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I've got a yahoo club set up with a chat room (email me if you're not on the notify list and need an invitation) just to see if there's any interest.

In the next two weeks, I'll be getting a new computer and DSL, so I'm investigating either a chat server I can run at home on NT or Linux, or maybe something I can run from simplenet or dreamhost (not my preferred method).

Has anyone had any experience with a chat server they prefer? Are folks here comfortable with an IRC-style chat?

I want to make it so that folks at work (like me) can use it. I can't IRC from work, so I would prefer something that either uses or can use a web interface.

Course, I could also ask Ian to write one, because he probably has/will anyway, but if I keep asking Ian to do stuff for me, I'll have to change the name of my journal to Never the Not Quite So Terrible or something like that. :)

Never the Merely Awful?

Heh. I'm sick, I'm on NyQuil (big fuckin' Q!)

-- never (, June 22, 1999

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