues last year, and Van der Sar's experience (and history with the club) this sounds like an excellent bit of news.


-- Anonymous, July 23, 2001

New article at

Arveladze has choice of Ajax, Villa or Dortmund

Aston Villa and Borussia Dortmund will lead the chase for Shota Arveladze if the Georgian cannot agree new terms with Ajax this week. "Both clubs are showing a big interest, but we'll know more after our meeting in Amsterdam," said agent Ivan Benesh.

I hope Arveladze will stay with us because he's an important, good and a quality player!

By the way - what happent with Nikos Machlas at the end? Did he stay at the helm?

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2001

i would like two tickets for the away side in the arena for the celtic game i will pay a good price money no object come on bb

-- Anonymous, July 21, 2001

About Van Der Sar... He is expected to move back to Holland. There are two left questions: 1. Which club he'll go to (Ajax & Feyenoord are interested - I believe he'll go for Ajax, even if they'll offer a bit less than Feyenoord)? 2. The exact amount of money? (It is rumoured that it will be less than 7M$ but how can we know?)

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2001

this is fresh news straight from UEFA headquarters:

AJAX vs CELTIC IN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 3RD ROUND DRAW Celtic travel to Amsterdam first on August 7 or 8 and then return to Glasgow for the return leg on August 21 or 22.

What do you think? Celtics a good team with Larson leading the attack. It could've been easier but that's soccer for you!

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2001

What is going with the Van Der Sar saga? I have read that he was being linked with Ajax again after Juventus signed Buffon from Parma. Obviously that would be great for Ajax to get him back, and I must admit that I was quite suprised that Juve has given up on Van Der Sar as he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. He made a couple of blunders in the Champions League and in the Italian Serie A matches that hurt Juve so I guess that is their reasoning in his release. He had been linked with Barcelona and Liverpool in the past. Barca would have been smart to sign him as they need a keeper, but since have signed Bonanno of Argentina while the Liverpool link makes little sense as Dutch # 2 Westerveld resides there. Anyway does anyone know the story and how much Van Der Sar would cost?

-- Anonymous, July 19, 2001 reports that Tunisian international, Hatem Trabelsi has joined Ajax in their training camp in De Lutte. He'll be on trial for a few days. Trabelsi is a right back (YES!), currently playing for Tunisian club, Club Sportif Sfax.

Trabelsi (25 January, 1977) played 17 games for the Tunisian national team, with which team he qualified for the World Cup 2002 in Japan and Korea.

Well, yeah... what can you say? I don't know the guy, so let's just wait and see.

-- Anonymous, July 19, 2001

As far as i know this is nothing special. I don't expect Roy to sign a contract with Ajax. It's just to keep up his fitness and as soon as a club offers him something nice, he'll be gone.

-- Anonymous, July 17, 2001

BRYAN ROY is currently training with former club Ajax. The ex-Nottingham Forest left winger, who failed to win a contract extension with NAC Breda, is training with Ajax with a view to a permanent transfer to the Amsterdam ArenA.

Roy is looking forward to the opportunity, saying: "I'm still full of ambition to play at the highest level and it's nice that I can train in a good environment at my old club."

It is not clear whether Ajax boss Co Adriaanse will give the veteran a permanent deal, but he is happy for Roy to train until another club come forward to offer him a deal. --------------------------------------------- Can anyone tell me if this means anything or just that Roy has been allowed to train with Ajax - 2.

-- Anonymous, July 13, 2001

ZLATAN!!! 9 goals in 2 games. OK, the opponents weren't too good, but still. Zlatan has got that potential that not many players have. His limit how good he can be doesn't exist. I think he will be one of the best players in Europe in a couple of years. At first when the people in Holland started to compare him to Van Basten, I thought it was a little too much. But it's not. He WILL be as good as Van Basten was. Zlatan är kung! Peace!

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2001

Whilst I believe we will be stronger this season, although I would sleep a lot better with the defence being strengthened - what has been happening at our closest rivals - have all the rats left the sinking ship F-Word and has PSV added to their squad ?

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2001

Hi Broa, thanx for sharing your optimistic view on Zlatan. Tomorrow Menno and I (both Ajax-USA) are going to Tiel for the friendly match against the amateurs of Theole. This will be our first time we will see Zlatan play a match (of course we saw his first training!). I'm really looking forward to it. Let's hope he is the new Van Basten. But the things I saw of him on television so far made me think he is rather the new Kanu!

-- Anonymous, July 09, 2001

Hi im from Malmö and seen Zlatan for many years more then the most swedish people, becuse i played in the same team as him, i quit football but this is not about me....i just want to say that Zlatan is going to be really really good for Ajax....the guy has technique that u never seen in your life before...his dribbling skillz is so good that u cant understand what he does with the ball....ok many can do spectacular things..but not on the pitch like Zlatan i must say that u guys should be really happy becuse this player is so fucking good......he will score about 15 - 20 goals on his first season if he plays from the start in most of the games...peace have a nice day

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2001

Hi Karim,

the article is just about the first Ajax-training and therefore also about the first performances of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ahmed 'Mido' Hossam and Maxwell.

Unfortunately still hasn't a decend English section of their website (despite their promises) but *fortunately* AJAX-USA was also at the training pitch. Menno wrote his own article about this first training and this will be published on Ajax-USA any moment. So stay tuned!

-- Anonymous, July 06, 2001

This might be too long, but is anyone able to translate what the following means, i copied it from it's today's main headline. "Nieuwelingen presenteren zich op eerste training

Mido, Zlatan en Maxwell. De nieuwe Ajacieden schoten zich donderdagochtend warm tijdens de eerste training als voorbereiding op het nieuwe seizoen. Ook Mitchell Pique, terug van een jaar FC Twente, behoort komend seizoen tot de Ajax A-selectie, die is teruggebracht naar 26 spelers. Op de eerste training ontbraken Richard Witschge, wegens een teenblessure en Richard Knopper, vanwege trieste familie- omstandigheden. Johnny Heitinga en Rafael van der Vaart voegen zich pas later bij de selectie, omdat zij in actie kwamen tijdens het jeugd WK in Argentinië.

De trouwe fans, maar ook de toeristen schaarden zich tegen half elf rond de opgang naar het trainingsveld. Het wachten was natuurlijk op de nieuwe en oude Godenzonen.

Aron Winter stapte als eerste uit het trappenhuis van de Arena, op de voet gevolgd door Tomas Galasek. De voormalige aanvoerder kreeg diverse malen een hart onder de riem gestoken door de supporters. 'Blijf doorgaan, Aron', was de smeekbede van een van de toeschouwers.

In het gemeleerde gezelschap bevonden zich ook Han en Frank uit Budel. De jongens waren vanmorgen om kwart over zeven uit Brabant - Budel ligt tegen de Belgische grens - vertrokken voor een dagje Ajax. Pas om half elf arriveerden de jongens bij het trainingsveld, omdat de trein niet over Utrecht kon vanwege een computerstoring. Via Rotterdam kwamen ze uiteindelijk wel in Amsterdam aan.

,,Ik wil graag een handtekening van Zlatan Ibrahimovic', vertelde Han. ,,Sinds ik beelden van hem op televisie heb gezien, ben ik fan. Maar als ik van hem geen handtekening krijg, dan is die van Chivu ook goed."

De spelers zelf gaven, voordat ze het trainingsveld betraden nog geen handtekeningen weg. Na vijf kwartier ontspannen oefeningen met en zonder bal aan de voet, werd het tempo viel opgevoerd. Vanaf toen moest er weer als vanouds gebikkeld worden.

Thank you.

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2001

Ahmed Hossam had an ok game last night against Morroco in the World Cup qualifications. Moroco beat Egypt 1-0, to give themselves an 80% chance of qualifying. Egypt though, dominatied the game from start to finish. Hossam was energetic on the field, running back and forth and showing great skills in dribbling and running down the left side. He faced alot of problems, as he was marked by 2 playes most of the time, with Naybet, one of Europes top defenders playing in deportivo la coruna of spain, not giving him much room. The 18 year old worked Naybet to the final whistle. An unfortunate score for Egypt, but Hossam is definetly looking good and ready for the upcoming season with Ajax.

-- Anonymous, July 01, 2001

First Zlatan impersonates a policeman. Next he impersonates Muhammad Ali. I only hope he can impersonate a multi-million dollar striker beginning July 7th.I believe temperament is a measuring stick for dogs; hopefully not one of the two-legged variety.

-- Anonymous, June 29, 2001

We've bought a maniac...

"Striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic will not play in Malmö FF's league game against halmstads BK tonight (= yesterday evening, ed.). The newly signed Ajacied will be left out of the Malmö squad by coach, Michael Andersson. The game would have been Ibrahimovic's farewell game for Malmö.

Andersson's made this decision after an incident which occurred during training, the second involving the 19 year-old forward. During Monday's training session, the last-but-one of the season at Malmö, Ibrahimovic got into a public fight with second goalkeeper, Lee Baxter. A week and a half ago, Ibrahimovic was already involved in another fist-fight, with Malmö's other goalie, Jonnie Fedel.

For many supporters Andersson's decision to ban the striker from the squad came as a surprise. The coach, however, was already dissatisfied with Ibrahimovic's performances for a while. "Zlatan's head is with Ajax already. He's not performing well", the coach told the Swedish press. Ibrahimovic played a poor game in last week's top clash against Helsingborg IF. "Zlatan can do fantastic things on the pitch, but he should not forget he has to work hard as well, for the entire team", said Andersson.

Ibrahimovic left Monday's training session without giving any comments. He wants to take some rest during a vacation to Africa. He is due in Amsterdam on July 5th, for his first training with Ajax."

Again, Zlatan proves he has... well... temperament.

-- Anonymous, June 27, 2001

No, Ahmed Hossam isn't playing in Argentina 2001 because he is currently in Cairo with the national side preparing for Egypt's crucial world cup qualifier match against Morocco in Morocco on saturday. This has caused national criticism towards the first squad coach El Gohari after Egypt's 7-1 defeat agaisnt Argentina in the youth championship. Pepople here in Cairo are wondering why Hossam didn't play the first round then come home for the Morroco game. This boy's making alot of noise here in the Egyptina press. Egypt's next game will be against USA on Wednesday at 1pm local time.

-- Anonymous, June 25, 2001

Is Ahmed Hossam in the squad of Egypt under 20's in world championship in Argentina? I heard that Egypt will play against China in the next match. They've already qualified in their group.

-- Anonymous, June 23, 2001

While losing a talented youth player is sad, I think it was inevitable in this case. AJAX is loaded with talent in the center of the defense; too much for Mercimek to make a real dent. The talent includes Chivu, Pasanen, Yakubu, and possibly Heitinga to name but four. Of these, Chivu at 20 is the veteran. I think Mercimek would have to be Jaap Stam to break into the starting back 4. Regarding Nikos Machlas, I saw several items on the web that indicated that he prefers to return to Greece and play in the first division. Toward that end, an old coach of his who is now in player development at AEK told Nikos to talk to him before he makes a final choice of clubs.I haven't seen any additional news items on Nikos Machlas since that one about 10 days ago.

-- Anonymous, June 18, 2001

Interesting rumor on AT5 Text... It is generally known that Ajax is interested in young Sparta defender Mendes da Silva. The apparent transfer fee is 10 million guilders, which Ajax thinks is too much. AT5 Text now reports (although they present it as a rumor) that Ajax will pay for Mendes da Silva by giving Sparta 4.5 million guilders, plus John Nieuwenburg (already loaned out to Sparta), Jan van Halst (was loaned out to Fortuna) and... JOHN O'BRIEN.

I find this really hard to believe, I must say. Co Adriaanse has always been very fond of John, and I don't think he would just let him go in a silly trade like this. Apparently, Nieuwenburg, Van Halst and O'Brien are worth some 5.5 million guilders with the three of them. That's ridiculous.

This must be bullocks.

-- Anonymous, June 18, 2001

what do you guys think will happen to Machlas

-- Anonymous, June 17, 2001

On the transfer front, it looks like we just lost one.


Ajax star completes Premier move

SUNDERLAND HAVE made their second capture of the summer by swooping for Ajax's teenage defender Baki Mercimek on a Bosman-free transfer.

The 18-year-old, who has been dubbed 'the new Jaap Stam' by members of the Dutch press, has signed a five-year deal at the Stadium of Light after initially impressing Peter Reid following a secret trial towards the end of last season.

He is a cultured centre-back known for his passing ability and strength on the ball despite his tender years. Mercimek has admitted he is looking forward to the challenge of English football. He said: "This is a big chance for me and I'm excited. I think the Premiership will suit my style."

Mercimek, who has Turkish parents and has pledged his allegiance to the country, believes his spell with Dutch giants Ajax has been invaluable.

He added: "Ajax is one of the best places to learn your trade and I learned a lot from my time there, but I have been impressed with Sunderland and the people here.

"This is a big opportunity to me and I am very excited about it. I think the Premiership suits me best and fits in well with my playing style," added Mercimek.

So this a big loss or are we indifferent (I've never seen him play)???


-- Anonymous, June 14, 2001

Pascal Heije returned to Ajax after a couple of years at RBC. I don't know any details about it... I think he was loaned but the site claims that the it was a transfer and not a loan-return!! Does anyone remember him? How is he as a player?


-- Anonymous, June 14, 2001

Maxwell transfer confirmed! Ajax have signed Cruzerio's left defender for an unknown fee (probably 2M pounds). Maxwell said that he can be compared to Roberto Carlos... I guess we can only wait and see! "Leo Beenhakker, Ajax's director of football, was thrilled with the club's latest signing. "Maxwell has been brought in to improve the first-team squad. He can play as a left-back or on the left side of midfield," he explained."

The rest of the story you can read at:

-- Anonymous, June 13, 2001

Just coming back on Ahmed Hossam "MIDO". I'm writing to you from Cairo, Egypt, and i'd like to let all the Ajax fans know that this country has not seen a player like him before. He is our ticket to the world cup, scoring the only goal against Senegal last month and giving us a chance to qualify. He's our hope against Morocco on the 30th this month. He has become headline news in every magazine, newspaper in the counrty, and he's only 18! I wish him luck at Ajax.... and hope you do too. I'd like to be updated on any news concerning "MIDO". ..... can anyone give me info on Ibrahimovic.

-- Anonymous, June 13, 2001

Yesterday Maxwell arrived at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam that is...) to "dot the i's and cross theb t's" of his contract with Ajax. He will be tested medically today. So an official announcement from Ajax is very near. (source: AT5 News)

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2001

I don't think that ajax should focus that much on buying new players, but should give the youth more attention, dutch soccer is going downwards and you can't solve that by buying new foreign players. Kenny, The Haque (holland)

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2001

AT5 News (and few other media) reports that Ajax have bought Brazillian defender Maxwell (18). Ajax hasn't yet confirmed it, but AT5 can be called quite reliable in these things. They had spoken with his agent (or his former club, I forgot). It is said that it is a $3 million deal.

If the news is official, Ajax-USA will be the first to publish it. So stay tuned!

-- Anonymous, June 08, 2001

Well, during this season Ajax bought for next season Ruud Kras (18 years old/former club Volendam), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (19/Malmo) and Ahmed Hossan (18/Ghent).

Gronkjaer left the squad of course and probably more players will follow (for instance Richard Witschge and Jan van Halst).

Some other players are loaned out to satellite clubs. Like Serge van der Ban and Marc Stuut to Haarlem and Joey Didulica (next season) to GBA. Probably more players will follow (Hersi), but this is yet uncertain.

Some other players were loaned out to other clubs. Like Van Halst (to Fortuna), Hose (to De Graafschap...but he has already returned) and Hoekstra (to Groningen...but is also not welcome anymore overthere)

You see: a lot is yet uncertain and most of the transfers will take place this very summer break. So stay tuned and follow the news on the Ajax-USA homepage. At the beginning of the upcoming season Ajax- USA will publish an entire summing-up of the players who joined and about the ones that left.

-- Anonymous, June 04, 2001

Hi all!

Can anyone write me a list of all players Ajax released and signed this year?


-- Anonymous, June 04, 2001

Actually, I find it rather funny that Anderlecht Brussels are now really angry with Ajax... Hossam had already signed an intention contract with Anderlecht, but he changed his mind when Ajax showed up (and so did his current club, AA Ghent, cos Ajax offered more money).

What right in the world does Anderlecht have to be mad about such things, after they've "stolen" a bunch of really young Ajax youth players, just by offering them more cash than Ajax does to players of that age? Melvin Fleur was the last one...

When they started signing several Ajax youth players, we just thought: hey, we're getting fucked with here, so let's fuck 'em back. This is good business.

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2001

I think that if Tobiasen will be fit next season + Kras turns to be a good buy, then the defense looks good for next season ( I know that only time will tell if my predictions are right or not). But here is what I feel the defense should look like - Tobiasen ( RB ), Kras/Yakubu/Pasanen ( 2 out of the 3 in center ) & Chivu at left back. I like Chivu at LB. He had a great time in Euro 2000 in that position. This guy Hasan is more of a winger. So I don't think Van Der Vaart's position is in any danger ( if it is I think the competetion will be good for Ajax). I'm not saying that we'll have ann extremely strong defense next year & that we don't have to buy any new defenders. But I think that this looks good. I heard that even Heitinga is going to be in A1 next season. So there is hope.

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2001

If Hossam is bought, wht will happened to Rafael Van der Vaart? Both their age are the same.. I think Ajax should buy defenders. We have enough Fowards...

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2001

Yes it's true - Ajax did sign Hossam - see link below !

Ray ngiau

-- Anonymous, June 01, 2001

This is from ONEFOOTBALL. So I don't know whether to believe or not. I had seen this guy on Futbol Mundial.....he is in the Ibrahimovic mould......tall guy , good with his feet. Read on..... ---------------------------------- Ajax join queue for £3m Hossam

Thursday 31st May 2001

Ajax have entered the race to sign Ghent's highly-rated striker Ahmed Hossam – despite Anderlecht's claim that they had agreed a deal with the player.

The La Derniere Heure newspaper said on Thursday that Ajax are prepared to pay £3 million for the 18-year old Egyptian.

The news will come as a blow to Anderlecht after the Brussels club said on Wednesday that everything had been agreed with the player. A spokesman said: "All is arranged with Ahmed Hossam, he will play with us next year."

However, and in style with the protracted Jan Koller transfer saga, there were contradictory messages from the player, who is currently in Cairo.

He said: "There's little chance that you will see me next season at Anderlecht. In contrast to what they are saying in Brussels, it's not correct that everything has been arranged between me and them."

And Ajax could now move in to grab the player from under Anderlecht's noses. The Dutch club's sporting director, Leo Beenhakker, has watched the player on three occasions, and is reportedly prepared to make an offer for him.

Hossam's agent, Roger Henrotay, meanwhile, said on Thursday: "Hossam has signed nothing, either for Anderlecht or for Ajax."

-- Anonymous, May 31, 2001

It was NOT about a new player, but about something not so nice...

The Fiscal Investigation Dept. (FIOD) had searched the ArenA this morning. Ajax is under suspicion of having paid money to players which the Tax Services should have been notified of. Ajax has issued a statement this morning. I can't exactly figure out whether this has got to with the Machlas/Vitesse crap of a few weeks ago and I don't know how worrying this is. I'll try to find out what it's all about and write a news article about it for the homepage.

(I hope Ajax has not been stupid here... I simply can't imagine. It almost killed the club in the late 1980s. I would think they wouldn't even dare to *think* about fucking with taxes once again...)

Anyways: stay tuned...

-- Anonymous, May 28, 2001

Here's some breaking news for you: trade in Ajax stock has just been stopped. This only happens if there's big news coming up, which may directly influence the trade.... Exciting. According to rumors, Ajax will announce today that they've bought Vitesse left winger and Holland international, VICTOR SIKORA.

I'll keep you posted...

-- Anonymous, May 28, 2001

Some Zlatan news... Apparently, we have bought a bigmouth. The Swedish season has only just started and he was already sent off once, and now he's suspended again, after having received his third yellow card - for 'talking'. I know I should find this unprofessional and stuff, but frankly: I *love* that kind of player. We have enough Tim de Clers and Andy van der Meydes already.

Another thing: this week's Sportweek magazine features a short interview with former Swedish Ajax hero, Stefan Pettersson (with Ajax from 1988-1993). This is what he has to say about Zlatan:

"I've seen him play a few times now and I think it's a fantastic player, there's no doubt about that. But you could wonder whether his attitude and mentality are good enough. He comes across as a little lazy sometimes, which I've heard other football analysts. But well, let's just say that's a characteristic of a lot of strikers."

"He's very strong, physically and very technical. You wouldn't expect that from a player of his heighth. He can walk past a few opponents just like that, he's very good one-to-one. I'm sure sure whether he's a strong header as well. He himself says it's not exactly his strongest weapon, even though he's 1.95 metres or so."

Jens, my man, how do you feel about these remarks?

-- Anonymous, May 22, 2001

Rich, I could be wrong, but it seems like you're forgetting we already bought the tall, self-assured, goal-scoring striker we need: Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Expectations are high.

As for the youth team: the central defender of Ajax-2, Johnny Heitinga, is likely to make the jump to the first team next season. There's a huge striker talent in that team as well, an African kid named Kwame Quansah (scored a goal in Ajax-2's championship game as well). Winger Kiran Bechan will probably get some more playing time as well (already made his debut this year).

The current Ajax-2 crop is pretty good. And it's also good to see that Co is not buying stars, but young talent (Zlatan 19, Ruud Kras 18). They're still young and flexible enough to learn Dutch soon and become real Ajax players. This has always worked the best: buying them at a young age (Litmanen, Grønkjær, Chivu).

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2001

I would like to see the youth team players brought into the side rather then buy Eastern Europeans. Could anyone provide any information on some of the youth team players and how far away they may be to joining the big boys? Again I am not happy that Anderlecht are brining in Melvin Fleur a left back (sorely needed position) and MacDonald a striker who has been compared to Kluivert. Also, Juventus stole De Windt and one of the younger Seedorf boys (Chedric I believe is his name) went to the Inter youth side, but I think he recently has joined NAC on loan. This is never good to lose these young players, but I understand its a reality with a club like Ajax. My only gripe is that these guys are not even in the Senior side yet. They must be very good prospects to get snapped up at this time. Again bring in the young talent! How good are these kids and what is the time frame to join the senior side?



-- Anonymous, May 08, 2001

I don't think Zohavic is a type of player that can fit into Ajax's 3- 4-3 formation. Don't get me wrong, I think he's an excellant player who should have made more of an impact @ Valencia this season. But not for Ajax. I like Robben though. I'm not too sure about his position but he's certainly got talent.

-- Anonymous, May 08, 2001

Zahovic is good, but will Ajax afford him? plus he is more like a individual player. I do not say that he is not good at it... NO let his stats speak for him. However, he is not the kind of player that will fit in Ajax system. As I said before Fatih Akiyel of Galatsaray would be an ideal target. He is a centreback and backup up for Popescu. Also Ruslan Nigmatulin, goalkeeper of Lokomotiv Moscow would be very valuable for Ajax because this team needs someone better than Fred Grim.

-- Anonymous, May 05, 2001

hi there,

My name is joost, i am from holland and ajax is my club

First of all i want to say that the "ajax-usa" forum is better than the forum at!

I am very very happy that ajax bought Slatan, this man will speak with his feet!! Ajax also bought a very talented young dutch defender named Ruud Kras, he is 17 yrs old and plays at this moment for FC Volendam. I think that Ajax need to buy a few players to get even stronger, i think they have to buy:

1. Zahovic, this is the hope and pride of slovenia, he is technical superb and a really hard worker.

2. Arjen Robben, i think he is one of the most wanted players of europe, he is 17yrs and plays at the left wing now for FC Groningen, he is very talented and many european clubs want him, but he wants to stay at FC Groningen, and his father said to the press that ajax had made the best offer (and it isn't about money)

what do you guys think of the buys i would like to see happen and who do you think that ajax have to buy????

greets Joost (vak 406, stoel 149)

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2001

Sneijder plays for the A1 Hellings and Waterman for the A2 and sometimes the B1 De Jong, Rustenburg and MacDonald all play for the B1

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2001

AT5 Teletekst reports that Ajax is interested in Sparta player David Mendes da Silva. Mendes da Silva (19) is a central defender and was this evening in the selection of the Dutch National Team U18 that had to play against Danmark (they lost, despite two goals of Van der Vaart, and therefore didn't qualify for EC)

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2001

Of those 6 players, what Ajax team do they play for? Obviously they are very talented to represent Holland. That is a good sign for the future. I am not happy to hear that Anderlecht is interested in our young talent. I believe they are taking another player next year. I think it is Melvin Fleur who is a left back. This is not good especially as Ajax need a quality left back as De Cler is poor. Finally does anyone know what is the breakdown of all the youth sides?



-- Anonymous, May 01, 2001

There are six of our players in the Dutch U-16 squad.

Boy Waterman: keeper, got injured just before the second match Randy Rustenburg: leftback, only Ajacied who hasn't played yet Nigel de Jong: centreback, son of former international Jerry de Jong Sergio Hellings: another centreback, he recently signed a contract Wesley Sneijder: multifunctional midfielder, can play at all the midfieldposition, cause he's good with both feet. he's also the captain Sherjill MacDonald: talented striker who looks much like Kluivert, but he will probably sign for Anderlecht soon. very stupid move in my eyes.

-- Anonymous, April 27, 2001

Does anyone know what Ajax players are in the Holland side that is currently playing in the Euro Under 16 tournament? I think it would be good to get updates on all of the Ajax teams and players to see what the future brings. Perhaps Menno has this information.

-- Anonymous, April 26, 2001

Zlatan, again. No success for Zlatan in yesterdays friendly against Switzerland. He was stable but not the same Zlatan we've seen in Allsvenskan, missed a header and seemed a bit nervous. Didn't challenge the defenders, rather passed the ball. Played a full half. In the 80's one of IFK Gothenbourgs players, Torbjörn Nilsson, was a success when IFK won the UEFA Cup and he also was praised as entertainer of the year because of his way of playing football. Zlatan might be as well, his way of his playing and his interviews are always entertaining. (Torbjörn failed in the national team and as a pro in PSV Eindhoven and Kaiserslauten so I hope the entertainment is the only resemblance. In an interview a few days ago the journalist asked Zlatan if his fiancee had gotten any engagement gifts? "Gifts? She got Zlatan".

Rgds Jens

-- Anonymous, April 26, 2001

More news on Zlatan. I saw Zlatan and Malmö FF beat Djurgårdens IF in Stockholm saturday (0-4). Beautiful weather, sold out and Zlatan was good all the time and brilliant in some situations, he scorded one, himself playing around with three defending players, and had a good free kick. When scoring he made fun of Djugårdens supporters. Needless to say they weren't very appreciative of him either. He went out in the 72nd minute because of cramps in the stomach. Read in the newspaper that swedish and Heerenveen striker Marcus Allbäck (scored 2 against Fortuna) is looking forward to teaming up with Zlatan in the national squad.


-- Anonymous, April 23, 2001

I'm here in Amsterdam, and it seems that every Ajax fan is talking about Zlatan. I think they recognize that Ajax needs that sort of player to compete in the league. His arrival will be greatly anticipated, I think.

-- Anonymous, April 23, 2001

Thank you Jens for helping me with the translation.

I just want to say to you Ajax fans who don´t belive in Zlatan(who is my favorite player)that Malmö FF are in the 1:st position in allsvenskan and Zlatan have scored 3 goals in 3 games. Every single person that knows a shit about fotball is talking about Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He is playing around whit the other teams defenders. What I´m saying is that Ajax have buyed a very very good player and that he will continue be that way maybe even better.

I would be delighted if Kim Källström also came to Ajax. He´s realy a talant and it would be great if Ajax could have him to.

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2001

All the young guys are good. But let's not forget about experience. Arveladze has been something like a lucky puppet for Ajax. He used to score in almost every game in recent years. But still he was not appreciated in a manner he believed he should have been. I do not really think that Machlas is much better than Shota. But still... Machlas was getting much of the minutes. When it was coming to the decisive matches and decisive goals, Shota was there to score. arveladze has a great talent but a great ego as well. He believes that player like him should not "melt" on the bench of a team that has not won anything recently. And I agree with him. Especially when you have invitations from teams that are better than Ajax today. I know how much Shota loves Ajax and Amsterdam, but he will not get accustomed to the role of a "bencher". He was something like a "god" in Turkey. Turks still remember and praise him. He can get even more money abroad. And what is going on now??? His team yet again (after Machlas) is bringing in new forward to play No. 9. Machlas was understandable. He was the best scorer and leader of Greek team. But now... Some "kid" from Sweden who has not yet played for his national squad. Who kust entered top division. I personally believe that Zlatan is a good striker. But such actions from Ajax (giving him No. 9, calling him "future of the team", etc) will just "spoil" the young player. If Ibrahimovic continues to receive such "over exaggarated treatment", in couple of years he might think of himself as being "too god to play for team like Ajax" and demand to move to Barca, M.U or other prestigiou teams. This situation is a gamble for Ajax. They might lose Arveladze (one of the fans' favorites) for someone who might not live up to the expectations. The Ideal sitation: Leave both players on the team, but give Shota start and enter Ibrahimovic as a sub so that he will gradually get experience. Shota must stay if Ajax wants to achieve anything in Europe. AJAX FOREVER

-- Anonymous, April 20, 2001

I read somewhere that Ibrahimovic will be wearing #9, currently Shota's number. If true, does that bode ill for the Georgian's future with the club?

-- Anonymous, April 19, 2001

I believe Co Adriaanse should be looking for an experienced player to play the role of spare defender, someone who knows the right moment to leave Chivu and move into midfield. I can think of Gheorghe Popescu at Galatasaray, highly thought of by Johan Cruyff. Any more suggestions?

-- Anonymous, April 19, 2001

Thnx Jens for your contributions. Much appreciated! For everyone's information, here's a nice one from (for what it is worth):
It can't be easy being signed for over £5 million when you're still only 19 - unless, that is, you're Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who has accepted his sudden rise to prominence with an air of effortless indifference.

In July, the striker will leave Allsvenskan side Malmo for Ajax, a remarkable move for a player who has only played six top-flight games. Not that the step up caused him too many problems as he banged in both goals in Malmo's surprise 2-0 win over AIK in the opening game of the season.

Anybody who doubted whether the player who terrorised first division defences last season would be able to do the same in Allsvenskan soon got their answer as he tore AIK apart with his explosive pace and outstanding technical skills.

On Easter Monday he was seen yawning nonchalantly just before kick- off away to title-contenders Elfsborg. And then he turned in another sublime display, running at defenders, and setting up both goals in another 2-0 triumph.

The pressure of being a star simply doesn't seem to apply with Ibrahimovic. "I always tried to do my best, to maintain a positive spirit and to fight for everything," he said. "If you do that, then everything should work."

Ibrahimovic however, admitted that he is not always quite as confident as he may seem. "Sometimes I get nervous before games," he told "I become kind of tensed up, but that has never been a real problem for me."

The 19-year-old's rise has been meteoric. He made his debut for Sweden in January in indoor games against Finland and the Faroe Islands in an experimental Sweden side comprising only young players. He was called up to the Under-21 team in March, and promptly scored against both Macedonia and Moldova. A few days later, he agreed terms with Ajax in a £5.5 million deal.

Almost overnight, Ibrahimovic became a celebrity. "I have noticed that people recognise me and watch me in the streets," he said. "They turn round when they come across me. Sometimes I try to hide, wearing a woollen cap or a hat. But I'm getting used to it. It feels just normal now."

With his apparently unbreakable belief in his own ability, the image of Ibrahimovic is of an arrogant player, but he insisted that is not the case. "It's not true, but I quite enjoy reading about it," he said. "To be honest, I don't care about what the newspapers write. "I'm self-confident but I'm not cocky. I know what I want, but I'm not a tough guy, not cocky. My friends know who I am."

Ibrahimovic, the son of a Bosnian and a Croat, was born and brought up in the Malmo suburb of Rosengard, an area noted for its social problems and high level of unemployment, and he was far from a model child. Indeed, his former headmaster described him as one of the five noisiest pupils he has ever come across.

That wild side is still occasionally apparent, as for instance back in January, he impersonated a policeman in Malmo's red light district and gave chase to what appeared to be a prospective punter. The victim of the prank, though, turned out not to be a client at all, but a social worker, and Ibrahimovic was eventually arrested following a car chase.

What would have become of Ibrahimovic if he had not found football is impossible to say, but it is a huge step from Rosengard to the bright lights of Amsterdam. Ajax rate him so highly that they have offered him the number nine shirt previously worn by the likes of Johnny Rep, Marco van Basten and Patrick Kluivert.

"That is important to me," Ibrahimovic said. "I think that it'll be an honour to wear the number nine considering the players that have performed in this number at Ajax before."

-- Anonymous, April 19, 2001

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been selected for the Swedish national team. The 19year old new Ajax signing will be part of the squad for the friendly against Switzerland. It's the 3rd time he is part of the national team.

-- Anonymous, April 18, 2001

About the translation of "Ajax – satsar på ungdomar. Se på MFF- Zlatan!". This time "satsar" doesn't mean betting (which it also can mean) but "backs up their" or something like that, what Expressen said is that "Ajax takes good care of young people, look at Zlatan from MFF" (MFF=Malmö FF).

He performed even better yesterday against another of the top ranked teams, Elfsborg IK, compared to last weeks match, even though he didn't score himself he was involved in Malmös 2 goals and had 4 or 5 shots on target himself. AIK wich he scored 2 against in the premiere of Allsvenskan (Highest division) is ranked somewhere between 1st and 3rd team this year, and Elfsborg somewhere between 2nd - 5th place.

He is also in the next national squad against switzerland, he has only played in the Under-21 squad earlier.

What I've seen on the television is really entertaining, he's extremely technical (and also big & strong, 193 cms). I think Ajax has made a good catch even if the price is horrific. He is by far Swedens most expensive football player ever, Fredrik Ljungberg of Arsenal went from Halmstad to Arsenal in 1997 for 3 millions gbp and as far as I know Ajax has payed somewhere between 5 and 9 millions for Zlatan.

On saturday I'm going to watch Malmös next match, I'll report how he is doing.

Rgds. Jens

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2001

I will help you with the swedish translation. Ajax- Statsar på ungdommar, se på MFF-Zlatan means Ajax- betting on youngsters, just look at MFF-Zlatan.

Please mail me if you like to know some more.

-- Anonymous, April 16, 2001

Zlatan Ibrahimovic's current club, Malmö FF, has made its debut in the highest Swedish class by beating Solna, 2-0. Both goals were scored by Ajax' new striker!

-- Anonymous, April 11, 2001

And some more...? Well, okay :-)

This is translated from I can't find any confirmation of this, but I assume even the most unreliable of soccer websites would not lie about someone actually coming to Ajax for a trial.

*** Goran Ljubojevic is tested by Ajax this week. The 17 year-old Croat, now playing for Osijek, is considered Croatia's biggest football talent. FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayer Leverkusen, 1. FC Kaiserslautern and Borussia Dortmund are interested in contracting the striker as well.

Ljubojevic himself, however, prefers the Amsterdam club. Two weeks ago, Ajax already contracted another young striker: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a 19 year-old Swede of Bosnic-Croatian origin. He signed a five year contract. *** (Source:

Here's a (not very impressive) player profile on Apparently, he's a big guy (height: 1.89 meters), of the type Co Adriaanse is looking for.

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2001

Swedish newspaper 'Expressen' reports that Ajax is one of (many) European clubs interested in offensive midfielder, Kim Källström (18), now playing for BK Häcken. If your Swedish is better than mine, check this article on

Perhaps there are some Swedes who can translate this for us: "Ajax – satsar på ungdomar. Se på MFF-Zlatan!" (I think I understand the bit about Zlatan, but the first bit is tricky).

If your Swedish is as shitty as mine, this will be of more interest to you. Mind you: it's from - and we know what that means. However, assuming that they don't make up quotes at PlanetFootball, it is in fact interesting that this dude prefers Ajax over a bunch of other clubs...

*** BK HACKEN star Kim Kallstrom is set to disappoint a number of top club across Europe after revealing that he would favour a move to Ajax. The 18-year-old has attracted the interest of a number of sides including Tottenham Hotspur, PSV Eindhoven and Udinese but he admitted that Ajax where he had been on trial would be his first choice of destination should he leave Hacken with the prospect of teaming up with Sweden Under-21 team-mate Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Kallstrom has admitted that he would be prepared to sign a contract with the Dutch giants now but that he would stay with Hacken until the end of the season. "I can consider the same solution as Zlatan," admitted Kallstrom.

Parma are the latest club to declare their interest in the playmaker and they have sent representatives to watch the player in action, but the player's agent Roger Ljung confirmed that they are waiting for the best offer before deciding what to do. "There are many clubs who are ready for a deal right now," said Ljung. "But we have decided to wait for the right offer at the right time."

The Gothenberg club are keen to hang onto their most prized asset at least until the end of the new season and if they do sell they want the best price for one of the most promising players in Sweden. "We want to give Kim and the others in the side the chance to concentrate solely on the Allsvenskan," said club chairman Ake Nilsson.

"Additionally, there should be other clubs who will come in for him and a cap for Sweden would also increase the value of the young midfielder. "We are willing to accept a transfer if everything is in order, but we have got the agreement that Kim shall play for us until the end of the season. ***


-- Anonymous, April 10, 2001

There is a very good generation players coming from Finland, Turkey, Algeria and Australia. Ajax should take advantage of this situation. The team should spend a lot of money for reinforcements for the Cgampion's league. AJAX FOREVER!!!

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2001

Targets for Ajax: 1. Dietar Eilts (D) 2. Levan Kobiashvili (D/M) 3. Andriyi Tikhonov (M/A) 4. Fatih Akiyil (D) 5. Jes Venegoor (A) 6. Winston Bogarde (D) 7. David Jarolim (D/M) 8. Mariano Juan (D/M) 9. Wung Kun Cha (A) 10.Levan Silagadze (D)

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2001

I agree that Ibrahimovic will make his "presence" be seen. Now Ajax needs a fast forward to provide help for him. Arveladze, Wamberto and some other guys in Ajax can make Shevhcenko-Bierhoff duo (I know this is too much). I believe Ajax should sell Mahlas and get a lot of money for him which they will spend on strengthening the defensive line. Offesnse and mid-field is good but defense will be too weak for Champion's league. Bogarde is a good option. He has experience also and has won Champion's league once already. How about some other ajacieds? Kiki Musampa, Mariano Juan, and some others?

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2001

Hey, this is from PlanetFootball...


MANCHESTER CITY goalkeeper Nicky Weaver is a shock target for Dutch giants Ajax. Amsterdam coach Co Adriaanse has put the England Under- 21 international at the top of his wish list and he wants the Sheffield-born stopper to challenge current number one Bogdan Lobont.

Romanian international Lobont, 29, is not the most consistent of performers and the improving Ajax side are looking to make signings with a view to the future and Weaver fits into that category, as he is just 22.

The chances that City boss Joe Royle would allow Weaver to leave are minimal, although if the Citizens were relegated then Ajax could tempt the Maine Road club with a bid.

Ajax are currently third in the KPN Eredivisie and seem to be on the way back after a torrid time in recent years. They have a host of young talent coming through and the likes of Cedric van der Grun and Rafael van der Vaart should bring glory days back to Amsterdam.

One player who seems to recognise the potential at the Amsterdam ArenA is Georgian striker Shota Arveladze. The former Trabzonspor man moved to Holland in 1997 as a replacement for Patrick Kluivert, but he was unsettled this season stating he wanted to leave after falling out-of-favour with Adriaanse.

Arveladze, though, has hit a rich vein of form recently, scoring 14 goals in just 22 games, and now technical director Leo Beenhakker wants him to sign an extension to his contract which expires next season.

First of all, after I freaked out about the BBC story on Jimmy Hasselbaink, it is again funny to see how well-informed some football reporters are: "the current number one Bogdan Lobont" (yeah, right, some 70 minutes in total...) and "Lobont, 29,..." (oh really? He was born on 18 January, 1978).

But more worrying is the fact that I've heard several English dudes say that Weaver is not so good, to say the very, very least. I've also heard rumors that Weaver has already stated that he wants to stay with Man City for now. I don't know what's true and what's not. But a goalkeeper is not exactly the main thing jax is looking for, I suppose (Grim, Lobont, Didgeridoo, Van der Ban @ Haarlem)...

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2001

If Winston Bogarde want to go back to his old club.....maybe he have a big oppurtunity to score and help to defense the opponent...I really excited if Jari Litmanen will be come back to AJAX!!!!! So that the team will play for UEFA Champions League

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2001

I read a comment by one of the posters about the present Ajax players... they were all pretty small and fragile-looking... And many of the team is younger than 21!!! Also, none of the present players have "presence"... Davids, for example, was also pretty small, but he has presence. People playing against him, knew that Davids was a fanatic, almost crazy player who will do almost anything to get past you or even worse, do anything to get that ball from you! Most of the players of Ajax are wussies! Sure they have technique, but if the opponent don't respect them and the referee is pretty "tolerant" than you just have to knock them a little bit and they fall over, including the defence!!!

A good start was made with Zlatan, a big and physically strong player, who is also reputed to be a gifted technician. I think that he willhave "presence", just by the sheer size of him. But more importantly is the defence, our defenders cannot "intimidate" the opponent players and they all seem much too "nice". Chivu used to be a determined player too in his early days, but anyway, he is injured a lot lately. I think we should get back Bogarde. If he comes on the pitch with his crazy look and big physique, opponent strikers will shit their pants! They'd be more worried about their health than about the goal! Bogarde is now wasting away at %$#^chelsy, he'd be cheap and eager to play again! So Ajax, get Bogarde!

-- Anonymous, April 03, 2001

Signing new forwards is good, but is it the only solution. Ajax is going to play in Champion's league next year. In Europe defense wins the game ( I do not like Italians, but it is so). No matter how strong forwards Ajax has if they do not buy good defenders it will all be gone. The thing is in mentality. Every ajax player wants to attack and score. IOt can not work this way... No way... Someone has to stay back. May be Ajax should think about getting a new goalkeeper. More defenders!!!

-- Anonymous, April 03, 2001

Great! A player enjoying the fast life who is coming to..drumroll please...Amsterdam, worlds most conservative and button-downed city. A five year deal to boot. I sincerely hope someone sits down with him and ,in that typically Dutch no bull-shit style,lets him know what is expected. I saw an article on Teamtalk which says his favoured position is as main targetman. At 1.92 meters or about 6'3", it would seem he would fit best in Nikos Machlas' position. What does this bode for Nikos? All in all, I'd rather not see another potential Dani in the side;albeit a jumbo-sized version. Give me Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink anyday.I hope TeamTalk is talking crap when they say "it now looks as if the striker will be joining PSV"(from 3/22/01).

-- Anonymous, March 23, 2001

Here's a nice (old) story about our new striker...(from OneFootball, for what it is worth). They talk about a transfer to Arsenal, but as you can read on the homepage of ajax-usa Ajax contracted the player yesterday.

*********** Thursday 4th January 2001

Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic could face six months in jail for impersonating a policeman in Malmo's red light district, it emerged on Thursday. "I meant no harm but it was a very stupid thing to do," he admitted.

The young Arsenal target – who scored 12 goals for Malmo in the first division last season and has apparently been offered the No 9 shirt at Highbury by coach Arsene Wenger – is renowned for his fast lifestyle.

His latest misdemeanour occurred at 2am as he cruised around the red light area with a friend. The pair pulled up near a prostitute who was speaking to a suspected punter through his car window. Prostitution is legal in Sweden but paying for sex is illegal – and Ibrahimovic allegedly apprehended the 57-year-old man, shouting: "This is the police, this is the police. Remain where you are."

The accosted man told Expressen: "One of the guys stepped out of the car and ran up to me. I realised that they were not real policemen, so I was frightened and started my car to escape. "They tried to use their car to force me to stop. I picked up my mobile phone to call the police and when they saw me using the phone they tried to slip away. Instead I started to chase them."

Police caught Ibrahimovic and his companion in a nearby street, asked them to identify themselves, then let the pair go. It also emerged later that the man they tried to apprehend was not a curb-crawler but a local churchman known as "the protector of the down-and-outs". "I was talking to the girl in the street just to ask her if I could help her by driving her home," he explained.

A Malmo police spokeswoman said: "It is serious when people pretend to be policemen. But the prosecutor has to decide whether to start a preliminary investigation." Malmo sports director Hasse Borg added: "The club of course take exception to what Zlatan did. "Players are supposed to set a good example. In their contracts they have agreed to act according to the policy of the club and things like this create bad will." *********** Will this be our new Dani???

-- Anonymous, March 23, 2001

Arveladze is even better. 4 GOALS!!! AJAX FOREVER

-- Anonymous, March 22, 2001

There are rumours in England that Arsenal is going to trade Kanu for Machlas. Altough Machlas is a great player, I think that Kanu is better for the number 9 position

-- Anonymous, March 22, 2001

As for the transfers. In the contracts that Ajax is signing with the beginners, team should include a clause that states that players can not leave the team (as a result of a sale) for at least 4 years. Thus future talents who want to be discovered (as they are through Ajax) will have to agree to these terms or they will have to find some other team to become popular. However, i do not think that there is a better talented players producing machine in Europe than Ajax. AJAX FOREVER

-- Anonymous, March 19, 2001

I saw that some people are recommending new players for Ajax and would like to point couple of phenomenal players. I am from Georgia and thus my selection will be very subjective. SORRY. You can watch some of great defenders (that Ajax is lacking) in the national squad of Georgia. Kakhi Kaladze (who plays for Milan now) is one of them but Iguess he is not available. Levan Silagadze (Torpedo Kutaisi) and Georgi Nemsadze (Aberdeen, Scotland) are the heart of the defense that has conceded only 4 goals for the last 7 games. I would recommend some non-Georgian players as well. Like Pavel said Andryi Tikhonov is the preseent and the future of Russian football. Also Ruslan Nigmatulin (goalkeeper of Lokomotiv Moscow) would be a great selection for Ajax. There are very talented players in Turkey as well. Such as Fatih Akiyel who plays for Galatasaray. He is not very expensive and I am sure that Ajax can afford him.

-- Anonymous, March 19, 2001

From AT5 Text:

"Another young Ajax talent seems to be making the step from the A1 youth team to the Ajax-1 squad. JOHNNY HEITINGA, who is considered one of Ajax' super talents, trained with the first team on Thursday. It does not seem unlikely for the central defender to make his debut on Sunday, against Sparta, now Cristian Chivu is injured. Opponents Sparta, from Rotterdam, have not lost one match since their new coach, Willem van Hanegem, was hired."

-- Anonymous, March 16, 2001

I have also read that Juventus are "mad" for both Van Der Vaart and Hersi. Remember they have connections with Ajax having bought Van Der Sar and of course Davids though he came to Juventus from Ac Milan. Also they bought one of Ajax's promising youngsters De Windt who plays in the top Juve Junior side. I hate this trend. These players must be protected for a few years at the very least.

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2001

Not to worry. Van der Vaart was asked to comment on Real and Man-U's presence - and he said he is already about to sign a new contract with Ajax. "That'll be sorted out soon", he said.

I know the comments of players are not always reliable, but if he was about to leave, he would not have said he was definitely *not* leaving. He'll go one day, but not now. I'm sure about that.

Hey, but here's the good news for today: CRISTIAN CHIVU HAS SIGNED!!! He will make more cash and is now signed to Ajax until 2006. Yeah.

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2001

According to ......THE RUMOUR MILL

"Representatives from both Manchester United and Real Madrid watched young Ajax midfielder Rafael van der Vaart this weekend. The 18-year- old left midfielder scored the third goal in Ajax's 3-3 draw with Groningen."

We're going to lose another one!!!

Something HAS to be done. Footballers that have been developed need to be paid for. These are multi million dollar exceptions to labour laws, players are assets that are traded by clubs like pieces of machinery or brands. Saying they are protecting human/labour rights is bollocks. I don't see the EU going after the Catholic Church about women's employment rights as priests. Is football just an easier target because Uefa and Fifa are run by incompetent beaurocratic windbags?

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2001

It has started already! I have read that Manchester United and Real Madrid have been watching Van Der Vaart. Does anyone know what his current contract and transfer fee is? They must be told to piss off for a few years. Obviously he is the future of our club, and he is not ready for that level as of yet. In a few years yes, but not now. This is very disturbing but reality especially with clubs like Ajax who develop great young talent. Today's game is out of control. Hopefully the new complicated transfer system will sort things out.

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2001

I heard some rumours that the Belgian international Bart Goor from Anderlecht will play for Ajax next season. Does anybody know anything about this? If he would come play for Ajax that would be absolutely great because he's a very skilled player. But, he plays the left wing, and there we already have Rafael vd Vaart who absolutely is going to be the next big star. So that would create huge problem for Co Adriaanse i guess. Forza AJAX!!!

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2001

From TeamTalk:
Thursday, March 08, 2001

FC TWENTE striker Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink has finally admitted that he needs to leave the club in order to further his career.

"Twente is a great club to me, but now I am at a stage of my career that I want to play for Championships and also in the Champions League," he said, following advice from Louis Van Gaal.

"I would prefer to play for a top Dutch club, before I will move abroad. It is better for me to move abroad, after I have built a good reputation in Holland.

"I don't think there is any difference between Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord. It just has to feel right."

WHAT? He knows the difference. I assume this is just negotiating tactics. There is only one top club in Holland, pal. :-)

-- Anonymous, March 08, 2001

I have heard that Ajax is close to signing the young player Mendes of Sparta Rotterdam. My understanding is that this player has a very bright future and has been compared to as a Frank Rijkaard type of player. He is 18 years old, but obviously is highly regarded when mentioned with the likes of Rijkaard. Any information or thoughts on this?

-- Anonymous, March 08, 2001

Another article about Vennegoor of Hesselink from OneFootball, and a useful playe r profile, also from OneFootball.

-- Anonymous, March 06, 2001

For those interested, here the article on VoH from

Ajax admit Vennegoor interest -----------------------------

AJAX COACH Co Adriaanse has revealed that Ajax are interested in signing FC Twente striker Jan Vennegoor.

The coach thinks that the tall striker would fit in perfectly in the Amsterdam squad while the new Dutch international feels very honoured by Ajax’s interest.

But now Vennegoor has made it to the Dutch national team, and he is the captain of FC Twente. Despite the fact that the club is going trough a very bad season, that striker already has managed to score 13 goals.

Therefore, the time seems right for Vennegoor to make the move to one of the bigger clubs. He prefers to play for a top team in Holland before he has any ambition of moving abroad.

“I have not made a decision about my future yet,” according to Vennegoor, who is still under contract at Twente until 2004. Last year the striker made the choice to stay one more year at Twente, despite the fact that PSV wanted him."

“I would love to wear the Ajax shirt. I think I can learn a lot in Amsterdam from Co Adriaanse. That is why I am honoured and surprised by the words of Adriaanse," he added.

ADRIAANSE PRAISED the qualities of Vennegoor and according to the Ajax boss; the player is made of the right stuff.

The Ajax youth department however does not provide such a player like the tall target man that Vennegoor is described as being. Adriaanse also is in the opinion that his current team will not be able to compete with Feyenoord and PSV for the championship next season.

The signing of Vennegoor will not be an easy task, because Tottenham Hotspur are also interested, as are PSV who are already in search for replacements for Ruud van Nistelrooy and Mateja Kezman, who are both expected to leave within the next few years

The transfer value of Vennegoor is not known yet, but it is said that there is a clause in his contract for a limited transfer fee.

But Adriaanse doesn’t mind about the transfer fee because he leaves those worries to technical manager Leo Beenhakker and general manager Arie van Eijden.



-- Anonymous, March 06, 2001

About the Petrov deal: I heard he has signed with VfL Wolfsburg in Germany, but then someone told me that that announcement was later said to be untrue. I don't know. Didn't hear anything about it since.

But here's something interesting: quite surprisingly, Co Adriaanse has suddenly shown pretty straight forward interest in FC Twente striker, Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink (yes, Vennegoor of Hesselink is his second name...). He said so in a TV interview with AT5's "Godenzonen". Something like: the team is not in balance, we have two good centre forwards, but we need a real pinch-hitter, someone who can 'break a game open'. VoH would be an ideal option, but the question is: does he want to join Ajax and can we pay him?

So they called VoH right away. He didn't say too much, obviously surprised about the interest. He said it was an honor and that it gave him extra self-confidence.

I think it would be an excellent choice...

-- Anonymous, March 06, 2001

What happened to that Petrov deal. Didn't hear anything about that deal after December. Does anyone know anything about it?

-- Anonymous, March 01, 2001

It's official: Volendam defender Kras signs four year contract with Ajax: Ajax USA news report.

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2001

AT5 Text reports that Ajax has officially contacted First Division side FC Volendam about 18 year-old defender, Ruud Kras. Kras is considered one of Holland's defensive talents. He has become a key player in Volendam's first team and plays for the Holland under-18 team (he is 18, but anyway, that's what AT5 reports...). Ajax and Volendam will start negotiating about the transfer fee shortly. FC Twente had also shown interest for Kras, but he prefers to go to Ajax.

Ajax's interest is official (not a rumor). We'll announce the transfer on the Ajax USA homepage once there's an agreement.

-- Anonymous, February 09, 2001

Martin Petrov of Servette is being scouted by Adriaanse and his staff, he is a ver fast complete footballer who is 21 years old and a Bulgarian international. He was player of the season here in Switzerland, he's my favorite player of my local team here Servette.

AJAX RULZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO AJAX GO!!!!!

-- Anonymous, December 29, 2000

Hello my name is Pavel. I think that if u are trying to find a left wing attaker try Andriy Tikhonov from Spartak Moskow currently at Maccabi Tel Aviv. Hi is a real fighter. Did you heard about Andriy Vorobey of Shachter Donetsk the new Shevchenko,or Yegor Titov the briliant playmaker and goalscorer of Spartak Moskow.If you are searching for a real strong and young defenders you should go to Russia and Ukraine, there are a lot of undiscovered talents. Good Luck from the biggest AJAX fan!!!

-- Anonymous, November 12, 2000

Rodi Turpijn is more than just a rumour. Here's what Adriaanse said, when confronted with this rumour:

"It is in my view not really a left-winger. He can actually play on the entire left side: midfield, back, outside left - somewhere in between. At De Graafschap he often plays in the forward line. He is absolutely one of the candidates to think about."

(source: AT5 Nieuws)

-- Anonymous, November 07, 2000

Co Adriaanse wants to use the large part of the $11.5 million received for Jesper Gronkjaer to buy new players. The team needs a real left winger and Adriaanse is said to be still looking for an extra defender as well. There are rumors in the Dutch press that the first player to come to Ajax, is actually an Ajax youth player: left winger Rody Turpijn, currently playing for De Graafschap. He played a few good games in Ajax-1 two years ago, but did not get a chance from Jan Wouters.

I'm not sure whether Turpijn was loaned out or sold to De Graafschap. And I don't really know how he's been doing over there, either. I'm just sharing this rumor with you.

-- Anonymous, November 07, 2000

Yup - but only if it's a free transfer, and Bergkamp voluntarily chooses for one or two more years with Ajax (same scenario as Frank Rijkaard in '95). I don't see the point of spending millions on a 31 year-old striker, who'll keep Knopper and Van der Gun from getting the experience they need to become the new Bergkamps.

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2000

A lot of reports say Bergkamp is unhappy with his part time role at Arsenal these days (new contract comming up). Sounds like the ideal time for huim to return to his "roots"......And we could sure as hell use him!


-- Anonymous, September 23, 2000

Right - here's a quick overview of the current facts and rumors about new players...

For a while, there was this buzz going about Finidi George and Jari Litmanen returning to Ajax. George relegated with Betis Sevilla and wanted to go; Litmanen is out of the picture in Barcelona now Van Gaal's gone and new coach Ferrer has announced that Rivaldo is his offensive midfielder, to play right behind the strikers. Ajax' interest in these two old heroes has NEVER been confirmded. We can now forget about it anyway: Finidi George has signed with Real Mallorca (fact) and Co Adriaanse has explained in several sports papers and magazines that he is NOT interested in buying Jari Litmanen at this point.

Some facts then: as announced on the Ajax USA homepage, Ajax has contracted Finnish defender Petri Pasanen (19, from FC Lahti), and young South-African talent Steven Pienaar (18) is the first youth player to come over from Ajax' "satellite club" Ajax Cape Town. He is not really in the picture for the first team yet. The same goes for another Fin, named Jussi Kujala (17 and coming from Tampere United). This last transfer was not mentioned on this webpage before, as Kujala was bought "for the future". We will probably not hear from him in Ajax-1 for a few more years.

According to Ajax is still after one more defender, to complete this season's selection. Ajax Mania reports that Ajax has raised its bid for Igor Biscan (Dynamo Zagreb) to 13 million guilders (some $5,5 million). Turkish club Fenerbahce is after Biscan as well, but according to Ajax Mania, Biscan has said he would prefer to go to Ajax. I have not heard or read any official statement from Ajax about this matter.

-- Anonymous, August 17, 2000

Anybody remember the 94/95 season? At the start of that season, nobody gave Ajax a chance. They hadn't attracted any names, only some players from the youth team and an old player of Ajax who wanted to play one more season for Ajax before he retired...

These last few years Ajax is buying and contracting players who are not familiar with the Ajax style of play. Ignoring the youth players, the thing Ajax is famous for in the entire world and more importantly, familiar with the Ajax culture and the Ajax style of play.

In "them olden days" the Ajax trained players were the backbone, the heart of the Ajax teams, complemented with good outside players. Now... sigh...

-- Anonymous, July 27, 2000

Time for an update:

Ajax seems to have lost interest in Roda-defender Regilio Vrede, because they find the fee demanded by Roda too high. Vrede was quoted saying that he's very angry with Roda for not co-operating. He's said he will "never play for Roda again". In the mean time, Ajax has officially stated that the rumors about Jordi Cruyff are NOT true. "Ajax is not interested in Jordi Cruyff. There has not been contact of any kind", an official press statement says. The rumors about Tarik Oulida and Joos Valgaeren have seem to have faded away. But according to NOS TeleTekst, Finidi George would like to return to Ajax. The only problem, says the TeleText service, is again the transfer fee demanded by Real Betis Sevilla, with which team Finidi has just relegated to the second Spanish division.

Some new rumors then. AT5 Text reports that Ajax is after Paul Okon, the Australian defender playing for Fiorentina in Italy. And Ajax is said to have contacted Spartak Moscow about Russian stars Igor Titov and Andrei Tichonov. Check (today only, probably). AT5 does not mention a source and admits that head coach Co Adriaanse does not want to confirm it. This makes the whole thing a bit vague to me (that's why I posted it here on the forum), but who knows.

By the way: who can tell us something about those Russians? Never heard of them.

-- Anonymous, May 24, 2000

Ajax' general manager has stressed that Ajax wants to buy some new players as soon as possible, to complete next season's team. The only new players officially bought are goalie Bogdan Lobont and midfielder Tomas Galasek. There are a lot of rumours circulating in several Dutch newspapers and on a few Ajax online discussion forums. This is a selection.

1) For some months, a lot of Ajax fans seemed pretty sure that Ajax would go after FC Utrecht's French left winger Didier Martel. He was sold to Vitesse this week, so that one's off. 2) Ajax has confirmed they're interest in Roda JC's two metres tall central defender Regilio Vrede, who's usually a member of Roda's impressive "airforce" when Roda's taking corners kicks. 3) According to unconfirmed rumors, Ajax wants to buy Jordi Cruyff (Johan's son, currently a full-time bench sitter at Manchester United), Tarik Oulida (didn;t make it into the first Ajax team in '95; now playing in the Japanese league) and Andy van der Meyde (Ajax right winger, now loaned out to FC Twente). 4) Other rumors make believe that Ajax is till after Roda JC defender Joos Valgaeren, Vitesse captain and Ajacied in 1992 Michel Kreek and even... Finidi George, who was quoted saying that he's fed up with his current team FC Sevilla (Spain) and would actually fancy a return to Amsterdam.

NOTE: numbers 1) and 2) are facts. Numbers 3) and 4) are rumors. Number 3) sounded more realistic to me. How do you feel about the players mentioned? Which ones should Ajax try to buy?

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2000


During the winter break, Ajax has been trying to buy three new players from other Dutch clubs: defender/midfielder Kevin Hofland (Fortuna Sittard), Belgian defender Joos Valgaeren (Roda JC) as well as offensive midfielder Fernando Ricksen (AZ) decided to stay with their current teams. Secondly, Ajax did not agree with the fees proposed by the clubs in the first place. Jan Wouters said he was "disappointed" by this. The Ajax coach desperately wanted to sign a couple of new players. This week, as Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reported, Ajax is negotiating with FC Utrecht, in order to buy Utrecht's French left-wing striker Didier Martel. This has not been confirmed by Ajax yet.

-- Anonymous, February 01, 2000

Did Ajax get John O'Brien from Utrecht? Does anybody know where O'Brien is? Does anybody really know what time it is?

-- Anonymous, August 12, 1999

Hey, everybody is forgetting KEVIN BOBSON. He's coming from the famous Ajax-school. Is playing on the left wing in the style of Brian Roy and Edgar Davids. He's young (19) and exciting to watch. He's gonna be a great one.

-- Anonymous, July 22, 1999

Don't forget John Nieuwenburg! A great talent from Sparta who signed a contract on the 15th of june.

-- Anonymous, July 10, 1999

Nikos Machlas came to Vitesse three years ago. The first year he had trouble getting use to the playing-style in Holland. The second year he became european-topscorer. This year he scored something like 25 goals. He missed a few games due to injury. So he's not the european topscorer this year, that's the brazilian Jardel from FC Porto with 36 goals. Machlas is a pure striker, he is at the right place at the right time and is trigger-happy when he can see the goal no matter where he stands.

-- Anonymous, July 08, 1999

Vitesse's Machlas joins Ajax in record deal

AMSTERDAM, July 7 (Reuters) - Ajax Amsterdam have paid a club record 19 million guilders ($8.8 mln) to buy former European top scorer Nikos Machlas from Vitesse Arnhem. The club said on Wednesday they had signed the Greek striker on a five-year contract. Machlas, 26, scored 60 league goals in his three years with Vitesse. Ajax said this completed their squad plans ahead of the 1999/2000 season. They had already signed midfielder Jan van Halst from Twente Enschede, goalkeeper Stanley Menzo from Lierse SK of Belgium, Vfb Stuttgart defender Frank Verlaat, John Nieuwenburg from Sparta Rotterdam, Aron Winter of Inter and former Danish international Brian Laudrup. Machlas will probably replace Georgian striker Shota Arveladze who has failed to impress coach Jan Wouters. Turkish side Fenerbahce are reportedly interested in buying Arveladze, who previously played in the Turkish league for Trabsonspor.

-- Anonymous, July 07, 1999

Just for clarity's sake. The comments attributed to me in the previous message are not my own. I was re-posting a collection of comments from the July Tour forum. (I really don't have an opinion about Wooter.)

More news: Ajax is also getting Martijn Reuser back. Apparently, he played 20 matches last year for Vitesse, and his contract has been purchased by Ajax.

-- Anonymous, July 07, 1999

Wooters????Wooters???? Please no, he is just not good enough; doesn't have the talent a European topside like Ajax needs. Saying that Laudrup isn't good enough is downright ridiculous ( a bit like saying that Air Jordan can't jump), and yes, Machlas is officially an Ajacied, as from 6 July; we are stuck with Reuser now...oh well, he will return to Vitesse next year, only to be sold to another club. But, you never know, he may do well, and in that case Ajax will buy him from Vitesse; strange construction...last week he was an Ajacied, now he is officially owned by Vitesse, immediately loaned from Vitesse, and possibly bought from them at the end of coming season. If not, he is still owned by Vitesse.

Anybody understands...?

-- Anonymous, July 07, 1999

Wooter or Laudrup?

Who would be more likely ro sign for Ajax: Brian Laudrup or Nordin Wooter?

Wooter is in Spain at Real Zaragoza and I'm pretty sure Knopper is from the youth program (or from Feyenooit's youth program *gasp*, before he came to his senses and came to Amsterdam.)

Wooter is in Spain at the moment.....! He plays for Real Zaragozza..! Knopper is Form The Feyemoord < Feyemurderers > youth program..! This guy was was in a real nightmare for al long period of time..! At last he snapped out of it and came to AJAX..! This players is good though, but let's not speak of him to highly..! He just not fast enough for the position he plays at.....! Mark my words please.. You'll see...

Let's hope that Laudrup does not come to AJAX... This f***er turned down AJAX in the past..! His wife might get homesick...! He has no love for the club... He's just in it for the money..! Btw he's not that good by the way..! Downhill for him ....!

Laudrup not good? Damn, do you know what soccer is? What the hell if he turned us down before. We turned down Litmanen before when he joined P$V. So what the hell!!!!! He good!

And again Ajax bought good players for next season. The way B Laudrup plays will make him an Ajacied like his brother (eventhough for just 1 year). Ajax also contracted John Nieuwenburg (20, youth- international) from Sparta R'dam. "A Wouters-type of player" according to Wouters. Not a bad move I say, because this Nieuwenburg is definitely talented.

Rumours say that Roy Makaay (Tenerife, Spain) is most likely to go to Ajax.... Now that Pierre "Air" van Hooijdonk most likely goes to Vitesse (Arnhem), The chances of Mahlas going to Ajax are a bit bigger than yesterday, but don't count on anything yet, Aalbers (Vitesse's manager) is not to happy about Mahlas going to a dutch team, so if he makes the final call, Mahlas will most likely go to Fiorentina or AS Roma (Italy)

What's the latest on Wooter? Is he coming in form Spain or not?

-- Anonymous, July 06, 1999

Verlaat Returns to Ajax 21 June: Frank Verlaat, once-and-future Ajacied defender, will return to Ajax on July 1, after a 10-year stint abroad including the past four seasons at VfB Stuttgart. Verlaat joins Aron Winter and Stanley Menzo in his return to Ajax.

Laudrup In, Melchiot Out 14 June: According to reliable sources, Brian Laudrup has signed a two-year contract with Ajax, with an option for a third year. Laudrup is the younger brother of Michael Laudrup, who played for Ajax from 1997 to 1998.

Winter Returns to Amsterdam 4 June: Aron Winter has signed a 4-year contract and will return to Ajax immediately, to begin training for next season.

Menzo Returns 1 June: Stanley Menzo has signed a 2 year contract with Ajax, and is expected to replace van der Sar as the starting keeper next season.

-- Anonymous, July 06, 1999

On June 11, 1999, Matt Homonoff ( asked: "I heard that Stanley Menzo just signed with Ajax to replace Van der Sar, where was he last season? What does this mean for Grim? Is he still considered the backup?"

To which Jan Mol ( replied on June 14, 1999: "Menzo played for Belgian club Lierse SK last season (he was player of the season there!). Grim and Menzo will both get the chance to be the #1 keeper. Nothing is settled."

-- Anonymous, July 06, 1999

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