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I have just posted my new web site, which features six portfolios of work taken in the Far East and S.E.Asia. Would appreciate any comments/feedback on the site and its contents. Many thanks. The URL is:

-- Jon Morgan (, June 27, 1999



-- Mason Resnick (, April 21, 2003.


Luckily, I've been to several of the places you've photograhed in Asia. I find it so interesting that we probably walked some of the same streets and alleys, and came away with completely different photographs.

You photos show an incredible understanding of light and pattern. The quality of light in your images is excellent, or rather, you truly know how to use light to make a quality image. By concentrating on the small details, there's a real intimacy in each photo.

Your scans/prints seem to ultra-crisp. Did you shoot most of these with a medium format camera?

I'm trying to think of constructive criticism, but it's tough. I do admit to wishing I saw photos of people. That's partially my personal bias, but also the I felt that your treatment of details and light could work wonderfully with portraits.


-- Jeff Booth (, July 18, 1999.

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