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I am a DV filmmaker who has produced 3 DV to 35mm films this year. If you are looking to collaborate with someone who wants to co-produce your film and has access to High Def, S-VHS Digital Video camera package (850 lines), plus a dolly and lighting package at the best rates in town, then call me at 310 652-1522. I also can show you samples of what I have done.

-- David Lynn (, July 01, 1999



do u send out demo reels of latest?


-- larry lar (, August 18, 1999.

Dave - What did you shoot with this year? Were all three films done on HD or did you use a mini for one of them? The transfer from HD to 35 looks amazing, but wasn't it insanely more expensive? Anyways, very interested in seeing your reel. I'm in pre-prod. for a feature being shot with the new JVC GY-DV500. Would love your imput. Thanks.

-- C. Jones (, December 11, 1999.

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