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I'm going to break with my self-imposed rule against promotional posts to let you know about PhotoHighway.Com, which went on line at 9PM eastern time (US) on June 23.

Photohighway is an independent web site devoted to all aspects of photography, especially as it relates to digital imaging. Why digital? Because we are rapidly reaching a point when the typical consumer will be able to purchase a digital camera that can produce images that look exactly like film images--with the same resolution--at sizes up to 5x7, for the same price as a film camera. There is a lot of unfamiliar new technology, new products and new techniques that can be daunting, even to long-time film photographers, and one of the goals for the site is to educate consumers at all levels.

Other features include: on-line communities; exhibitions (currently there are two exhibitors who originally were in B&W World's Top Ten List!); free on-line gallery space, and a ton of shopping guides, web site reviews, news, product reviews, features, much more.

I'm personally excited to have been invited to be part of as both a contributing writer and as the manager of PhotoHighway's communities area. In fact, I've set up a black & white bulletin board which I invite everyone to join. I won't be offended if you don't post much here for a little while, so we can get something going over there.

Go to, then click on the Communities link to get the ball rolling. Also...check out David Micheal Kennedy and Rodney Barnett's portfolios at the site!

Many thanks...back to our regularly scheduled programming!

-- Mason Resnick (, June 24, 1999

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