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In 1985 I visited Panama City Fla. I remember an equpment display of three pieces of equipment. The first was an A&SAB chop-nose RS-1, a caboose, and an observation car. The obs. look to be build by Budd(?) and of West Point Route origin. Can anyone confirm this?

-- Rick Merritt (, June 24, 1999


Joe is correct in his histories. The cars were built by Pullman- Standard, however, not by Budd. Also, the interior of the FEC's "Azalea" has been slightly reconfigured to give the car a full galley rather than the bar/buffet as built, but it has not been rebuilt.

Bob Hanson

-- Robert H. Hanson (, June 26, 1999.

This should have been Western Railway of Alabama car Charles A. Wickersham,nee Royal Palace.A 5DBR-Observation-Lounge one of eight. The others,SOU,Royal Arch,rebuilt to 11DBR in 1957 and wrecked in 1974.SOU,Royal Court,rebuilt to 11DBR in 1957.CNO&TP,Royal Palm, rebuilt to 11DBR in 1957.FEC,Azalea,rebuilt as buisness car in 1960 stll on roster.NYC,Royal Crest,wrecked on UP in 1951.LN,Royal Street Royal Canal,both retired in 1970.These cars were bought for use on the new Royal Palm and the Crescent.

-- Joseph Oates (, June 24, 1999.

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