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I'm looking for information on Seaboard coach No.807. It was on the last consist out of Bonifay FL, on October 17, 1966, train No.62.

-- John A. Kashynski (, June 27, 1999


John, I could use a copy of the "Dixie Line"article if you still have it.

Send to society address.

-- Joseph Oates (, July 06, 1999.

I have no pictures. I read an artical by Bruce Roberts in the Dixie Line, April 1993 about the last L&N Florida local. He didn"t have a camera but wrote the consist down as: L&L engine 791(E7A, gray), U.P. Express car # 7353, REA Express car, L&N baggage car #1386, L&N RPO # 1300, N&W baggage car # 1316 and Seaboard coach # 807. That's all the info I have. Trying to do this train in HO!

-- John A. Kashynski (, July 01, 1999.

My first thought,train 62,SAL never had a 62.Oh,I forgot we are WEST of River Jct.Fl.and we are on the L&N. Well,while looking for an answer I found something that I never noticed before,Normally,eastbound trains have a even number and westbounds have an odd number,as a matter of fact,when the SAL trains get onto the L&N the numbers are changed as well as reversed. Train 62 is actually SAL train 37 a Flomaton,Al.local and train 63 becomes train 36 in reverse. SAL coach 807 built by ACF in 1926.Modernized in 1953.Seventy seats divided into two sections.Could have been painted grey or Pullman green. Some questions for you,John.Do you have ANY pictures of this or any other train? Do you have this consist or any others?

-- Joseph Oates (, June 30, 1999.

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