what did you want to be when you grew up

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By know I think that we all realize that there are things we wanted to do for a career and things that we really do for a career.
I'm wondering what was it that you wanted to do?
What kept you from doing it?
Do you think you would be happier, depressed, or @ the same if you did it?
Do you still plan on doing what you want in the future?
Our are you satistfied with how things are now? I personally wanted to be a record producer.
Unfortunitely, I didn't have the contacts to get started and I wasn't patient enough to not have any money while waiting to make contracts, so I sold out to the evile corporations of the world.
Its all good ... sometimes I think about what might have been,
but i have a good job, good friends, i like where I live, and generally have no complaints with how things are going so far. if a chance comes up in the future (i'm not that old...) i still might give it a shot, but if i dont its ok
what about yall?

-- the brain (dkravetz@hotmail.com), June 28, 1999


Thats a good point ....
I did DJ shift at school, because I liked making / DJing mix tapes
Once I had to do it i hated it and realized i'd be miserable if i had to do that every day, so i didn't
Last year I started making mix tapes and giving them to people, and I enjoy doing it again.
So I guess I did the same thing, once it was a hobby, it was fun again.

-- the brain (dkravetz@hotmail.com), June 29, 1999.

Ever since junior high, I wanted to be a professional writer. After graduating from high school, I also wanted to be a DJ. I've done both. I've hated both.

I'd kinda like to write comic books for DC or Marvel; I'd like to write games for game companies; I'd like to be a forest ranger and live in the forest; I'd like to work as a parapsychologist and investigate haunted houses. But I no longer look for "dream jobs", because I know that after only a few months, I'd hate my dream job with as much venom as I hate writing for newspapers and radio stations now.

Nowadays, if I enjoy something, I turn it into a hobby. I've turned writing into a hobby again, and it's much more fun now.

-- The Scooter (scott.slemmons@enmu.edu), June 29, 1999.

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