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I've been testing this script for the past week and still can't get it to send damn emails:

1) s-mart.cgi?command=buy1 2) s-mart.cgi?command=buy2 3) s-mart.cgi?command=change

The problem I am having is it bounces from 1,2 then when I press submit it goes to number 3 without any email being sent.

Is it possable to set the cart up to use another email script. as I have no problem with form mail


-- Sam (, June 26, 1999



Did you check your "order.html" to see if you had the right e-mail address for yourself. Look for.

input type="hidden" name="recipient" value=""

Change "value=" to your e-mail address.

The first line in your "order.html" should be


With the > < on each side of it. If not you might not get your e-mail. It also causes other problems.


-- James L. Farmer (, June 26, 1999.

Ive just managed to get it to send an email, which came up with the tracking link but no tracking number. Also it send to the sales address but not the customers address.


-- Sam (, June 26, 1999.


You have to make an two empty files called "track.db" and "" set the permissions to "777".

And make two empty directories called "orders" and "tmp" set the permissions to "777".

If you used a custom html editor to edit your "order.html" file it adds in "html" "/html" "body" "/body" tags at the top and bottom of the file. You have to use a text editor like "Notepad" to remove them and any other tags you that were added in. The same thing with your "demoheader.html" remove the "/html" and "/body" at the bottom only. Also the "demofooter.html" remove the "html" and "body" and any other tags from the top only.

Then upload the file. Every time you edit a file you have to set the permissions again.


-- James L. Farmer (, June 26, 1999.

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