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Is it? And if so, why?

What's your most memorable kiss?

-- never (, June 22, 1999


My first kiss was the most memorable. I was 17 (yup, a late bloomer - but I lost "it" that same year, so I guess I caught up quick) and was whining to a group of guy and girl friends that I'd never been kissed.

Dave, a friend who I'd had a crush on for awhile, promptly took me by the arm and led me to a hidden alcove under some stairs. Then he laid the most wonderful kiss on me that I could imagine. Of course, I didn't have anything to compare it to at the time. But his lips were really warm and soft and it was just great.

*lusty sigh* We started dating after that. ahem.

Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. And it's been all downhill since then...nah, not really. But I'll never forget that first one.

-- tamara (, June 23, 1999.

The best kiss was my first kiss with my first girlfriend though it did not come until I was a freshmen in college (shyness, I am totally certain, is the ugliest of all the emotions). I had thought about kissing a girl for many years before that and suspected I would be quite good at it when the time finally came for me to actually perform the intimate task. However, when the time came my lips fumbled, my glands oversalivated, and I ended up giving her a mouth rash. Still, she has not left my side in nine years so I must have done something right. I suspect that it is because I am great in bed though she only laughs when I tell her that.

-- Bradley (, June 26, 1999.

My first kiss SUCKED.I didn't like the guy,and he was a pansy.Seriously.My most memorable kiss would have to be one that was about two weeks ago.A guy i've liked for forever was giving me a hug after we had walked home from a skool play together(c'mon,it was theatre credit,allright?And he lives on the next street.)and then all of a sudden,on that street corner he kissed me.Kind of romantic,actually.I was pretty much stunned.

-- ashly (, November 28, 1999.

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