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Well, here it is, as promised. Well, as promised to some people. Join in the fun! Whatcha wanna talk about?

-- rafinee (rafinee@dimensional.com), June 24, 1999



Thanks Raff! Hopefully we can make this cool!

-- Q-Bert (nancy710@chickmail.com), June 24, 1999.

Well, you dont know me. Ive been a lurker at Jane for about a month. Jane has become pathetic lately so I thought Id check out your site. It seems pretty cool. You just need more traffic. Anyways, I never wanted to introduce myself on Jane because of the persistant personal attacks that everyone was recieving. But, I am 24 from PA, with 2 boys (ages 1 & 2), in which I am a full time mother too. Thats not exactly true, I do bartend but its after they are in bed. So technically, I am a SAHM. Well, like you really care. But, you seem cool and I will probaly become a regular of you site.

-- seirra (seirra24@yahoo.com), June 25, 1999.


I agree with you about the personal attacks, seirra. A couple a months ago, when I was at school, I used to post under a different name. Recently, a lot of people were going AP on the site or just lurking for fear of attack. Have fun on this site and it's nice to meet you!

-- Q-Bert (nancy710@chickmail.com), June 25, 1999.


No changes as of yet...

-- Q-Bert (nancy710@chickmail.com), June 25, 1999.

just ventured over here to see what it's like..a little weird. is anybody doing the efnet thing? i'm never on undernet. the jane boards blow right now and i am so lacking entertainment..

-- elaine (soupergirl@stopdropandroll.com), June 26, 1999.

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