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on Friday 29.1.99 my house was repossessed. I ended up in hospital where I received a message that I could pick the keys up and stay in the house for 4 weeks. On Monday My husband spoke to the lender Nationwide who said that if we paid #5000 by 5th february we could stay.

I applied to the court for an appeal against the repossession order but was told that it was unnecessary, as the Nationwide having given me keys would they would now have to start repossession proceedings again.

I can pay the mortgage and a significant amount towards the arrears, but I could not cant raise #5000. I got a call from Nationwide who agreed to a payment of #200 above the mortgage to be reviewed with a view to consolidation after 6 months. As this extra payment is causing a lot of problems I need to change the situation.

Is it true about the Nationwide position? Am I now back to the position of areas before a court order? What other options are there besides consolidation?

-- Sue Williamson (, June 29, 1999

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