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Hi I was just wondering why their are some Lucy critics. I absoluely adore Lucy. She brings a more youthfulness to show. And its interesting to see ER through the eyes of a different character. So I was just wondering why some people don't like the character and think she brings the show off balance. I 'm a very open minded person and I love hearing opinions.

-- Laura (, June 21, 1999


Well, to each his own, ya know? I think that everyone has their own feelings for Lucy. I personally don't mind her all that much, but don't care if she stays or goes (and evidently, she is staying). In ER's past, characters were introduced a little more slowly. Other than the original cast, all of the present cast members (with the exception of Lucy) were introduced as either guest stars or recurring characters. Kellie Martin, I assume since she was more well known than the other actors that have joined the cast, was given a starring role right off the bat. She was thrown together with Carter, which didn't sit well with a lot of Carter fans.

But in short (although I guess I've already passed that point), everyone has their own reasons.

-- Paula (, June 23, 1999.

Well, I'm not one of Lucy's fans so I'll give you my opinion. I started out liking Lucy well enough, but by the end, she annoyed me. Two scenes in particular really got to me: the one where she raised her voice at the Chinese family who didn't want to tell their mother about the cancer (I will be a third year med student in July and all med students should know that you NEVER yell at patients or their families just because they have different values or cultures than your own; you must work to understand and respect those values) and the one with Coco the schizophrenic mother when Lucy looked right at Carol Hathaway and said "A schizophrenic thinks I'm not qualified?" What an attitude! As if schizophrenics have no right to make health care decisions like any other person with an illness. If Lucy stays I would like to see her grow up a little, especially in her attitudes. Youthfulness is one thing, but that kind of ignorant attitude and immaturity I can do without on my Thursday night TV. Just my two cents...

-- Laura (, June 24, 1999.

I have nothing against Kellie Martin . However I do not care for her character on er. There are many factors why. I'm not going to discuss all of them. I did not like her scenes with Carter at all. They had an adverse effect on each other. She ruined my enjoyment of Carter this season. I find her annoying. I also do not not like her attitude in regards to patients and authority at times. Lucy would not make it in the military(as a medical officer or otherwise). She has trouble with authority and showing disrespect at times especially considering she has no experience. She would be put on report. She is there to learn. If one of her immedfiate superiors tells her something she does not want to hear , but it is part that person job to instruct or is in association with her learning/rotation and performance as a medical student she needs to quit showing disrespect and getting angry and making inappropriate , immature , or nasty comments in response to it. She needs to listen and keep her comments to herself especially since she winds up looking childish in the process. If she has a valid reason to discuss something that she doesnot agree with it she needs to do it appropraiatly , not unprofessionaly and disrespectfully. At her age she should have learned better respect than that. I have seen a lot of seventeen and eighteen year old fresh out of High school that conduct themselves much better than she has displayed during the course of season five.

-- Marie (JC KW, June 27, 1999.

I think she brings alot of new perspectives to the ER. Sure, she has her flaws, but she's learning. Hopefo=ully she'll mature next season. She was a bit immature last season. As for her and Carter... I hope they'll at least wait untill she's at least no longer a student, should the writers choose to pursue thier relationship

-- (, July 11, 1999.

I LOVE Lucy!! Lucy is one of the main things that I love about the show. She is always running around doing her best and I think that is what it's about. Not that Oh she kissed Carter I hate her now..But it's about new Life in the ER. A young one. I think Carter and Lucy make a good team. I can only hope that the hole cast can keep up with her..WAY TO GO LUCY!!!!!!(keep up the good work)

-- Kelly Jo Golden (, July 16, 1999.

I was hoping Kellie Martin would get the hint and leave after last season ended. I've seen her on many shows (Life goes On, etc.) and she was fine on those shows. But she seems completely lost on ER. She does not have the acting ability to match the other actors on the show. She has an annoying, hyper, valley girl kind of voice that grates on you after awhile. I have not been able to believe for one minute that she is a doctor in training. She should be a clerk in the medical billing department or something. Maybe it's not all her fault. I don't think the writers have a handle on what to do with her either. I definitely do not think she adds any qualities to the show or will help the show's ratings. No one I have spoken to likes her or particularly cares whether she returns next season or not. And there is zero chemistry between her and Carter.

-- (, July 26, 1999.

I don't know if it is that the writers have done a poor job on Lucy's character or if she Kelly Martin has done a poor acting job, but she looks like a fish out of water in ER. Perhaps it is also that the bar for medical student characters has been set high by Noah Wyle's first two years on the show, or maybe it is that her appearance has coincided with a decline of the show in general, but while there are many people who like Lucy, I think the consensus is in the neutral to dislike category. I think my biggest issue with the character is that there is an inherent inconsistency in her. One minute she is brash and full of confidence, while the next she is passive/agressive whiny and, pardon the expression, a ditz. There is nothing wrong with the latter (all the characters on the show have a flaw in their personality which helps make the show real), its just that I don't like the way that her character goes back and forth, and not because some traumatic event shook her confidence or something or a life changing moment has helped her grow out of her problems. I also think that her interactions with Carter have not been well written. One day he seems plastic and uncaring toward her, and then in a flash he becomes a warm mentor. Then there is their romantic involvement, which, though there was a hint of sexual tension seemed to have been an aborted try at a story line. I agree that the show needs more youthfullness, but it has to come in the form of a character who has been well thought out. --Lucy Critic

-- Joshua Galanter (, July 30, 1999.

The problem with Lucy is Kellie Martin. She is a profoundly terrible actress, is miscast in the show, is completely unbelievable as a medical student. As a replacement for Maria Bello, she is wanting.

-- Bret (, September 03, 1999.

I think that a lot of you are being really hard on Lucy. I mean, if you don't like the way her character is going then you can only blame the writers. Ot her than that, you really shouldn't continue to down talk her. And on a more personla note for Kellie Martin. she lost her sister pretty recently from beginning E.R. So, if her performance seems to be not top notch... can you really blame her? You really shouldn't demise her performance as an actress because I think in all fairness, she is a great actress. I mean have you even seen in her other movies? I doubt that y

-- Tash (, February 08, 2003.

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