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My groups are not showing up anywere. What am I doing wrong? They are not in the pull down menu in the smart.cgi or available in the smartadmin.cgi. Any suggestions??

John Webber

-- John Webber (, June 26, 1999



You have to check four things.

One, your "s-mart.cfg" file the group listings are a double listing. Group name and name of group.

%groups = ('supply', 'Supplies', 'service', 'Services');

'supply' is the group name and 'Supplies' is the name of the group. You need two names for one group.

Two, in the "demo.db" file you use the group name. Example: 'supply'. And that will list everything you have in the group 'supply'. 'Supplies' will be in the drop down box.

Three, if you do not have "smartadmin.cgi" set to "1" to use "smartadmin" you will not get any groups.

Four, set your permissions for "demo.db" to "777". Every time you edit or upload a file you have to set your permissions again.


-- Jamnes L. Farmer (, June 27, 1999.

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