VB 4 and Stored Procedures

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I have done VB 4 to SQL Server 6.5 using ODBC with client side sql. I am looking for a good example or a vb 4 pgm using stored procedures for a database insert, query and update.

Any help you be appreciated.

-- Anonymous, June 28, 1999



When I used VB4 I was using VBSQL. However, I did find this code snippet in usenet.

Use a query def and set its connect property and SQL property and then execute it. For example: dim qd as querydef qd.connect = "blah blah blah" qd.sql = "sp_myproc 'arg1', 'arg2'" set mysnp = qd.openrecordset(dbopensnapshot, dbforwardonly)

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, June 29, 1999

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