O-27 boxcars; paint schemes

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In 1951, ACF built 500 40-foot boxcars for the ACL, number series 24000-24499, designated Class O-27. Thanks to both Larry Goolsby and Warren Calloway I have a good bit of information on these cars. From Larry, I have obtained photographs of some of these cars in the original "as delivered" paint, a later ACL scheme and the silver with black lettering scheme used on a group of about 50 for beer service. This really is a multiple request for information.

First, does anyone have photographs or other proof of any of these cars receiving the "Thanks For Using Coast Line" slogan?

Second, does anyone have in-service photographs (prints or slides)of the following four O-27s: 24176, 24238, 24290, 24432?

Finally, is there a roster list of the cars which were in dedicated beer service, that is, those cars which were painted silver?

-- Stephen S. Syfrett (ssyfrett@mindspring.com), June 26, 1999


ok,ok. Would it help if I said please? Seriously, I need this info if it is out there. The listed cars are to be preserved/restored and I am looking for photos and any other documentation for these cars to help in the restoration. Thanks for your help.

-- Stephen S. Syfrett (ssyfrett@mindspring.com), November 16, 1999.

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