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I'm trying to do my first video CD. I use Easy Video CD Creator and just one .mpg file of 90 Mo in a good format (It's accepted by Easy CD). Doing the structure seems very simple (I do a single sequence with the wizard and my .mpg file is correctly inserted on the left windows showing the sequence, and can be viewed). When I ask for burn the CD with the sequence, everything seems OK. But after, when I put this CD on my 40x ACER CD-ROM drive or in my CDR burner, there's nothing on the CD : no directory, no files, but there's a track ! It's going to make me creasy : I burned 4 CDR for test and nothing !!! I'm sure I should forget something very simple but essential somewhere, but I don't know what (I checked many times the on-line manual but it don't say anything). Please help me... Thanks so much for a quick answer.

-- Eric Dermigny (, July 05, 1999


Try to make sure ur closing ur session after the write and not leaving it open which would make it show a track and not let u read it, goback into CD creator and close track and it shoudl work I think

-- Rottzilla (, July 10, 1999.

Note that not all PC-CD players are able to recognize video CD's. It is the same as audio CD's. Maybe your CD are correct.

-- Ab Mantel (, July 11, 1999.

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