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I am looking for someone who might knows how to add, in addition of 'itemprice" 'itemid"... a pop up to make the costumer able to choose the size of a cloth or a shoe ?

thanks very much for you help


-- Philippe (, June 30, 1999


Hi, if you find an answer to your question, help me please !


-- Sebastien (, October 02, 1999.

The way I did it was to set up a new variable in my smart.cgi. You can create a new variable similar to the quantity input. That's the only variable that the user can change so you make another subroutine like the quantity input but with a pull down menu or radio buttons or however you want to input the form information to identify size or color. You then have to print the variable name in the mailing program so you will know what size or color the customer ordered. It's also helpful to the customer if you put that information in the order review page information.

-- Rick Clevenger (, October 02, 1999.

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