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I'm still tring o center the value of the, quantitie field, and can't do it rigth, I'm need some help in this matter please help me. The front store will be more pleasant if the value of the quantitie field is centered.

Thanks in Advance

-- Manuel Tavares (, June 23, 1999



Find this line.

"#Quantity print " If you change "size=2" to "size=1" that will put the "1" in the box by it self.

Or if you change "value=1" to "value=01" that will place "01" in the box.

You can't center the "1" because the box is 2 spaces wide. I tried to change to "size=3" but could not center the number or move it at all.


-- James L. Farmer (, June 24, 1999.

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