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I'm honor of this months' hall of shame; I'm wondering who have we liked then got totally let down by them. I'm talking politics, actors, singers, etc.
Personally, I have a hard time convincing people that Sting was a real artist at one time.
allot of people forget the Police, ...Nothing but the Sun, etc.
When one thinks of Sting (myself included) I can't get past the Roxanne remix, Dune, The Bride, the pimping of Every Breath You Tke to Puff Daddy, etc.
What the hell happened?
Who do you think has fallen off?
-- the brain (dkravetz@hotmail.com), June 28, 1999


unfortunitely I agree with you about the Democrats.
Although, I am of the belief that it was none of our damn business to begin with.
I personally don't think he's done anything worse than Kennedy, Lincoln, Jackson, etc.
I am severely disappointed in the majority of his politics, but I'm more disappointed that our "news" has gotten to the point where all discussed is whether or not he had creative uses for cigars instead of discussing the problems with his political actions.
In all honesty every time I turn on the news, I'm amazed they have'nt gone ahead and given network news jobs to Debrah Norville and Geraldo Revira ... oh wait .... they did. shit.

-- the brain (dkravetz@hotmail.com), June 29, 1999.

So many failures, so little time...

The Democrats. Back when Clinton was elected, everyone was overjoyed that there was an alternative to the heartless Republicans. Then it turned out that the "New Democrats" were just as heartless as Newt and his boys. Welfare recipients? Fuck 'em. Gays in the military? Fuck 'em. The environment? Fuck 'em. Of course, the way they kept making excuses for Clinton during his troubles with Ken Starr didn't help.

You tell me--you've got a party leader who has severe ethical problems. He lies, he sleeps around, he acts like somebody in a cowboy cheatin' song. So do you suck up to him for no measureable political benefit or do you wash your hands of him and make a nice, public show of saying, "We want to be an *ethical* party, and Bubba ain't ethical enough for us", thus reaping tons of good press from newspapers applauding your stand for public ethics and giving your party a good head start for the next Presidential campaign?

The Demos chose to suck up.

And the Republicans did the same thing for Newt Gingrich when he was accused of ethical problems. Everyone in the country hated him, but the GOP chose to ignore his moral lapses because he was such a good attack dog. I laughed everytime Dick Armey complained about Clinton's immorality.

Who else? How 'bout Robin Williams? Once the funniest man on the planet, now Disney's favorite lapdog. "Flubber", my ass.

-- The Scooter (scott.slemmons@enmu.edu), June 29, 1999.

Gaah! I can't believe I forgot the national media! You're right, and they've been at the top of my personal shit list for a long, long time. It's especially frustrating to be working in "journalism" and having to watch all these national reporters making mistakes that anyone with half a brain and two weeks of a journalism course in high school wouldn't make. I can't even watch "All the President's Men" anymore, because NOBODY reports like that anymore! They don't get their facts straight anymore. They don't seek confirmation of reports from the gov't anymore. They don't seek opposing viewpoints anymore. As long as a reporter's good with a quip and/or young, pretty, and blonde, the networks just don't care anymore.

-- The Scooter (scott.slemmons@enmu.edu), June 29, 1999.

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