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We're now using this script for an on-line bookstore featuring alternative publishers' books (mainly left-wing and counter cultural stuff). It's not as flexible as some bookstores out there but, because People Link's non-profit, we were overjoyed to find a free script that makes this possible.

Anyway, since I haven't seen anybody using the script this way, I just thought I'd invite folks to have a look and offer to share what we've done to others are going in this direction. Just let me know.

And, Barry, we greatly appreciate the work done on this script -- it's really going to make a difference to lots of these smaller publishers.

-- Alfredo Lopez (, June 30, 1999


I saw the book store mentioned. Mr. Lopez, you haven't seen anyone using the script for the book store, please visit my book store. Yeah, it is running on the same script you are using. Please come and hava a look. This call Siam Novella Books at I have been using the script for almost a year. I haven't change much to it. Everyone is welcome. My books store is selling Thai books from Thailand.

-- Ugrid Euarchukiati (, July 23, 1999.

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