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how can I get rid of all the fields shown in the form when proceeding the order ? I just only need the fields item id, name and price, no other.

I tried to delete the parts within the S-Mart.cgi, but then the script crashes it's function. It works no more. Internal Server Error.

Where can I get rid of for example total, subtotal, prices where the maths functions are ? I mean I do not need the function to calculate all prices.

Thank you bef

-- Michael Franke (, July 01, 1999


Hi Michael,

You can put a remark "# " command in front of the line you do not want to print. Find these lines.

print "Subtotal:";

print "\$ $totalprice\n"; print "Shipping:";

print "Total price:";

print "\$ $totalprice\n";

Change it to this. Just place a "# " before print.

# print "Subtotal:";

# print "\$ $totalprice\n"; # print "Shipping:";

# print "Total price:";

# print "\$ $totalprice\n";

You will have to change the e-mail as well. Just look for the "Mail" print commands and place a "#" in front of "print". If all the lines do not show up in the answer view the sorce code.


-- James L. Farmer (, July 01, 1999.

Thank you very much.

It works like you told me to change the script.

-- Michael Franke (, July 02, 1999.

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