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My wife was responsible for swim team registration for our local pool and she spent a considerable amount of time creating Excel type spreadsheets for all of the information (dues, parents, volunteers, meets, events, etc.). Information on one spreadsheet was not actively related to information on other spreadsheets so corrections and maintenance is agonizing. I suggested she use Access and create a real database. Has anyone out there already created a database for maintaining a community swim team? Any info is appreciated! Thanks, Mepperly

-- Michael Epperly (, June 28, 1999


You might be able to use one of the models in Office 2000. If not, there is a wizard in Access 2000 that you can use to set up a database. I have set up several using this method. You just have to name the data fields appropriately and make sure you have all the links and references to the data fields changed as well.

-- Charli Allison (, August 17, 2001.

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