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i have three ccj's about five years old there is no wayof paying them off. how long is it before they are removed from my credit file ie: equifax & experian.

-- andy rose (, July 05, 1999


Andy Whether paid or not they will dissapear after 6 years. Hope that helps.....

-- neil mcpherson (neil@mcppherson66.freeserve, August 04, 1999.

I had one and when we left the house I left that behind also, a week before I got the shortfall letter I had a phone call (in the evening) to confirm who I was and my previous address. I was then told some important documents were being sent and a few days later a letter arrived for the money which had been CCJ'd years earlier. This letter was from a company called 'linc financial', they also phoned me that day and have phoned several times since but not written again. The letter also states to send payment to them 'not' the original lender, have they bought the dept? Isn't it strange how we got the shortfall letter a week or so later!


-- stacey (, March 13, 2001.

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