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I have been trying to install Redicart on my homepage ( and am having a bit of a problem. (BTW, my merchant account is through iTransact, where I downloaded Redicart). I am getting the following errror message:

Script execution error Unable to execute script due to a configuration problem. Please notify the webmaster of this error.

exec() returned: 8: Exec format error

whenever I click on the Add to Cart button.

I opened the smart.cgi and the valid.cgi file and changed the opening line to: /usr/bin/perl , but I wasn't absolutely sure if the syntax I used was correct -- I assume the "#" sign is similar to REM command, but is the "!" supposed to be left at the beginning of the line?

Can you help me get this straightened out and get functional?

-- Michael Roe (, June 27, 1999



You are right the "#" is a remark command. But you have to leave it in for the first line so your script can find the "Perl" program.


Check with your provider for the right path to the "Perl" program. Set the permissions every time you upload or edit your file.


-- James L. Farmer (, June 28, 1999.

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