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I need to do a demo for a customer and need to show it off net - on a laptop I can take with me to FLA. How do I set up a laptop to be a flashpix server, or is there a way of avoiding that? Please I need help on this asap!!!

Thanks :)

-- Torquato Tasso (, June 30, 1999


FlashPix is pretty broad technology. Are you demoing zoomability on the internet, or another imaging application?

If you are demoing zoomability on the internet, you can set up a canned demo that resides locally on your hard drive, or if you can go live onto the internet there are a lot of sites you could use. If you must show actual server functionality, but cannot go live on the internet, as you said, you will have to set up a server on your laptop. I unfortunately don't have experience doing that, but whoever sells you the server software would be more than happy to help.

-- Martin Rigby (, June 30, 1999.

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