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Ok. The June 24th entry is now up. Not much's too dang hot today.

Anybody have any tips for nervous airplane passengers? Folks, that would be me.

Is anybody else travelling this summer?

-- rafinee (, June 24, 1999


i feel your pain.

Gogo, I've been subjected to the dreaded Family Trip many a time. A hint: bring a walkman so your parents can't bitch about your taste in music. Take motion sickness pills when you're getting totally sick of everything...they'll knock you right out, even if you don't get carsick. Books on tape can be pretty cool, too. Let us know how your trip goes!

-- rafinee (, June 25, 1999.

traveling this summer

This summer my parents thought it would be a good idea to drive to N.Carolina together and spend a week there.. ugg.. thats a ten hour drive. I am not looking forward to this trip at all, I dont know what I am gonna do for the ride down, I just think I am gonna bring plenty of tapes, batteries, and magazines.. to bad i cant bring my puter with me, boo hoo.

-- gogoslut (, June 24, 1999.

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