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Well I hope the last problem I have is, that the script only adds two objects in the whole.

Clicking on the "Buy Me" Button doesn't work after already two items are in.

I am not using the cookie function.

Also it's a problem, when I am entering the site, let's say in three days, after using the Buy-Button today, the script recognizes the two objects who were in three days before. So I will have to type 0 for value, recalculate and so on...

What's going on here ?

Thank you before for the an

-- Michael Franke (, July 02, 1999



Well I can answer the second part of your question. When you use the "buy1" command the "order.html" appears at the bottom is the "buy2" command you have the "change" command. The "buy2" command is what send out the e-mail's and clears the temp file and sends it to the order file.

If you used a custom html editor to edit your "order.html" file it adds in "html" "/html" "body" "/body" tags at the top and bottom of the file. You have to use a text editor like "Notepad" to remove them and any other tags you that were added in. Also the first line of the "order.html" has to be /form "put > after and < before /form" if it not that can cause problems. The same thing with your "demoheader.html" remove the "/html" and "/body" at the bottom only. Also the "demofooter.html" remove the "html" and "body" and any other tags from the top only.

Then upload the file. Every time you edit a file you have to set the permissions again.


-- James L. Farmer (, July 02, 1999.

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