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Does anyone know when the last Southern Railway and/or NS runaway occurred on the Saluda grade?

-- Matt Bumgarner (, June 19, 1999


Dear Matt: As I live at the top of Saluda grade, I railfan it as much as possible. I have asked both 'locals' and or some of the oldtimers still on the railroad and have come up with the following information about derails at Saluda. I have been told that the last derail happened in 1972, and that the last time an engine ran up the runaway track without derailing was in 1982. I don't know if these facts are accurate as I am still researching this info. I hope I've helped.

-- Clifford Meek (, July 13, 1999.

I tried to send you the true story but I think it fell below, "Bigfoot" Sherlin, retired Trainmaster, Conductor, Brakeman, and --, well thats enough of that. "Foot" was on the cab of a coal train behind 6"F" Units that took the "Fast Track". I think Roadforman Boarders was on the lead Motor. I can give you more details on "Mow Bell". Call (704)528-9532 and leave a # I'll return the call!! I'm full of Rail-Tails. 1/69 - 7-85 Southern, C&NW, & Later NORFOLKSOUTHERN. Carroll Suther /, I'm SUE.

-- Carroll D Suther/ (, August 21, 2001.

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